Viewing Sent Messages

In EFT v8.0.4 and later, Workspaces users can view a list of the messages they have sent, and their attachments. Once the items expire (if the EFT or user have set an expiration), those items are no longer viewable.

  • The last 50 items that you sent will appear in the Sent Messages view. (Configurable by the administrator using an Advanced Property, BigCollectionsPageSize.)

  • The list includes messages sent to request files.

  • The column width is limited to 101 characters and no more than 4 filenames and 4 recipients.

  • As shown above, the messages are listed by and can be sorted by the Sent On column. Click a message to open it.

  • You can download the attachments on a message, and they are saved in your browser's Downloads folder.

  • Expired items are removed immediately and not able to be viewed in Sent Messages window.