Flow: Variable Action

The Flow: Variable Action is used to create or modify a variable to be used in Event Rules. This Action can be used in any events in EFT.

If you attempt to create a new variable with the same name as an existing variable, the existing variable is overwritten and a new variable is not created.

To create a variable in a rule

  1. In the administration interface, connect to EFT and click the Server tab.

  2. Create a new Event Rule.

  3. Add the Create or set variable Action to the rule.

  4. In the Rule Builder, click the variable link. The Create or set variable dialog box appears.

  5. Provide a Name for the variable:

    • You can specify any character besides the percent sign (%); however, it is recommended to use uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers

    • EFT automatically handles the % whether or not % symbol is provided for variable name

    • Reserved names (other context variables) are allowed. This will overwrite their existing values.

    • Variable names are case sensitive

  6. Provide a Value for the variable:

    • The value can be blank (NULL), a value, or another variable. You can specify multiple variables, and existing EFT variables. The existing variable's value will be overwritten when this action is triggered.

    • A blank value equals to NULL (NULL not "NULL")

    • EFT will perform casting (converting the variable to its value), as it does today

    • Another variable can be used (passed by reference, not as a pointer)

  7. If you want the value to be hidden, select the Mask check box. Masked values are replaced with asterisks (**********) in interfaces. On export, values are exported in hex.

  8. Click OK to save the Create or set variable Action in the rule. The rule in the Rule Builder updates to show your variable definition:

  9. Add other conditions or actions as needed, then click Apply to save the rule.

Variables are masked in interfaces and in export files: