Reply to Messages

After you have received a message sent through Workspaces, you can reply to the email (if so configured) and send files back.

Reply and Reply All buttons are displayed under the following conditions:

  • For anonymous recipients, if the sender has enabled replies

  • For authenticated recipients:  

    • if the Workspaces license limit is not exceeded (during trial)

    • if Allow recipients to reply check box has selected (by administrator)

    • if Workspaces and Send Files are both enabled (by administrator)

  • Reply All button is not displayed if sender is the only available recipient on the thread.

  • The alias name is displayed if any recipient is from an alias list

To reply to the email

  1. Click the Workspaces link in the email. The Pick Up page appears.

  2. Click Reply. The Reply page appears.

  3. The From, To, and Subject lines are completed for you. Compose a Message, "drag and drop" or browse for files, then click Send Message.

  4. If the reply is in response to a request for files, the Send message body securely check box appears.

  5. Complete the email and click Send.