Email and Office Classifier

April 2024

Version 3.20

April 30, 2024

  • Added support for TLS 1.3 when downloading web configurations.

  • Performance improvements in Email Classifier when sending messages to Distribution Lists.

  • Fixed issue in Office Classifier when changing label or saving Word document if selection is in a Comment.

  • Fixed issue of wrong workbook being closed when multiple Excel files are open.

  • Classification dialog no longer appears twice when accepting a meeting request.

  • Classification summary bar now appears when multiple workbooks are open in Excel.

  • Email FLOT and/or LLOT markings now appear when sending emails. This issue was reported in the 3.19.1 release.

  • Classification labels are now applied to meeting cancellation messages.

  • When labeling an email attachment in Email Classifier, the label will now be applied to all non-labeled attachments on the email message.

November 2023

Version 3.19.1

November 3, 2023

  • Classifier now processes “Quick Step Emails” configured to automatically send

  • New documents created using a Microsoft Windows shortcut are now treated as new documents in Office Classifier and any appropriate default labels and rules are applied when the document is first opened in the host application

  • Performance issues when performing content checks on large Microsoft Excel workbooks

  • Performance issues in Microsoft Outlook when replying/forwarding a message when config contains rules with conditions

  • Summary bar missing after opening documents secured by Seclore protection

  • PowerPoint process not closing cleanly when Efficient Elements add-in is present

  • Failure to expand a personal distribution list during recipient clearance checks

  • ‘Save Changes’ prompt not appearing in Excel when closing the application

  • Alignment of button text on label dialog when text and image are present for a value

  • Visual marking rules (for example, FLOT) not being added when email sent in Microsoft Outlook

  • Improved handling of event log writing errors

  • Label of document not found using label locations when the associated marking format contains an active directory attribute

  • The ‘removable’ option on visual marking rules is not working in Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Removing attachments labelled by File Classifier may leave a corrupted version of the attachment on an email message

February 2023

Version 3.19.0

February 27, 2023

New Features
  • Added “Remove Field Codes" rule in the Apply rules category.

  • Added "Allow Classification of Unlabelled Attachments when Sending Emails" Application Setting. You can label attachments from the compose window context menu, or from the policy check dialog when an “Unlabelled Attachment Check” result is shown.

  • Added "Mask message attachment labels on Open/Close" Privacy Setting.

  • “Active Directory Attribute Values of Computer” conditions can now be used when evaluating dynamic clearances.

  • If Office 365 Autosave is enabled, only the first save event for that session is audited, unless the label changes or the user selects “Save As.”

  • Updated UI with Fortra branding guidelines.

  • Change of “Markup” value setting after saving a Word document.

  • Word headers/footers incorrectly set in “Bold” format.

  • Problems with view changing in Word when changing a label or saving a document.

  • Excel changing cell format on workbook when closing the application.

September 2022

Version 3.18.0

Sept 2, 2022

New Features
  • Administrators can now create a rule in the Classifier Administration Server to prompt users to confirm their classification label selection. This new "check" rule is supported for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Visio.

  • Page orientation changes when printing multiple Excel spreadsheets.

  • Footer text changes when Excel is running German language pack.

  • Image appears backwards when using MS Arabic language pack.

  • Word template table moves down the page after save.

  • Improved originator-related conditions in shared mailbox environments.

June 2022

Version 3.17.1

June 24, 2022

  • Right-click and printing Word documents fails to print one or more documents correctly

  • Mandatory selector rule fails to apply label values when saving a document .

  • Watermark can be copied out of word into a new document with Classifier enabled

  • Outlook shortcuts for switching between emails stop working when Classifier is installed

  • Check for mandatory selector check rule not firing properly In Microsoft Visio

  • Footer image fails to fit to the presentation slide (00

  • MAPI warning when removing digital signature on specific configuration

  • Forwarded unlabeled meeting request is not labeled (Italian language)

  • "Mail merge" issues with Email and Office Classifier

  • Tagetik COM Add-in causes error message to display during save operation

  • Subject marking repeating on email

  • Content checking interferes with label change checks in PowerPoint when closing PowerPoint and selecting to save changes

