Event Rule Subroutine Event

The Event Rule Subroutine event is used to call another rule from the current rule to create more modular "functional" style of rules. With the Event Rule Subroutine event, you can build an event rule that calls a Call Event Rule Subroutine Action asynchronously, thus letting the target rule handle the burden of processing, while returning a reply immediately to the client.

Subroutines do not have conditions; when you call them, if you have multiple steps, they will all run.

To create an Event Rule Subroutine Event

  1. Create an Event Rule using the Event Rule Subroutine event.

  2. Add desired actions to the subroutine. For example, you could add a Download file from host action, OpenPGP action to encrypt the downloaded file, and a Send Email notification action to notify you when the action is complete.

  3. Click Apply. You have created the subroutine.

  4. Now you can call this subroutine in a Call Event Rule Subroutine action.

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