June 2022

Version 2.3.1

June 10, 2022

  • TLS 1.2 Support.

February 2020

Version 2.3

February 2020

New Features
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2019

  • Support for auto-filing of documents uploaded to SharePoint

  • Support for describing all security label elements in the meta-data when uploading documents to SharePoint

  • EDMS Requirement To Auto-Set 'S-Value' On Document(s) Uploaded To SharePoint, If 'S-Value' Exists.

  • If A User Sends A Message With Attachment(s) To A DL (Owned By An External Agency And Containing Local Recipients), Any Local User in the DL Receives A Message With All Attachment(s) Removed.

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Cannot Paste Into "Property Tag" Field

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Cannot Paste Value Into "Value Tag" Field

    EDMS AutoFiling - Cannot Set A Separate "Document Type" For AutoFiling

  • EDMS AutoFiling - DataStore For Auto-filing Can Be Set In The GUI But The Value Does Not Persist When Saved

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Invalid JSON Logic When AutoFiling DL Address Cannot Be Resolved

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Need To Call A Different DocumentBodyPartTemplate File For AutoFiling

  • EDMS AutoFiling - All SharePoint Errors Appear to Be Handled As Soft Errors

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Association Limit Should be Configurable

  • EDMS AutoFiling - Return Code and JSON Response Enhanced Logging

  • EDMS AutoFiling: MSL - Meta-Data Mapping Issue With Multiple Category Values Of The Same Community-Type

  • Change Request to Add An ‘Ignore Attachments Named’ Option

  • EDMS AutoFiling: Malformed Security Label Not Forcing A Hard Error Action

  • EDMS AutoFiling: Invalid Datastore in EDMS Configuration Results In Incorrect Error Handling

  • EDMS AutoFiling: Ability To Set The Label Policy (Prefix) On Document Meta-Data

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