Globalscape Online Help Files Table of Contents

Most Globalscape® products are released with in-application help (CHM or JavaHelp), online help (WebHelp), and a PDF.

The Table of Contents to the left contains links to each of the current online help files.

Click a link in the Table of Contents (TOC) to the left ß to open the relevant help file. (Do not search here.)

For targeted searching of a help file, first open the applicable help file, then use the Search box within that helpset (not the this table of contents, nor, nor Google search).

NOTE: You should only search within the help version for the product you have installed. If you use the search box on, all versions of all products are found, with the most frequently clicked items appearing at the top of the search results. Therefore, topics for older versions will appear higher up in the search results, simply because they've been online longer and have had more clicks.
  • After the product is released, the online help is often updated as errors and omissions are identified, and the corrections are rolled in to the next application release.

  • Refer to the Knowledgebase for advanced or non-standard settings and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Refer to Knowledgebase article Officially Supported Products and EOL Dates for a list of supported products.

  • PDFs of the user guides are also available.

  • Products not listed in the Table of Contents are no longer supported.