April 2021

Version 3.17

April 2021

New Features
  • Support for new features introduced in Classifier Administration Server version 3.18

  • New Condition to detect edited meeting responses (00001621)

  • New Message Body condition (00005197)

  • New Subject Only condition (00006060)

  • New File Size condition (00006530)

  • Change classification history date/time to show as local time (00008664)

  • New Message Originator Attribute Values Condition (00009221)

  • New Audit Events For Classifier Decision Tree (00009581)

  • Provide ability to format of watermarks (00009689)

  • Extend formatting ability of Insert Image Rule for Word (00009907)

  • Extend or control the amount of time the tooltip stays on screen (00010017)

  • The warning image in the labeller UI is now configurable (00028419)

  • Supports interoperability between Titus products (TMC, TCO and Gmail)

  • Setting Follow Up Flag Or Categorize On An Email In A Shared Mailbox Causes An Error Message Dialog To Display (00004206)

  • (The Outlook setting Folder View Column populate on startup now applies to all available mailboxes)

  • Subject marking in emails not working with conversation mode in outlook (00005871)

  • (Requires new Outlook setting: Allow Show As Converstations when using Subject Labels in Classifier Administration Server)

  • Email & office Policy/configuration not loading when region language changed to Turkish (00006163)

  • MAC Classifier to E&O Classifier Text Label Decode Issues (00006277)

  • Label Not Removed from Powerpoint Footer on Copy and Paste - Powerpoint Footer Rule (00006848)

  • (Requires the following registry key to be set: .\Boldon James\Classifier\PowerPoint\UpdateDuplicateMarkings=1)

  • Document Content Count not triggering Suggested Classification (00006986)

  • Favourite labels that include a Date Picker selector value should automatically update to today's date (00008869)

  • Unable to display content check hits for PDFs in Outlook (00009135)

  • The latest version of DTSearch PDF Search highlighter is required for this CSD fix.

  • The dtSearch PDF Search Highlighter is a free plug-in for Adobe Reader, which allows

  • dtSearch and other search programs to highlight hits in retrieved documents inside Adobe Reader DC, XI, and X

  • This can be obtained from here. After installation, use the 'check for updates' at the bottom of the dialog to ensure you have the latest version installed.

  • Issue with Email/office classifier interacting with Stories in Office applications (00009402)

  • Recipient Removal Query (00009875)

  • Text Entry selectors values should be included in high water-mark checks (00010277)

  • Specific Excel File issue (00011204)

  • Error message when opening a PowerPoint file, after labelling it with File Classifier (00010486)

  • Issue with X-Header format in Outlook message (00010488)

  • (Classifier now supports x-header values that are encoded using RFC2047)

  • FLOT does not obey alignment setting when using Right To Left language (00010499)

  • Additional blank line appears in footer that includes mulitple lines (00010802)

  • Content Checking Not Detecting Expressions In The Content Library (00010873)

  • Issue With Classifier's AD RMS And Azure RMS Integration (00010924)

  • Duplicate LLOT appear on replies if the label is changed (00011010)

  • Request to select User defined default classification from the Classifier Options Menu (00011220)

  • Dynamic Clearances with Clearance Masking enabled causes significant performance issues (00011030)

  • Outlook Signatures causes Classifier to add ATT files on emails (00008296, 00010275, 00010463, 00010592, 00010637)

  • Subject marking on emails appear to duplicate when responding to message (00010507, 00011126)

April 2022

Email and Office Classifier 3.16.5

April 2022

  • Opening and closing the 'File' tab causes corruption to the Classifier Ribbon UI

  • Ensure “Send Response Now” meeting requests trigger Policy Checks if the parent appointment is not labeled

February 2021

Email and Office Classifier 3.16.4

February 2021

  • Improved performance when enabling clearance masking for configurations with large numbers of selectors and selector values (008869)

October 2020

Version 3.16.3

October 2020

  • Issue when saving PowerPoint document in conjunction with Seclore software

  • Issue with large attachments when working in conjunction with Seclore software

  • When using the right to left language option, the visual markings are not right-aligned

  • Classifier adding ATT files on emails when using Outlook signatures with embedded images

  • PowerPoint footers may not be formatted as expected

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