Mapping a Virtual Folder to a Network Drive

To map a virtual folder to a network drive, you need to:

  • Establish a separate Windows account for the EFT service.

  • The account must have full access to any folder you want to make available on EFT.

  • Your account on the computer on which EFT is running must have full access to any folder you want to make available on EFT.

To map to a network drive

  1. Create and assign a Windows account on the computer on which the EFT service is installed.

  2. This should not be the default (system) account.

  3. Assign restrictive file and folder permissions for this account.

  4. If you are mapping to a network drive in a workgroup, create a matching account on the target remote computer. Make certain it uses the SAME user name and password. Restrict permissions to this account to allow users access to only the folders they need.

  5. In the administration interface, connect to EFT, and then click the Server tab.

  6. Create a virtual folder for a folder on your networked drive. If you are administering remotely or the drive is not mapped to your computer, make sure that you use a UNC path name.

  7. In the administration interface, assign permissions for users by clicking the VFS tab, clicking the folder to which you want to specify the permissions for that user, and then selecting or clearing the appropriate permission boxes.

To create accounts, you need administrative rights to the system on which the service is running.

Virtual folders that point to a drive other than C: or a UNC share are visible using the MLSD FTP command.