Resetting the EFT Administrator Password

If you have multiple EFT administrator accounts and need to reset one of them, refer to Changing an administrator Password instead of the procedure below.

You can define multiple EFT administrator accounts in EFT, and any server administrator account can edit another. What do you do if you have only one server administrator account and you forget the password? You can reset it using the procedure below. However, you will lose all user- and group-specific settings. The user accounts and their folder structures will remain, but permissions and settings will be lost.

Be sure to back up any other files in EFT installation folder that you will need, such as certificates. Refer to Backing Up or Restoring Server Configuration.

To reset the administrator username and password (if there are no other administrator accounts from which to access EFT)

  1. Stop the EFT service.

  2. Navigate to the EFT installation folder (for example, C:\ProgramData\Globalscape\EFT Server).

  3. Using the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility, uninstall EFT.

  4. Reinstall EFT.

  5. Create a new administrator username and password.

  6. Open the administration interface and login with your new username and password.

  7. Recreate your Site(s) with the same name(s), EXACTLY as you used previously. The Site name must match character for character.

  8. Stop the EFT service.

  9. Restart the EFT service and log in. The individual groups and user accounts should be preserved; however, you must reassign permissions and settings.