Map LDAP Account Attributes to EFT User Account Details

EFT makes it easy to map LDAP attributes to the associated account on an LDAP Site in EFT.

In EFT, the account-specific details associated with a particular user, such as phone number, pager, and email address, are configured on the Details tab of a selected user account. Some of these fields (such as the email address) can be used in other areas (such as the Event Rules) to notify the user of a completed transaction. Three Custom fields and Comments field are available for additional details.

EFT provides the LDAP Authentication Advanced Options dialog box in which you can specify the attributes from the LDAP server to populate the User Account Details.

To map LDAP attributes to EFT user accounts

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the LDAP Site's General tab, click Configure, then click Advanced.

    • If you are creating a new LDAP site, on the LDAP Authentication page of the Site Setup wizard, click Advanced. The LDAP Authentication Advanced Options dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Select attributes check box, then specify the LDAP attributes that you want to use, such as cn (common name), streetAddress, mail (email address), employeeID, employeeType, etc.

    • Multiple attributes can be added to each Custom field, but only the first attribute found will be used; All other attributes will be ignored.

    • An attribute field on the LDAP server can contain multiple attributes if you want multiple attributes added to a single Custom field, such as for the address.