Set Up An Azure Scanner

In addition to scanning both external and internal networks, Fortra VM is also capable of scanning Microsoft Azure: Virtual Private Network virtual machines through our Fortra Azure Scanning Appliance.

In order to set up your Azure scanner, please perform the following steps (see below for detailed instructions):

  1. Obtain a Fortra VM Scanning Appliance
  2. Access the Azure Marketplace.

Obtain a Fortra VM Scanning Appliance

  1. Open Fortra VM.
  2. From the navigation menu, select System > Scanner Management.
  3. Select the Appliance Tokens tab.
  4. Under Virtual Scanners Download select the Azure Image.
  5. Save the VHDX or OVA file to your local drive.

Access Azure Marketplace

Select Azure Marketplace to access the site.

  1. In the search bar, type Digital Defense Azure Scanner.
  2. Once on the page, select Get It Now.
  3. In the Azure Portal - Fortra Scanner Page, select Create.
  4. Complete the Scanner Information
    • Name: AzureScanner (append number or string if desired)
    • Username: ubuntu
    • SSH Public Key: <enter your SSH public key here>
    • NOTE: Set the Virtual Network to the same virtual network that the machines you wish to scan are on.
    • On the Management tab, turn Boot Diagnostics > Disable.
  5. Navigate to the Tags section and add the following values:
    • Value: <Your Appliance Activation Key here>
    • Resource: Virtual Machine
  6. Select Review + Create.
  7. Allow validation to complete, then select Create.

You may now log in to Fortra VM and use your newly activated Azure scanner to scan other peer machines in your Azure Virtual Network. Please ensure that the firewall rules for any machines scanned allow access from the Azure Scanner virtual machines instance if you wish to fully audit these services.