March 2023

Version: 1.2.19

March 9, 2023

New Features
  • Added PDF Compressor output option.
  • Added ability to send test emails from administrative interface.
  • Added additional configuration settings for TLS and expanded the logging to include an option to generate a full report of mail server communication.

August 2022

Version: 1.2.18

August 22, 2022

New Features
  • Added ability to thread network file monitoring.
  • Added Windows Integrated Security option for SQL Server.
  • Added the ability to set a custom smtp server timeout value, overriding the default value of 20 seconds.
  • Added ability to customize connection reuse parameter for IBM i connections. Users can override the default value for each configured service.
  • Added new PDF Library for conversions to PDFs that allows for new font options and better automatic scaling of output files.
  • Added SQL Upgrade Scripts to installed package for ease of troubleshooting.
  • Added XLSX as a output type option for spool file conversions using DataImport.
  • Added Admin setting to allow StartTLS to be enabled/disabled in the event email servers, like newer O365 servers, do not support the command.
  • Fixed issue with log viewer where users could potentially inject their own SQL into the query filter.
  • Increased field width of Imaging Destination dropdown lists
  • Sorted the document type list on the destinations add/update page.
  • Fixed issue where * No Route choice in UI could save invalid data.

September 2020

Version: 1.2.17

September 4, 2020

  • Added TLS 1.2 setting to sources, to allow users to force the TLS version to use 1.2 and not negotiate with IBM connections. This is an optional setting, on upgrade this will default to false.

July 2020

Version: 1.2.16

July 9, 2020

New Features
  • Added Login Page to Administrative Web UI.
  • Added User Maintenance Pages for the management of DeliverNow users.
  • Added Logout Button to Administrative Web UI.
  • Fixed issue where SSL connections to IBMi systems would not use the secure port when creating the connection.
  • Removed windows user account requirement from installer.
  • Fixed issue where log file clear action could corrupt database.

March 2020

Version: 1.2.15

March 9, 2020

  • Added option for secure SQL connections using SSL/TLS. Available via the web.config file and during the installation process.
  • Updated application to use the latest .Net Framework and jQuery components.
  • Added service filter to the log view page, to aid in viewing logs for a specific filter only.
  • Allow for user to rename the DeliverNow database during installation.
  • Improved error handling for reports configurations with multiple sources. If a source is unavailable it will be reported as an error but additional sources will continue to be processed.
  • Improved log purging utility to utilize less hardware resources.
  • Fix for connection reset errors occurring frequently.
  • Improved parallel processing to use individual temporary space on disk for each process. This will correct reported issues where temp files were occasionally being overwritten by other simultaneous tasks.
  • Updated installer to flag out of date Webdocs Client Proxy installations on target machine for upgrade to latest version when updating DeliverNow.

October 2018

Version 1.2.14
  • Fixed an issue when checking in reports to Lotus Notes where timestamps have the AM/PM reversed.

June 2018

Version 1.2.13
  • Updated how passwords are rendered to the web interface.
  • Fixed issue when downloading reports from IBM i.
  • Fixed issue to allow the delivery to multiple destinations with an output format of ASCII Text *PRTCTL.
  • Fixed issue to allow email to be sent when TLS 1.0 is disabled.

April 2017

Version 1.2.12
  • Fixed issue when checking a document into WebDocs, it was getting assigned to the literal route “*” when “* No Route” is selected.
  • Fixed issue when checking a document into WebDocs iSeries when index information contains a single quote.
  • Fixed issue when reading an RDX file that contains characters outside the English character set.
  • Fixed issue when DeliverNow tries to send emails when “Email Report on Error” is enabled.

December 2016

Version 1.2.11
  • Added support for DataImport macro execution
  • Fixed issue with dynamic email subject lines
  • Fixed issue with iForms printing as the only destination
  • Fixed issue with DeliverNow ignoring the SMTP server setting value

October 2016

Version 1.2.10
  • Fixed an issue with spooled file after-processing actions not being triggered after delivering reports via MAILRPT
  • Fixed an issue with reports not being sent when using MAILRPT
  • Fixed an issue with reports unable to be sent to Lotus Notes
  • Fixed an issue with attachments with file names longer than 50 characters having invalid file names
  • Fixed an issue with spooled file specific search filtering
  • Fixed an issue with using RDX files that are incompletely defined when sending them to DeliverNow

February 2016

Version 1.2.9
  • Added the ability to control the email attachment name at the Source level, as well as the Destination.
  • Added new keyword @SPOOLDATE that'll use a spool file's date as the replacement value.
  • Changed the logging of locked files to a Warning type instead of an Error type to reduce unnecessary logging.
  • Fixed issue with "Move on Error" so that RDX files also get moved correctly.

