Setting Maximum Concurrent Socket Connections

The Max concurrent socket connections check box limits the amount of socket or low-level connections on a Site allowed by EFT. When this limit is reached, any subsequent connection attempt generates a socket or network error in the client. It reacts as if EFT is not available, because EFT refuses the connection entirely.

If EFT is configured as an anonymous FTP server, you should limit connections per user. In this case, EFT will allow the user to partially connect before being told that EFT is full or busy, which is a more graceful way of denying the connection.

Maximum number of socket connections to EFT is configured on a Site. If you have multiple Sites, you can configure some Sites to allow more users than other Sites.

To restrict the number of socket connections

  1. In the administration interface, connect to EFT and click the Server tab.

  2. On the Server tab, click the Site that you want to configure.

  3. In the right pane, click the Connections tab.

  4. Next to Connection limits, click Configure. The Connection Limits dialog box appears.

  5. Select the Max concurrent socket connections check box, then specify the maximum number of users you want to allow at any given time. If the box is cleared, EFT does not restrict the number of users.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  7. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT.

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