System Requirements for DMZ Gateway v3.5

It is possible for DMZ Gateway to function with other operating systems, software, and hardware, but has only been tested with the systems listed below.

EFT and DMZ Gateway cannot be installed on the same computer/image, but must be installed no more than one network “hop” away with an average network latency no greater than 50ms, with zero percent packet loss, and normal packet flow. Refer to for more information.

The Accelerate module/FAST protocol is not supported on Linux versions of DMZ Gateway.

DMZ Gateway 3.5:

  • Supported operating systems:

    • Windows Server 2019

    • Windows Server 2016

    • CentOS (latest)

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 64-bit Kernel: 3.10.0-514

    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.2 64-bit (SP2) (requires you to be logged in as "root" to launch the DMZ Gateway administration interface)

    • Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

    • Amazon Linux AMI 2017.03.1 64-bit  (administrator console is not supported)

  • 2 CPUs

  • 200 MB hard drive space for the application (No data is ever stored on the DMZ Gateway computer, not even temporarily.)

  • 1GB available RAM

  • 1280x800 resolution or higher display (headless computer supported on non-Windows systems)

  • The installer uses the last "free" version of the Java Runtime Environment. If you want to upgrade to the latest version, you need to purchase a license from Oracle. Refer to Knowledgebase article Updating the Oracle JRE for DMZ Gateway for more information.

  • Remote administration must be available.

  • DMZ Gateway v3.5 requires EFT v7.4 and later.