Silent Command-Line Installation

Let's suppose you have several computers around the world on which you want to install EFT. You can provide to each of the remote sites an installation file with a batch file, then ask a local administrator to execute the batch file, which will install EFT. The script silently installs/upgrades EFT without any interaction on the part of the administrator. The installer logging functionality can be used to verify the outcome and diagnose potential issues. You can also upgrade silently from the command line and install the administration interface from a command line.

Refer to for details.

NOTE: If you install EFT HA via the silent installer, then, once configured, if you upgrade EFT via the install wizard, EFT fails to start the server service. The install wizard is setting the EFT server configuration details to the default paths. This issue only occurs when you use the silent installer for the initial deployment, then follow with an upgrade using the wizard. If you use the wizard for both installing and upgrading, or the silent installer for both installing and upgrading, this issue does not occur. Refer to for more information about upgrading.