Smart Overwrite

On the Destination File Path page of the Protocol Upload Action wizard, you can specify what EFT is to do if the file you are copying or moving has the same file name as a file in the destination path. Depending on what it detects, Smart Overwrite can overwrite the file in the destination path, skip the copy/move, numerate the copied/moved file, or overwrite the destination file after performing a CRC match of the files.

Smart file transfer is complex multi-step process in which intermediate steps are allowed to fail. Occasionally these intermediate steps that fail will cause ERRORs in the transfer log, yet the file transfer does succeed.

  • Overwrite = Overwrite any existing file with the same name.

  • Skip = Skip the offload if a file with the same name exists in the destination directory.

  • Numerate = If a file in the destination folder has the same name as the file you are transferring, EFT renames the transferred file to "Copy of file.txt." If the same transfer occurs again, EFT renames the transferred file to "Copy (2) of file.txt" and so on.

  • Smart Overwrite = EFT performs a CRC match of the files. (Supported only on FTP transfers.)

    • If the destination and source file sizes are the same, then the CRC determines whether it should skip the file or overwrite the file. If the file contents are identical, the destination file is not overwritten.

    • If the destination size is smaller than the source size (meaning a partial file likely exists in the destination file path), then EFT will perform CRC on the portion of the source file that matches the length of the destination file. If the contents match, then EFT resumes the download. If they do not match, then the file is overwritten.

    • If the destination file size is larger than the source file, then EFT overwrites the file without performing CRC first.