IBM i Office Integrator

July 2017

Version 1.35.1
  • Added the AUTHORITY parm in the CPY used in the OFCIFSSND command. This is not front facing but is controlled by a dtaara called OFCCPYAUT. It has three values: *OBJ (default), *INDIR, and *INDIROBJ.

December 2015

Version 1.35.0

The minimum OS/400 compatibility is now V6R1

March 2014

Version 1.34
  • Fixed issue when two people sent documents at same time using OFCDBSND. They would both get the same file. A work file was being built which didn't have enough information to create unique files names.

February 2013

Version 1.33
  • Added exit point so that customers can limit selected PC operations based on an exit point program. Data area OFCEXITPGM and OFCEXITLIB data areas must be set with a valid program and library name to enable the exit point. Sample exit point program can be found in sample source members OFCRUNEX1C and OFCRUNEX1R.
  • Created new PC component that will work with data queues instead of using FTP. The data queue PC component currently supports running command lines, http URLs and transferring files from and to the IFS from the PC. Instead of being 5250 IP address driven as the current PC component is, this component is driven by the user ID. This will allow the PC component to service multiple PC 5250 sessions as well as web based apps as long as the appropriate user ID is passed to the PC component. The PC component must also connect to the iSeries using selected iSeries IP address, user ID and password so it's always connected to the iSeries whereas the FTP component is only connected as calls are mode to it.
  • New commands added to support new data queue driven PC component.
    • OFCDQCMD - Run remote commands on PC.
    • OFCDQTFR - Send/Receive IFS file from/to PC.
    • Commands supporting OFCDQCMD/OFCDQTFR
    • OFCDQSND - Send/write entry to data queue.
    • OFCDQSND - Receive/read entry from data queue.

October 2011

Version 1.32
  • Fixed problem that user overrides were being deleted after using any of several Office Integrator commands, including OFCRUNPC.

July 2010

Version 1.31
  • This release encompasses V1.29 and 1.30 so there is no 1.29 or 1.30 build.
  • Added OFCPDFPRTV command to library. Requires RJS VPDF API which may require a separate workstation license. Contact RJS for more info.
  • On error, OFCPDFPRTV may log one of the following errors: 0 Successful -4 Invalid Printer name -5 No PDF file found to print -11 PDF command line options error -10 PDFPrint SDK be damaged
  • Resolved random FTP file transfer errors from OFCIFSSND and OFCTFR. When sending files via FTP to a remote server, user was getting random errors. Turns out if a file was 426000 bytes, the transfer was failing because the first 3 characters were getting interpreted as a 426 FTP code when they were really part of the byte transfer count. We no look for 466<blank> in the response code.

January 2009

Version 1.28
  • Added build for CPYTODEL1. This program was missing and can be used to export to CSV from the OFCEXPORT command.

January 2009

Version 1.27
  • Added a check for 426 error to OFCTFR command API. Customer was getting a 426 error along with s 226 for successful completion even though file was not transferred. This check should handle this condition and throw an error instead of a successful completion. Source for FTP result check program OFCTFR2R is now included in case customers run across odd FTP conditions that we cannot re-create. OFCTFR2R program source can be found in file SOURCE in library RJSOFFICE

October 2008

Version 1.26
  • Added OFCTIMEOUT data area for realtime CL API call OFCCONNAPI. If set to any non-zero value, a timeout will occur in xx number of seconds if the connect fails. This should minimize or prevent periodically locking up FTP session connects to a remote FTP server such as the iSeries Office Integrator PC component. If set to 0, we will set an indefinite timeout (same as previous library versions). Default value: 10.

September 2008

Version 1.25
  • Updated the OFCIFSSND command to optionally copy the originating IFSFILE to a temp file in /RJSTEMP prior to FTPing the file to the remote FTP server. A data area named OFCSNDCPY controls whether the copy feature is used. If OFCSNDCPY is set to *NO (default), the OFCIFSSND command works as always. If OFCSNDCPY is set to *YES, the /RJSTEMP file copy option is enabled and happens automatically when OFCIFSSND is called.
  • This option was added to help users FTP documents that may be stored on an NFS share. FTPing from an NFS share directly seems to fail.

February 2008

Version 1.24

Minimum OS/400 release is V5R1.

September 2007

Version 1.23
  • Added remote command before and after parameters to the OFCRUNPC command. This will allow users to send commands such as 'SENDPASV 1' to set passive mode prior to sending remote commands to the remote FTP server. Example to set passive mode and run Windows Notepad program: OFCRUNPC CMD(NOTEPAD.EXE) OPTION(*SHELL) CMD1('SENDPASV 1')

February 2007

Version 1.22
  • Added OFCPDFPRT command to the RJSOFFICE library. equires iSeries Office Integrator PC component V1.1.61 and above. Requires RJS PDF Viewer.

January 2007

Version 1.21
  • Added realtime API calls. These new API's allow commands to be run without disconnecting from the PC component after each command call. Uses persistent FTP connection to Office Integrator PC component.
  • OFCCONNAPI - Connect to Office Integrator PC component and keep connection open.
  • OFCQUITAPI - Disconnect from Office Integrator PC component.
  • OFCCMDAPI - Run remote command. Can be used instead of OFCRUNPC once connected with OFCCONNAPI.
  • OFCDBSNAPI- Send database file over open connection. Can use instead of OFCDBSND.
  • OFCGETAPI - Get file from Office Integrator PC to IFS. Sends in binary format. Can be used instead of OFCTFR or OFCIFSRCV. Must be connected via OFCCONNAPI first.
  • OFCPUTAPI - Put file to Office Integrator PC from IFS. Sends in binary format. Can be used instead of OFCTFR or OFCIFSSND. Must be connected via OFCCONNAPI first.

December 2005

Version 1.20
  • Added term server multi-port support. If an IP address or Host entry is added in the OFCTSVR00 file, the OFCRUNPC command and other Office Integrator commands now assume they are connecting to a Windows Terminal Server where each user may be running a copy of the PC component with a different IP port number. When connecting to a terminal server, the OFCUSR00 file is checked for which IP port to use. If a user is not found in OFCUSR00, the commands will always try to use the port set in the OFCPORT data area.

November 2004

Version 1.19
  • Fixed StrPairQuotes function used in the PAIRQUOTES logic so that data does not get truncated if there is a blank space at the beginning of a data field when sending a file via OFCEXPORT, OFCSQLIFS or OFCDBSND.

November 2004

Version 1.18
  • Added new PAIRQUOTES parm to OFCEXPORT to pair up double quotes in delimited output files if found in data stream. This will allow MS Word to correctly parse the delimited file if the data stream contains double quotes. Commands changed: OFCEXPORT, OFCSQLIFS and OFCDBSND

June 2004

Version 1.17
  • Added replace from/to parameters to replace characters that are not valid when parsing a CSV file. The most notable of character replacements would be replacing a double quote character (") with a single quote (') to keep MS Word or Excel from parsing a delimited record incorrectly. Commands changed: OFCEXPORT, OFCSQLIFS and OFCDBSND


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