Reports now feature an option for Insight, which provides on-demand access to peer analysis across specific metrics for your organization’s industry and company size.

Set Insight Classifications

Prior to running a Insight report, set the Insight Classification details to customize the information produced.

  1. From the navigation menu, select System > Account Profile.
  2. Choose Insight Classifications.
  3. Select the metric which best describes your company from each of the following drop-down options for:
    • Vertical
    • Total Employees
    • Annual Revenue
NOTE: If Insight Classifications are not designated properly in the Account Profile, the statistics will display as Uncategorized.

The Insight Report includes comprehensive information including Security GPA trends and vulnerability remediation statistics. The information is provided to compare your organization’s statistics to peers in industry cross sections.

Access Your Custom Insight Report

  1. From the navigation menu, select Report > Report template.
  2. Scroll through the list and click the link for Insight.
  3. The Build Report window will open.
  4. Select options for the report, including Insight Metric Category: (Vertical, Total Employees, or Annual Revenue).

Insight Report Features

The Insight Report includes populated data reflecting historical data available in Fortra VM for previous years in the following categories:

  • Security GPA Breakdown
  • External Peer Analysis Trends
  • Internal Peer Analysis Trends
  • Top five Vulnerabilities by Severity
  • Time to Fix Vulnerability Analysis
NOTE: The Insight report analyzes data for ATS and Fortra VM.