QSystem Monitor

February 2016

Version 13.10
  • Enhanced the Disk Summary, History Summary, Detailed History windows so that like elements on different systems are displayed using the same color.

  • Added two new options—Last Used and Last Changed—for sorting the list in the Disk Usage Inquiry panel (MONDISKINQ).

  • Added a new definition so that you now can monitor for the number of processor cores being used. This is an alternative to existing data types that express CPU usage as a percent of dedicated CPU and in CPW used.

  • Updated the MONDMQSM job so it runs efficiently on large configurations (CPU does not continue to increase).

  • Added the ability to exclude specific files from the Real Time Disk collection process.

  • Enhanced disk collection so it won’t fail in limited-lock mode under certain conditions.

  • Enhanced the product licensing.

October 2015

Version 13.9
  • An option was added that allows you to specify whether or not to report “opendir () failed” messages.

  • The Disk Summary module will now correctly display IFS data when it is initially opened.

  • The High CPU window was enhanced so that you can choose whether or not to display the chart.

  • The MONRNM command will now correctly update MONLIC.

  • The Group PTF Level screen will now correctly display multiple entries for the same group, if they exist.

April 2015

Version 13.8
  • Full independent ASP (IASP) support has been added to the Disk Collection routines.

    • The Disk Data Collection (overnight and real-time), Summarization, Audit Reporting, and display programs have been changed to include the ASP name and treat it as part of the library name; it will in effect become a qualified name for the library.

    • Disk Collection: Application Definition has been changed to allow for IASP names.

    • MONDSKINQ has been changed to allow inquiry on IASP and the display of IASP information.

    • The Disk Audit has been changed to report by IASP.

    • Online Monitor: The object based monitors have an extra parameter to enable qualification of the library name. Object prompting has been changed to enable objects from IASPs to be prompted.

    • Disk Summary: Displayed library names are qualified when IASPs exist for the system. The user will be able to display data for a selected IASP or data at the *ALL level. The report generator interface has been changed to include the IASP selection on scheduled entries.

    • Report Generator: The report Generator will need to store the IASP list for disk summary entries.

  • New functionality allows CPU usage to be displayed for individual LIC (Licensed Internal Code) tasks. The existing “Microcode Overhead” monitor type has been enriched with a Show Details view to display this information.

  • The Online Monitor’s PTF processing has been enhanced.

    • A simple search function has been added to the PTF comparison view.

    • In the same manner as standard PTFs, you can now compare Group PTFs side by side to highlight differences and retrieve information as an option from the PTF function.

  • Delta Threshold type was enhanced to add a new "Calculation Type" field to the threshold screen, which defaults to Average. When the number of Samples field (N) is greater than 1, the calculation type can be:

    • Average: average of the last N values, same as previous versions.

    • Delta: The difference between this sample and the one N samples ago.

    • Minimum: The lowest value from the last N samples.

    • Maximum: The highest value from the last N samples.

  • A new MONSYSRPT report was added. This is a system level report that provides summarized disk information of User Libraries, User Directories, QSYS Library, other IBM Libraries, Unused Space and Total Capacity, and selected system details. The existing detailed reports can then be used to investigate deeper if required.

  • Changes to the product allow it to report correct values for CPU Usage, Disk I/O and Microcode Overhead monitors in cases where the underlying APIs returned incorrect information.

  • Additional stability fixes were added to the monitoring and disk collection processes.

  • Further fixes have been made to facilitate upgrading from a previous version.

  • Further improvements to the product’s configuration mechanism, specifically linked to the Backup and Restore functionality, have been made.

November 2014

Version 13.7
  • Made further improvements to lock handling during an installation or upgrade.

  • Added a pre-check that validates whether FTP is active on the target system.

  • Corrected the level check on the file, MONPRMLA, during installation.

  • Corrected the missing member, MONASVL0, during an upgrade.

June 2014

Version 13.6
  • Added Option Level security. You can now customize who can view and who can configure QSM. This includes new GUI elements for fast definition of users, user groups, and associated authorization levels.

  • Enhanced the ASP View to include more detailed information about physical disks, such as the size of the disk unit, the amount of space used on the disk drive, and the percentage of time the disk unit is being used or is busy. This eliminates the need to run the WRKDSKSTS command outside of QSM.

  • Added an Auto Color feature to make interpretation of detailed history charts easier.

  • Added a Redundant Library Report for fast analysis of number and size of redundant objects.

  • Added the ability of the Online Monitor to report on impending disk errors (SQL).

  • Improved the context menus in the Online Monitor.

December 2013

Version 13.5
  • No updates for this release.

November 2013

Version 13.4
  • Modernize PC User Interface.

  • Allow elements to be dragged and dropped.
  • Added “Show details” options to a number of definitions.

  • Added an SQL interface to monitor application data points.
  • Added monitoring for count and size of QTEMP objects.

  • New ability to add time-sensitivity to thresholds.

  • New Report Generator to email output to selected recipients.

  • Improved forecasting for History/Disk Summary.

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