July 2015

Version 1.2.8
  • Added additional checking for duplicate key values specified in invalid RDX files

April 2015

Version 1.2.7
  • Fixed an issue with monitoring PC directories containing Windows system files that are locked by the OS
  • Updated field encryption for several fields in the configuration database

March 2015

Version 1.2.6
  • Fixed an additional issue with utilizing RDX files that don't have all indexes defined with at least a blank value

March 2015

Version 1.2.5
  • Fixed an issue with utilizing RDX files that don't have all indexes defined with at least a blank value

February 2015

Version 1.2.4


  • Added custom dynamic email subjects
  • Added custom email attachment names
  • Fixed an issue with temp files when printing to iForms
  • Fixed an issue with setting WebDocs folder keys when specifying spool file user-defined data AND selecting a folder from the DeliverNow interface
  • Fixed an issue with appending a specified message text file to the end of an outgoing email via MAILRPT

October 2014

Version 1.2.3


  • Resources used during connections to iSeries sources or destinations are correctly released
  • Lotus Notes destinations log in correctly
  • Font names are now selectable and work when converting to PDF
  • Confusing messages are no longer logged when there are multiple services with their own list of systems
  • When an iForms and FTP destination are both defined, the iForms destination is processed first and the result uploaded to the FTP destination
  • 199+ column settings are now applied to PDF conversions
  • Unmatched brackets and pipes are filtered from PDF and RTF conversions
  • RTF conversion to landscape orientation now works
  • Extracting MAILFROM keyword from user defined data no longer fails under some circumstances
  • The "Move" after-processing option no longer fails on a spool file that contains ' in the spool file attribute
  • Using *RDXVALUE for the folder value with a WebDocs iSeries destination no longer throws an error

August 2014

Version 1.2.2


  • Renamed FTP connection type description and options to be more clear
  • Error descriptions displayed when the WINSPOOL library doesn't exist on an iSeries system set up in DeliverNow are more clear about suggesting that the library may not exist on the user's system
  • IIS site configuration by default has Windows Authentication disabled for security since the application doesn't use Windows Authentication
  • DeliverNow can now assign a newly checked-in WebDocs document to a WebDocs approval route
  • Document Type and Folder options are automatically populated from configured WebDocs systems for selection in various locations
  • Document folder can now be specified in a spool file's User Defined Data field
  • Added new substitution keywords for date/time values: @MONTHTEXT, @MONTHNUMBER, @DAYTEXT, @DAYNUMBER, @YEAR


