March 2024

Version 3.9.1

March 31, 2024

  • Additional functionality supported for Greenshield Expansion Pack

  • Added a registry key to ensure users to have just one icon for all P772 messages regardless of status. See the Boldon James SAFEmail Form Configuration Guide for more information.

  • Now supported on .NET Framework 4.0

  • Now supported on Microsoft Office 2019 64 bit

  • No longer supported on Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Exchange 2013

  • MIME encoding on Greenshield messages is not correct for non-ASCII characters in attached file names on message reply

  • When a Greenshield secured message is opened from the SAFEmail Alarms window and then read again from the message list, a duplicate read notification is generated

  • Certificate expired in SAFEmail 3.9.0. The SAFEmail installer now signs using a new SHA256 certificate.

June 2022

Version 3.9.0 HF2

June 10, 2022

  • TLS 1.2 Support.

December 2021

Version 3.9.0 HF1

December 2021

  • Additional functionality supported for GreenShield Expansion Pack.

  • Capability Checker fails to find object if data held in Active Directory in different domain.

June 2021

Version 3.9

June 2021

All CSDs fixed up to 3.7 SR6 Update 9 and 3.8 SR2 Update 6 are included in this release.

New Features
  • SAFEmail P772 Custom Form replaced with P772 / MMHS Form Regions

  • Enhanced Error Reporting For SAFEmail Document Manager Errors

  • SAFEmail Label Category Selection Pop-Up Confirmation

  • Attachment Download Failure Error Not Reported If Document With Non-ASCII Filename Is Not The First Attachment

  • Mishandling Of Semi-Colons In SharePoint Document Filenames When Sending To External Recipients

  • Document Manager Does Not Allow 8-Bit Characters In Document File Names

  • SAFEmail Fails to Read FilePatterns.XML File

  • E-tracker Not Auto-Deleting Delivery Reports And Read Receipts From Inbox

  • Attempting To Reset A Document Security Label On Association Doesn't Work

  • Malformed JSON On Searches That Are Enclosed With Double Quote Characters

  • SAFEmail Administration Tool Options Needs Updating for SAFEmail 3.9

  • Mandate Sign and Encrypt Enhancement

  • Maximized Favourites List Only Lists 6 Entries Before Scrolling Is Required (Previously 16 Entries)

  • Filter Favourites List Does Not Reset When A File Is Selected And The Filter Text Entered Is Then Modified

  • Error During Association Attempt: "JSON Malformed - National Caveats Need To Be A List"

  • When Sending Internal Email With Document Including Previous Associations, Clicking View Container Shows An "Unable To Display File Associations" Error

  • Multi-Valued Text Array Metadata Duplication Between SharePoint Document Attachments In The Set Metadata Dialog

  • Request For The Capability Checker SubmitConfirmExternalDomains Feature To Support Wildcard Entries

  • When All SharePoint Attachments Have A Final Status, The Document Status Dialog Should Be Bypassed

  • Issue With The Order In Which Document Manager's Document Status Dialog Is Displayed For Outlook Meeting Requests

  • Requirement For Outlook Meeting Request Items To Support the SubmitConfirmExternalDomains Capability Checker Feature

  • Requirement To Use The Name 'View File' For The Relevant Button In The Attachment Context Menu And On The Office Ribbon

  • Issue After Setting Mandatory Metadata For One Of Multiple Attachments - All Green Ticks Unexpectedly Set

  • Mandatory Metadata' Warning Message Should Remain Visible When Multiple Attachments Are Selected

  • Version History Incorrect After Setting 'Final' Status During Association For External Attachments

  • SAFEmail Fails To Add Physical Attachments To Emails Sent To Certain External Contacts

  • Repositioning Of 'Status' Metadata Field In Document Manager 'Set Metadata For Attachments' Dialog

  • On Message Submission Externally With Attachment, Can SAFEmail Cater For Setting A 'Final' Status, Then Cancelling The Send?

  • On Message Submission Externally With Attachment, SAFEmail Should Compare The SharePoint Metadata Label Value With The Document Property

  • 'View File' Performance Lag When A Message Attachment Has A Large Number Of Associations

  • Label may be minimized on SAFEmail 3.8 Form

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