Testing Tasks

When you click Run in the AWE interface to test the task, the EFT variables in the task have no value. Variables used in tasks are placeholders that will be defined in EFT when the task is processed in the Event Rule. When a task uses EFT variables, you need set test values in the variables at the start of the task by inserting a Set Variable step for each variable in the task. After a successful test, you then disable the Set Variable steps. You can also see the progress of the test run by setting Watches for each variable. (Refer to Debugging workflows for more debug/test information.)

To test a task that contains EFT variables

  1. At the top of the task, insert a step to set the value of the variable for each variable used:

    1. In the Available Actions tree, expand the Variables node, then click and drag the Set Variable action to the top of the Steps pane. The Set Variable dialog box appears.

    2. In the Variable Name box, click the down arrow to specify the variable to set. For example, if you are using the EFT variable %USER_LOGIN% in the task, click USER_LOGIN.

    3. In the New Value box, specify the value of the variable. For example, for the %USER_LOGIN% variable, type a valid username that can be authenticated when you test the task.

    4. If you do not want the value to appear, such as for a password, select the Disguise initial value check box.

    5. Click OK to save the step.

    6. Insert additional Set Variable steps for each variable in the task. For example, if want to test FTP login, specify test variables for the username and password.

  2. Click Run.

  3. After a successful test, disable the Set Variable steps. (You could delete them, but you just disable them, you can use them again for future testing and even copy them to other tasks.) If you do not disable the Set Variable steps, when EFT runs the task, the Set Variable steps will override any values that EFT set with the variables that you have specified in the Set Variable steps.

The steps are grayed out, indicating that they are disabled.

The task is now ready to be inserted into an EFT Event Rule.

Test Options

Several features help you test and debug your tasks as you build them. The Run icon allows you to run all steps of the task, run only a selected step, or run the task from a selected point. You can also pause a running task by clicking the Pause icon, and you can stop a running task at any point using the Reset icon. Also, the Step icon allows you to run a task one step at a time.

To run the entire task

To run a selected step

To run the task from a selected step

To run a task step by step

  1. Click the Step icon . The first step of the task runs.

  2. Check any output data you want to check and then click the Step icon again to run the next step. If the interface is minimized, use the Debug task toolbar.

  3. Continue clicking Step until you reach the end of the task or until you have seen what you need to see. You can click the Reset icon at any time to stop the step process.

To pause a running task

To stop a running task