Example: Copying or Moving a File Triggered on Monitor Folder Event and Renamed

You can configure an Event Rule triggered by a Folder Monitor Event to copy or move files in the folder and save them with a different name. Refer to Copy/Move File to Host Action for details of defining an Event Rule using the Copy/Move file to host Action.

IMPORTANT: If you want to move a modified (renamed) file, use the DST-based variables (for example, %FS.DST_FILE_NAME%) because they contain the modified values.

For example, when you configure an Event Rule to copy/move a file that is triggered on a Monitor Folder Event with a Condition of If file change does equal to rename, use the following variables:

  • %FS.DST_PATH% instead of %FS.PATH%

  • %FS.DST_FILE_NAME% instead of %FS.FILE_NAME%.

If the file is renamed, the new name context is lost to FS.PATH and FS.FILE_NAME, which retain the old path/name, but the new path/name is passed to %FS.DST_PATH% and %FS.DST_FILE_NAME%.

For example, suppose the monitored folder contained a file called Robert.txt and you rename the file Bob.txt.

%FS.DST_FILE_NAME% contains the new value Bob.txt, but %FS.FILE_NAME% contains the old value Robert.txt.

For details of the Copy/Move Action, refer to Copy or Move File to Host Action.

The client offload/download RENAME and the Folder Monitor RENAME are two different events/stimulus. The Folder Monitor RENAME uses the DST variables, whereas the client download/offload RENAME uses the SOURCE FILE NAME-related variables.