  • The Filter selection sort order is correctly sorted alphabetically on the Destination edit screen
  • False error messages no longer occur when checking new documents into Sharepoint
  • Specifying a font name when converting to RTF no longer fails and falls back to the default font
  • Browsing to any tab except Settings no longer shows a server error the first time the page is requested
  • Error message "Requested value 'DIR/OUTQ' was not found" no longer displays when loading certain pages
  • Database version correctly updates to match the installed version when the new version is 1.2.1 or higher
  • Using the "WEBDOCS" keyword in a spool file's User Defined Data field is now correctly parsed
  • Using the "@USERID" substitution keyword correctly substitutes from the spool file's User ID field instead of the spool file Name field
  • The "MAILTO" keyword is no longer required to be the first key/value pair present in a spool file's User Defined Data field in order to be parsed
  • The "MAILFROM" keyword is now recognized as a keyword when parsing a spool file's User Defined Data
  • Minor graphical issues with icons are now resolved
  • Several typos are now corrected
  • Recipients added to a fax destination are now correctly saved
  • The "From" field for selecting a fax's sender address now correctly populates with the available options
  • The "Help" button in the web interface now opens the top-level of the current documentation on our support site
  • Clicking the "Help" button in the web interface now opens in a new tab/window instead of replacing the current tab/window contents
  • Generic error message no longer displays when sending to FaxBack destinations
  • Text files that contain one line or less of text no longer cause an infinite loop condition when converting to RTF
  • Upgrading from pre-1.2.x versions no longer requires manual changes to the Windows services configured in DeliverNow
  • A Domino Reader being used by a Destination can no  longer be deleted until it is removed from the Destination configuration
  • Deleting a Domino Field from a Destination no longer causes an error message to be displayed
  • Spool file FORMTYPE attributes correctly accept keyword substitution values
  • Spool file USERDATA attributes correctly accept keyword substitution values
  • RTF file author and keyword properties are now correctly assigned
  • Emails configured to embed a file's text content to the message body now correctly embed the text instead of adding the file as an attachment
  • Imaging System destination Index Key value field no longer accepts invalid values
  • Saving a configured Document Type after adding multiple key definitions now works
  • System list is now correctly sorted alphabetically
  • Adding a new Imaging System and/or iSeries Output Queue definition correctly validates username/password fields
  • FTP Destination login now logs in correctly with valid credentials
  • Font size settings are correctly applied when converting to HTML
  • Files uploaded to an FTP destination have the correct file name assigned
  • Removed several fields that are non-functional from the web interface until they are functional
  • RDX files for files checked in with after-processing set to move to a target folder now correctly copy along with the actual checked-in file

March 2014

Version 1.2.1


  • Improved address book integration on the Destination page.


  • Fixed issues when using MAILRPT.

February 2014

Version 1.2.0


  • Improved logging.
  • Improved settings screens.
  • Added support for iForms Runtime Parameters.
  • Updated all pages for performance, and added additional validation to some of the pages.
  • Add the ability to enter run-time parameters for iForms.
  • Allow for the original file name to be used for the email attachment name.
  • Added a setting to change the number of lines to scan for embedded email addresses.
  • Updated user interface for consistent feedback.


