Using a SOCKS Proxy Server

When you create an Event Rule that requires the use of a SOCKS proxy server, you can specify settings in EFT for the connection to the SOCKS proxy server.

If you enable the use of DMZ Gateway as the proxy in the Proxy Settings dialog box, SOCKS options are disabled. EFT does not support the use of DMZ Gateway as a proxy and SOCKS settings in combination. For cloud connections, EFT uses the AWS SDK, which does not support the SOCKS protocol, which is required to proxy communications via the DMZ Gateway.

To use a SOCKS proxy server

  1. Create an Event Rule.

  2. In the Event Rule Action, click %FS.PATH%. The Offload Action wizard appears.

  3. Click Socks. The SOCKS Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Select the Use SOCKS settings check box to enable the Socks Type options.

  5. In the Socks Type area, specify a SOCKS server type of either SOCKS4 or SOCKS5.

    • When SOCKS4 is specified, Use authentication is disabled.

    • When SOCKS 5 is specified, Use authentication can be enabled, allowing you to provide a username and password for the SOCKS connection. If you selected SOCKS5 and the Use authentication check box, specify the Username and Password required to connect to the SOCKS server.

  6. Click OK to save the SOCKS options.