File Uploaded Event

Suppose you want to be sent an email each time any user uploads a file to EFT, and you want to include information about the user account that uploaded the file.

To define the Event Rule

  1. Create a File Uploaded Event Rule.

  2. Add an email Notification Action.

  3. In the Message of the email, add the desired user variables, such as %USER.LOGIN%, %USER.EMAIL%, and %USER.PHONE%. For example:

  4. Click Apply.

With this very simple Rule, an email is sent whenever any user uploads a file to EFT. You can further customize the Rule to suit your needs:

  • If you only want to know when a specific user uploads a file, add the Condition "If Logon name is" and select the username.

  • If you only want to know when someone in a specific Group uploads a file, add the Condition "If User Groups" and select the Group.

Defining the Email with User Details

The default email body contains a table. If you can edit HTML and if the account that the email is sent to accepts HTML emails, you can format the email to suit your needs. Review your tags carefully, however, since no HTML code verification is performed by EFT.

Using the example code above, when a user with the username jbite uploads a file, the following email might be sent:

This message was sent to you automatically by EFT on the following Event: File Uploaded.

Server Local Time
: 12/5/2007 14:00:00
email Address
Account Expiration Date
: 12/1/2008 11:59:59
File Name
: file.txt
: C:\InetPub\EFTRoot\Standard\Usr\jbite