Business Groups

Business groups let you segment vulnerability information for specific areas in your organization. Business groups are essentially another way to manage user permissions. The active business group selection is displayed on the header. If you are assigned to multiple business groups, toggle between them by using the drop-down selector and see the information in Fortra VM and WAS related to the business group selected.

Plan Your Business Groups

In Fortra VM, business groups ensure only the right people see sensitive information. A smaller organization may not have this requirement, but if yours has separate regional operations and works closely with outside partners and suppliers, business groups can help you tailor Fortra VM and WAS data to specific audiences. By default all users are members of the Enterprise Admins business group, which will override user segmentation configured in other Business Groups.

Business groups are defined by which scan results are associated with the group through layered filter options. Once filters are established, specific related information will be available to the business group members in scans, scanners, scanner profiles, scan policies, credentials, reports, asset groups, and Active View.

However your organization is structured, it is useful to at least consider how business groups can help you. Business groups are cross-functional within Fortra VM. A business group created in Fortra VM will automatically be available for use in WAS.

NOTE: Enforcement of IP rules previously defined in business groups are now found and set in scanner profiles.

Create a Business Group

  1. From the navigation menu, select Scan Settings > Business Groups. See the list of current business groups for your team.
  2. Select New Business Group.
  3. Define the Business Group Details:  
    • Name
    • Description
    • Primary Contact
    • Specify whether the group is for All members by using the ON / OFF toggle. If OFF, use Select group member to assign users to the group.
  4. Define the VM Results Filters and / or the WAS Results Filters:

  5. Once the business group’s parameters have been defined, select Save. Your group now appears in the Business Group Manager.

Change or Delete a Business Group

From the navigation menu, select Scan Settings > Business Groups.

  1. The Business Groups page opens and displays the existing business groups in the Business Group Manager.
  2. Select the business group name to make changes to any parameters for the business group, select Save when edits are complete.
  3. Use the Delete button to remove the business group from your account.