Recovering an Email from "Unrecoverable Error"

The Add-In will try to automatically recover from problems such as loss of connectivity with EFT during a transfer. If the Add-In experiences an “Unrecoverable Error” while managing a package, the Recover Email button appears. An unrecoverable error is a more serious error that the Add-In cannot resolve on its own, such as a file system error caused by EFT running out of disk space. These types of errors will usually require an administrator to resolve.


If you click Recover Email, the Add-In will move the email corresponding to the package from Outlook’s Outbox to the Drafts folder. You can then try resending the email, perhaps after the administrator has had a chance to resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved in a timely fashion, but you need to send the email promptly, you can stop the Add-In from managing emails by turning it off via the Outlook Trust Center.