Classifier Reporting Services

April 2024

Version 2.3.0

April 30, 2024

  • Confirmed support for Windows Server 2022.

  • A small number of reports did not show the second selector for a customer's configuration.

November 2023

Version 2.2.0

November 3, 2023

New Features
  • The documentation, copyright, and EULA have been updated to reflect Fortra company brand.

  • Document and email label change reports were incorrectly reporting failed label changes. Only successful label changes should be reported.

May 2021

Version 2.1.0

May 2021

New Features
  • Support for increasing the number of selectors that can be used in drill-down charts in the Reporting Console has been increased from 3 to 10.

  • Audit labels of '-' are now reported as an empty label at the DATA level and not reported as an error.

  • The amount of information sent to the trace and event logs by the Event Log Service and the Active Directory Service when they cannot get a lock to write to the database has been reduced.

  • Policy settings can configured by the Classifier Reporting Configuration Wizard.

  • Events 3041 (RMS recipient check pass) and 3042 (RMS recipient check failed) are supported.

  • A new Event Forwarding Guide has been added.

  • All user names are displayed in lower case characters so that if a username contains upper case characters in some events and lower case characters in other events, they are not displayed as different users in reports. This only applies to usernames read into the database from Version 2.1.0 onwards.

  • Application locks have been removed from the index creation and rebuilding SQL job (Index creation and reorganizing) to improve processing efficiency.

March 2021

Version 2.0.0

March 2021

New Features
  • The database contains stored procedures to populate the dashboards and reports of the Classifier Reporting Console.

  • Events generated by Classifier for LibreOffice are supported by the database.

  • File Classifier warning event (2101) is supported in the database and the File Classifier view.

February 2020

Version 1.4.1

February 2020

New Features
  • A new view called ClassifierReporting4.ActivatedUserStatusSummaryEx has been added containing to support the updated User diagnostic report.

  • A new view called ClassifierReporting4.UserResponseActivityEx has been added to support the updated User responses to classifier challenges report.

  • A new event called the 'Classifier supplementary information' event (Event Id: 1007) has been added to Classifier Reporting Database. This contains information about what versions of Classifier are used by applications.

  • The Data Generator tool produces updated sample 'Classifier Initialised' (Event Id: 1000) events and sample events for the new 'Classifier supplementary information' event (Event Id: 1007).

  • A new stored procedure called 'ClassifierReporting4.usp_ReportClassifierVersions' has been added to populate the new 'Classifier Version' report.

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