Viewing Received Messages

In EFT v8.0.4 and later, Workspaces users can view a list of the messages they have received, and their attachments. Once the items expire (if the EFT or user have set an expiration), those items are no longer viewable.

The recipients can view their received messages by clicking Received Messages in the left pane. A list of received messages appears.

  • As shown above, the messages are listed by and can be sorted by the Sent On column. Click a received message to view the message.

  • EFT will return the last 50 records of ad hoc transactional data. An advanced property, BigCollectionsPageSize, can be set for more or fewer records.

  • Download the attachments on a message by clicking Download All. If an expiration was set, the expiration date and time appear at the bottom of the message.

  • Expired items are removed immediately and not able to be viewed in Received Messages window.‚Äč