Map LDAP Users to a Settings Template

When a user is added to EFT via connection to the LDAP directory service, they can be automatically added to an LDAP-specific Settings Template rather than the Default template.

To specify the Settings Template for LDAP users

(Refer to Changing and Testing LDAP Authentication Options or Creating a Site for instructions for accessing and configuring this dialog box.)

The user account logon name appears in the Title bar of the User Account Details dialog box. Even when the EFT administrator does not have Manage Personal Data enabled, the logon name for the user account will appear in the Title bar, Settings Template tree, and in logs. For additional user privacy, the EFT administrator and users can specify safer login attributes. For example, by default, an LDAP Site uses the "cn" attribute for the account name. Instead, when creating an LDAP Site, the administrator can use "sAMAccountName" as the login attribute, to avoid compromising client full names.