June 2017

Version 8.10 (additional release)

Execute the DSPPTF command for a list of the PTFs updated in this release.

September 2014

Version 8.1
  • Insert carriage returns into email messages. Embed '\n' characters into message pattern fields within Actions and Pager Messages to force line breaks within email messages. This allows you to control how messages appear on target devices, which also makes it possible to improve integration with 3rd party tools and help-desk applications. For example, sending a message '&j \n &u \n &n \n &m' causes the job name, user name, job number, and message text to appear on separate lines.

  • Send messages to a UNIX SYSLOG server. You can send events and pager messages to a UNIX SYSLOG server, which allows for greater flexibility to integrate with Enterprise applications, centralized log collection and reporting, and reducing the time and effort needed to notify key personal accessible via those platforms.

  • Synchronize all monitors for a single system or a group of systems. You can resend all monitors to a particular system or group without affecting other systems in your network. Previously, all systems had to be synchronized at the same time.

  • Distribute schedules to remote systems. You can send a console schedule to one or more remote systems, thus saving you the time and effort needed to set up the schedules separately. Previously, you had to sign on to each system and manually define the schedules.

December 2013

Version 8.0

No updates for this release.

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