Workspaces Events

(Requires Workspaces module) Use Workspaces Events in Event Rules if you want to be notified or cause other Actions to occur when a Workspace is create or deleted, when a use is invited to join or joins a Workspace, or when a user is removed from a Workspace. In EFT v8.5.0.8, some of the Workspaces events were renamed. The old and new names are noted below.

  • Workspace Created - Perform actions based on a Workspace being created, such as sending an email.

  • Workspace Expired - Perform actions based on a Workspace expiring, such as sending an email.

  • Workspace Deleted - Perform actions based on a Workspace being deleted, such as sending an email.

  • Before Workspace Deleted / Workspace before Delete  - Perform actions to occur before a Workspace is deleted, such as copy/move actions.

  • User Invited to Workspace /Workspace Invitation Sent - If an account has been disabled due to expired Workspaces links, you can configure an Event Rule to re-enable the account automatically when they are sent a Workspaces invitation.

  • User Joins Workspace /Workspace Joined by User - Perform an action when a user joins a Workspace. You could create an Event Rule using the User Joins Workspace Event, and add the Email Notification Message. In the email, you could add the variables Workspace Physical Path, Workspace Name, Workspace Participants List, and Workspace Owner. Then, whenever a user joins a Workspace, you would get an email telling you all the information you would need to know about the Workspace, including the information about the user who joined the Workspace. You could also create a custom report and define the Event Rule to generate a report automatically once per month that lists each of the Workspaces and their participants.

  • User Removed from Workspace/Workspace User Removed- Perform actions based on a user being removed from a Workspace.