  • Spooling back to an output queue when using iForms.
  • Event logging stops when SQL database size limit reached.
  • Unable to logon to the iSeries when sending to an Output Queue.
  • Fixed report selection when using Specific Spool File Search Criteria.
  • iForms and Output to Directory Destination not sending to iForms.
  • User can delete Document Type while it's in use in a Destination.
  • Removing Key/Value from iForms Show Parameters removes additional key and values.
  • Move Report on Error for PC file copies the file to the error directory but leaves original file in the Source.
  • When system is rebooted system didn't reestablish connection to the file share or printer list.
  • Email Embedded Text Only setting does not embed text to email message.
  • MAILTO in user defined data of spool files is ignored when embedded email addresses is enabled.
  • FormDocs Printer Name for PCL Output does not get saved.
  • Adding a new source without a service produces error "Conversion from string "" to type 'Integer' is not valid.".
  • When using RDX with WebDocs iSeries, values for DocFolder & DocTitle are not present in output RDX file.
  • Error when trying to navigate to the last page of a large log: Server Error in '/' Application.
  • @PCFILEPREFIX variables for Output Directory are not substituting values from original file name.
  • Output Directory Destination uses the first file name, for every file name in the batch.
  • Email subject line cannot be changed from "Email from RJS DeliverNow".
  • MAILTO with multiple email address embedded in reports never works.
  • Unable to edit Domino Readers.
  • Converting TXT file to RTF results in last line of file being cut off.
  • User and password fields are not required for iSeries system.
  • Document Type key numbers not being processed correctly.
  • confusion with "Directory ID" listed in log actually referring to Source ID.
  • Document type keys are off by one for WebDocs Windows.
  • When adding a document type, duplicate keys are allowed.
  • Unhelpful error message when adding a document type without required fields.
  • iForms Collate does not properly enable/disable.
  • DeliverNow allows user to delete an Address while it is in use in a destination.
  • Adding new iForms Server "Confirm Password" is not required.
  • Unable to process reports using MAILRPT converting to DIW.
  • Adding new FTP Destination "Confirm Password" is not required.
  • iSeries password and confirm password fields are required when PC Directory system is added or edited.
  • Runtime Parameters does not stay enabled after saved.
  • Runtime Parameters duplicates the last key across all available keys.
  • iForms Parameters does not stay enabled after saved.
  • Adding new iSeries system with missing confirm password field give error: "Procedure call or argument is not valid."
  • Editing a group adds a new group rather than updating the existing group.
  • DeliverNow allows user to delete a Group while it is in use in a destination.
  • Unable to delete Addressbook Group.
  • Removed Default PC move-to directory in Error Settings, since it's not the error directory that installs with DeliverNow.
  • Error "Email '[email address] already exists in Group 'Group B'." when editing Address in Group entries.
  • Adding a new imaging system always saves the type as iSeries.
  • Fixed timeout expiration issues causing repeated unhandled exception errors.
  • When adding a document type, the document type is being saved when entering invalid index key.
  • Document type fields no longer display entered values on document type page when symbols are entered in a key field and saved.
  • Imaging document type not required for imaging destination.
  • Error when adding address to group.
  • Entering more than one key/value pair for a document type causes an error.
  • Imaging title not required for imaging destination.
  • imaging folder not required imaging destination.
  • Imaging system not required for imaging destination.
  • When editing or adding an imaging system, confirm password field is not required.
  • Delivering to Email destination generates "No email recipient(s) specified or found" error, even when recipients are selected.
  • Error adding new email destination when recipient selected.
  • DeliverNow does not preserve the original file name.
  • Unable to enable "Embedded Email Address" feature for email destination.
  • Help text next to Font Bolding settings on RTF Report Converter page is misleading.
  • Installer: When clicking Back on 'SQL Database' page, value you filled in for IP Address is not retained.
  • User is able to resize the navigation frame.
  • Fixed issue with adding a Addressbook Group.
  • Blank entry displays in Imaging Systems when you try to delete an entry being used in a Destination.
  • Cancel button missing icon on Add New Domino Reader page.
  • Save button on RTF Report Converter settings page commits invalid value to database for RTFCheckUnMatched.
  • Error "Conversion from string "Allow Backslash" to type 'Boolean' is not valid." when saving RTF Report Converter settings.
  • Cancel button missing from Add New Document Type page.
  • Misspelling of "Path to Cover Page Text" in FaxBack Settings.
  • Installation - Prerequisites can be skipped.
  • Remove trailing forward slash from SharePoint server URL.
  • Imaging system setup no longer requires database information.
  • DeliverNow flags an "Input directory: Directory ID: # does not exist" when an input directory is empty.
  • No error message when deleting a system with an associated source.
  • "Deafult" misspelled on Email tab under Application Settings.

July 2013

Version 1.1.8


  • Improperly processing spool file user defined data with single quotes when respooling back to an output queue.

July 2013

Version 1.1.7


  • Improperly processing IMGSERVER command with multiple single quotes in it.
  • iForms Destination printing duplicates Printers, Trays, Duplexing, and Orientation options.
  • Changes to Destination entries wipe out iForms Print settings.
  • Unable to edit an Address Group.
  • Unable to delete service

June 2013

Version 1.1.6


  • Added iForms Timeout setting to the General settings page.
  • Changed iForms Duplex values from a static values, to use dynamic values based on selected printer.
  • Changed iForms Orientation values from a static values, to use dynamic values based on selected printer.


  • Issue with the iForms printer selection on the Destination page.

