Else Clauses

The Else clause or statement is a type of Condition and appears in the Conditions list box when at least one Condition has been added to the Rule Builder. The Else clause executes if the Condition preceding the Else statement is not met.

This is your typical Else statement as part of an IF/THEN/ELSE block:

If A Then

{ Run B }

Else >

{ Run C }

An Else statement must always follow a Condition. Else statements cannot be moved around independently. If you want to move the else statement, you need to move the entire conditional block or delete the else statement and re-create it elsewhere.

Below is an Event Rule example of using an Else clause.

Only the last Condition is considered before the ELSE statement is evaluated. That is, the ELSE statement will be TRUE only if the last Condition is FALSE, even if the preceding Conditions are TRUE.

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