Custom Action Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Automate was formerly called Automate Plus/Ultimate, Automate Enterprise, and also AutoMate BPA Server.

  • Automate Desktop does not support Custom Actions.

March 2024

Version 1.1

March 14, 2024


For Custom Actions developed for Automate 23.1.0, you must do the following after upgrading to Automate 24.1.0:

  1. Copy Custom Actions located in \Automate 2023\CustomActions and \Automate 2023 Agent\CustomActions to \Automate 2024\CustomActions and \Automate 2024 Agent\CustomActions.
  2. Rebuild each of your Custom Actions in Visual Studio.
  • Added support for masking the textbox and multiline textbox controls in the GUI and encrypting the corresponding Automation Markup Language (AML) in the Task Builder.

  • Added support for session-based custom activities.

  • Updated the Custom Action SDK Guide with the following content:

    • Develop your Custom Activity

      • Added the “Using Automate Sessions” section which describes how to include session-based activities with your Custom Action.

    • GUI Development Information

      • Added the new “Mode” property.

      • Added the new “session dropdown” control.

November 2023

Version 1.0

November 6, 2023

New Features
  • In combination with Automate 23.1.0 or later, this SDK allows you to create your own actions that look and function just like those created by Fortra. You can add your own action icon and controls such as text boxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists to each action to provide the flexibility you need to execute your automated tasks.