June 2013

Version 1.1.5


  • Added ability to use Specific Search as an additional filtering option for iSeries spool files and TXT PC files.
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to monitor a PC directory and files that have a matching file with the same name but a .dlv extension will be processed. The DLV (Delivery Envelope) must contain the distribution settings in the XML format shown below. Supported distribution destinations is Email, Output Directory, Fax, SharePoint, Imaging (WebDocs). Print is not currently available for use
  • Example XML:
  • <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
    			<!--Format to convert the input reports to.-->
    			<!--Enables Email as a destination-->
    			<!--Decide whether to send separate e-mails (that is, e-mails that do not include the other To-line addresses) to all the recipients that you entered in the To field-->
    			<!--Priority level for outgoing e-mails-->
    			<!--Subject of outgoing e-mails.-->
    			<Subject>This is a test email</Subject>
    			<!--E-mail address to display in the From line of the e-mails-->
    			<!--E-mail address to display in the To line of the e-mails if a user replies.-->
    			<!--E-mail address or addresses to which you want to e-mail the output reports to (comma delimited).-->
    			<!--E-mail address or addresses to which you want to deliver a carbon copy of the e-mails (comma delimited).-->
    			<!--E-mail address or addresses to which you want to deliver a blind carbon copy of the e-mails (comma delimited).-->
    			<!--Text that goes into the body of outgoing e-mails.-->
    			<BodyText>Dear so and so</BodyText>
    			<!--Path to text file to be used for static text in the body of outgoing e-mails.-->
    			<!--Enables Output Directory as a destination.-->
    			<!--File prefix for the output reports. A file prefix is any text that you want added to the beginning of the file names of the output reports.-->
    			<!--File suffix for the output reports. A file suffix is any text that you want added to the end of the file names (but before the file extension) of the output reports.-->
    			<!--Specifies when an output file is found, if we overwrite the existing file or add a date and time stamp to the new output file so it does not overwrite the existing file.-->
    			<!--Path to the directory that you want to deliver the output reports to.-->
    			<!--Enables fax as a destination.-->
    			<!--Select which fax system you want to use. FAXBACK is the currently the only supported system.-->
    			<!--Name to send the fax on this persons behalf.-->
    			<FromName>Nathan Kraemer</FromName>
    			<!--Recipient name to send the fax to-->
    			<ToName>Brad Schubert</ToName>
    			<!--Recipient number to send the fax to-->
    			<!--Enter the subject. Used for cover page.-->
    			<Subject>This is just a test subject</Subject>
    			<!--Enables SharePoint as a destination.-->
    			<!--Library where reports will be sent to.-->
    			<Library>Test Library</Library>
    			<!--File prefix for the output reports. A file prefix is any text that you want added to the beginning of the file names of the output reports.-->
    			<!--Enables imaging as a destination.-->
    			<!--Imaging ID of the system to archive reports to. This comes from the Imaging Systems Settings-->
    			<!--The Imaging System folder that you want to deliver the output report.-->
    			<!--Document Type that you want to assign to the output report.-->
    			<!--Name of the document title that you want to give to the output report.-->
    			<!--Key name and value pairs for the index key(s).You can specify as many keys as you want.-->
    			<!--Enables print as a destination.-->
    			<!--Path to the printer that will print the report. Use the format of \\servername\printername (where servername is the name of the server the printer is attached to and printername is the share name of the printer).-->
    			<Printer>\\PrintServer1\LaserJet 1200</Printer>
    			<!--Specify if it should print in Duplex or Simplex.-->
    			<!--Number of copies of the report you want to print.-->


  • Fix: Issue with CC and BCC email addresses not being sent to.
  • Fix: Issue with Fax license not working.
  • Enhancement: Changed WebDocs check-in code to use the new consolidated WebDocs Client Proxy.
  • Fix: Issue with reports not moving to the Error Location if the document fails to print with FormDocs.
  • Fix: Issue with non-selected reports being processed anyway.
  • Fix: Issue with the After Processing not happening for documents that are sent to SharePoint.
  • Fix: Issue with Large iForms print jobs being processed multiple times. A new iFormsTimeout setting was created to set the timeout so this doesn't occur. The default is 300 seconds.

January 2013

Version 1.1.4


  • Issue with after processing not occurring after printing reports with FormDocs.
  • AFP reports not getting processed when using the MAILRPT command.

November 2012

Version 1.1.3


  • Issue with processing files in a directory with a file lock.
  • DeliverNow would error out when trying to process multiple systems.
  • iSeries reports that contain the WEBDOCS keyword in the User Defined Data used as the documents index information in WebDocs Windows wasn't working as expected.

November 2012

Version 1.1.2


  • Improved performance with report selection.


  • Issue with logging unnecessary quotes to log file.
  • Issue with WebDocs - Windows Edition index keys weren't getting set as expected.
  • MAILRPT was failing when trying to process reports with the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • DeliverNow errors when processing from or writing to an output queue in QSYS library.
  • When the log file was getting cleared, one of the fields wasn't being set to the correct size, so when DeliverNow would try to write to the log file, it would fail.

