Pre and Post Commands

(Requires FTC module) When connecting to a mainframe for file transfers, you might need to provide specific parameters in the Protocol: Upload Action and Protocol: Download Action.

  • To define commands to occur before and after the upload or download action

    1. When defining the File Offload Configuration or File Download Configuration to connect to a mainframe computer, click Pre/Post.

    2. In the Pre/post commands dialog box, click the Operations drop-down list to specify one of the following operations to occur before and after the Upload Action.

      • Not Chosen

      • Create Folder

      • Remove Folder

      • Rename Folder

      • Delete File

      • Mainframe Support - Used to specify information that may be required when sending a file/dataset to a mainframe computer.

    3. For the Upload action, in the Params box, you can specify any other necessary parameters that need to be passed.

    4. Select the If the command fails, treat as success check box if you want the event rule to continue.

    5. When you choose the Mainframe Support operation, then click Configure, the Configure Mainframe Support dialog box appears.

    6. Select the applicable check boxes and provide the parameters:

      • LRECL = Logical Record Length; By default, Windows creates files with a logical record length of 256, at which point the line wraps. You can specify a different length in this box.

      • BLKSIZE = Block Size of the data set; Normally a multiple of LRCEL.

      • RECFM = Record Format; Specifies the characteristics of the records in the data set as:

        • F - Fixed record length

        • V - Variable record length

        • U - Undefined record length

        • B - Blocked records

        • S - Spanned records

        • A - Records contain ISO/ANSI control characters

        • M - Records contain machine code control characters

      For the Upload action, the Additional params box can be used to provide other parameters as needed. Separate multiple parameters with a space (not a comma).

    7. Click OK to save the Pre/post commands configuration.