October 2012

Version 1.1.1


  • Added iForms 2.0 integration.
  • Enhanced WebDocs Windows check-in performance


  • Fixed issues deleting licenses

July 2012

Version 1.1.0


  • Enhancement: Added Fax support for FaxBack
  • Enhancement: Added the abiltiy to pass Parms to SPLIFORMJ when using iForms
  • Enhancement: Updated Destinations page to allow selection of email addresses and groups from address book
  • Enhancement: Updated Service list screen to show both Start/Stop icons
  • Enahncement: Allowed for the ability to scan for MAILTO: inside of text files.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with WEBDOCS: keyword in a spool files user defined data not parsing correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where a DocType had to be specified in the destination even though the user wanted to only use the WEBDOCS: keyword in the spool files User Defined Data field.
  • Fix: Fixed typo in interface on the Add Destinations page under Spool Specific Search.
  • Fix: Fixed the Log page not to show the grid if there's no records to be displayed.
  • Fix: Fixed issue on the Destinations entry to show a list of unique names for the Data Field Groups.  Before is used to bind to a single entry.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with report getting converted to PDF, RTF, and HTML not taking into account for the setting for Author, Comments, Keywords, Subject, and Title.  These settings do work with the Replace keywords for spool file, or file name.
  • Fix: Fixed settings icon not displaying on Settings screen.

December 2011

Version 1.0.7


  • Update all list view's with new grid to allow column filtering, column rearranging, and row selection
  • Moved Address Book to settings
  • Moved Services to settings
  • Moved Lotus Notes setup to settings
  • Moved Imaging System to settings
  • Changed Destinations detail page to only show DataImport settings when DataImport is used as the output
  • Added additional logging when using iForms
  • Added visual license confirmation to the Destinations Detail screen so you can tell what destination options have been licensed
  • Added support for unlimited index keys for Imaging Document Types
  • Added Page Break Insert capabilities when using iForms
  • Optimized spool file and PC file selection statement. It now does an exact match instead of a LIKE unless a % is placed in the selection criteria.


  • Updated the Filter(s) detail screen to validate and make sure if a filter isn't specified, it warns the user that a * in minimally required in the Include statement in order for the filter to work.
  • Changed the amount of characters allowed in the Settings table for the TypeOfStatus field
  • Destination page wasn't showing the DataImport Output Type value
  • When DataImport is used with Excel (XLS) as an output format, and the report exceeded the number of allowed lines, the DeliverNow service no longer freezes.
  • The scrollbar when hovering over the settings, the scrollbar no longer disappears.
  • Log file sort correctly by Log ID so that search results display in descending order.
  • Sort order of all drop-down lists on Destination page.
  • Fixed issue with text log file daily renaming when running multiple services. When one service renames the file for the next day, the next service will get an error when it tries to rename it.
  • Fixed issues with MAILTO: not selecting properly from the body off the report or the user defined data of the report.
  • Fixed issue when editing a Destination it wasn't saving the Source.
  • Fixed issue when using MAILTO: and a ~ isn't used at the end of the string, it wasn't emailing to all email addresses.
  • Improved UI performance when the service is running.
Version 1.0.6


  • Updated all pages to improve performance
  • Removed View option from list view to simplify the pages and improve performance
  • Added Services functionality. This will allow the ability to assign one or many Source(s) to specific Services
  • Added option for Sharepoint to Enable Sharepoint Versioning.
Version 1.0.5


  • Fixed install to make sure the default values for iForms, FormDocs, and Sharepoint get set appropriately for existing installs.
Version 1.0.4


  • Fixed issue with Specific Search Criteria
Version 1.0.3


  • Updated Address Book page. Changed page to sort on Address Name
  • Updated Addresses in Group page to sort on Address Name


  • Fixed column sort on Source page
  • Fixed Address Book update. Wouldn't let you save entry if the email address didn't change
Version 1.0.2


  • Added SharePoint Integration
  • Added iForms as a Destination
  • Redesigned interface
  • Improved page navigation
  • Improved log performance to handle large log file
Version 1.0.1
  • 2010-01-01
  • Initial release


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