June 2024

Version: 2.2.0

June 13, 2024

New Features
  • Added administrator screen to allow overview and editing of all route step memberships and notifications from a single screen per user.
  • Added advanced REST API query capabilities to allow users to nest search terms into logical groupings.
  • Added Fortra announcements service.
  • Added Fortra supplied announcements to the home screen.
  • Added new Capture role, for administrator use to control which users have access to future capture products.
  • Added new Document Field data types Link and Key Link which provide clickable URLs on document details.
  • Added new PostDelete REST Event.
  • Added new PreDelete REST Event.
  • Added notifications for administrators when a license key is within 21 days of expiration.
  • Added setting to turn on/off Fortra supplied announcements on the home screen.
  • Added settings screen allowing users to control their own routing notification settings, if administrator allows.
  • New User Preference Screen allowing users to control their own default settings.
  • New User Preference Screen allowing users to control their own out of office settings.
  • Added custom user field labels to search sort dropdowns.

  • Added individual notification settings to route steps.

  • Added new REST Event, PostAdd which will execute when a new document is uploaded to Webdocs. Moved the existing PostCheckin event to the existing document check in process.

  • Added new REST Event, PostNoteAdd which will execute when a new document note is added to Webdocs.

  • Added new REST Event, PreAdd which will execute when a new document is uploaded to Webdocs. Moved the existing PreCheckin event to the existing document check in process.

  • Added new REST Event, PreNoteAdd which will execute when a new document note is added to Webdocs.

  • Added user option to open document details in a new tab.

  • Added user setting for default note group.

  • Allow only search text in REST API Searching.

  • Allow searching only orphaned documents for administrators.

  • Created user interface for mapping Webdocs Forms Management Form Fields to Webdocs Document Types.

  • Moved email server settings to their own page in the admin area.

  • Save inbox state when navigation occurs.

  • Sort Inbox Filter dropdowns.

  • Sorted dropdowns on Document Type Field Lists.

  • Sorted Note Group Dropdown.

  • Added the following translations:

    • Armenian

    • Chinese

    • French

    • German

    • Italian

    • Japanese

  • Allow underscore in SQL Server address
  • Fixed date sorting issues in routing inbox
  • Fixed issue on folder document list where DESC sort would not be performed on a second click of the column header.
  • Fixed issue on folder listing where users selected results per page would not always load the number selected.
  • Fixed issue on user listing where the pagination control would appear when there were no additional pages.
  • Fixed issue where appending a page via the scanner option in the in-browser viewer did not save a new version of the document if no other change was made.
  • Fixed issue where inboxes do not sort correctly by a user defined column
  • Fixed issue where permissions page in the admin panel would draw incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where save button was not enabled on a document after acquiring a new page from a Twain device.
  • Fixed issue where some user entry validation messages did not appear
  • Fixed issue with SOAP API Search Function which would cause no results to be reported
  • Fixed issues where the date locale was not always used in the interface.
  • Fixed runtime error in Route Designer when no users have been configured with email addresses while attempting to add a new Route.
  • Improved performance of document expiration process
  • Populated hasNotes field in Document REST API requests
  • Updated document viewer to fix issue with checkbox rendering in some PDFs
  • Updated Viewer to fix known issues with zooming out on very large PDFs

January 2023

Version: 2.1.9

January 9, 2023

New Features
  • Added orphaned document search for administrator users
  • Added ability for Administrators and Route Managers to reassign route documents to other users via the routing interface. Validation will insure the new selection is valid for the route and route step of the given document.
  • Workflow Inbox Redesigned.
  • Added new reporting feature where users can view workflow task status and summary information to the home screen based on group permission access.
  • Added new reporting feature where users can view workflow task status and summary information to the home screen based on group permission access.
  • Added delete button to user defined inboxes.
  • Added user defined inboxes listing.
  • Added default user inbox list that is not modifiable.
  • Added bulk take ownership option to routing inboxes.
  • Added bulk give ownership option to routing inboxes.
  • Added ability to view items in shared inboxes assigned to other users.
  • Added ability to see and take ownership of shared items from the routing inbox.
  • Added counts and limits to routing inbox display.
  • Added ability to reassign document ownership of a document on a route for administrators and route managers.
  • Added user defined sort options to search screen
  • Created new role type of Inbox Designer which controls access to the new Add and Edit Inbox buttons. New role can be added to any group in Webdocs.
  • Added new function to allow users to split a document into 2 from the document viewer in Webdocs.
  • Created new document split feature where a user can select pages to be split into a new document from the document viewer.
  • Added OCR option to Document Details keys for PDFs.
  • Added Transfer Route option to new Work Inbox feature.
  • Added sorting to the Document History tab.
  • Document Viewer now supports Word shape objects.
  • Added error message when user attempts to add a document to the same route.
  • Documents in Routing inbox page which are assigned to other users are now visible to users that share the routing permissions.
  • Added step number to Next Steps dropdown in workflow.
  • Document viewer now supports charts in DOCX files.
  • Added Submit and Next button to routing approval screen, to automatically navigate to the next item for approval.
  • Allow for blank values in REST API searching.
  • Added the owner of the document on a route to the UI for all documents on routes. Previously this was hidden from the current user if it was another user.
  • Added Link to Routing Inbox to route notification email body.
  • Added new Thumbnail Drag event to Document Viewer, to enable save after pages are reordered.
  • Added unique key to workflow document records to improve reporting capabilities.
  • Added user defined inboxes.
  • Added all document information to route step approval screen.
  • Optimized the notes creation process to keep users on a single screen so details can be viewed while adding a note.
  • Added check for note created by so that a user can only edit their own notes.
  • Optimized history tab loading to no longer reload entire page.
  • Optimized versions tab loading to no longer reload entire page.
  • License validation modified to only include active users in the total calculation that determines if the license key is valid.
  • Updated saved search functionality to no longer save every search, users can elect to save searches which will save all criteria.
  • Added entire folder path to Move Folder action on Document Details.
  • Added new default date options to Advanced Search for Last Week, Last Month, Last 3 Months, and Last Year
  • Added dialog to allow users to delete a saved search.
  • Saved Searches updated to save all additional user defined criteria such as document and folder filters and advanced search options.
  • Added Clear button to search page.
  • Added the ability to navigate directly to a specific page in the search results.
  • Added the ability to navigate directly to a specific page in the document list page.
  • Allow users to select more than 1 thumbnail from the document viewer.
  • Added Does Not Contain option to advanced search by title/key feature.
  • Added Is Blank option to advanced search by title/key feature.
  • Added Is Not Blank option to advanced search by title/key feature.
  • Added automatic redirection to search links and edit document links when authentication is required.
  • Updated UI with Fortra branding guidelines.
  • Fixed document type drop down on document details page, where changing the document type would force a post back, making it impossible to cancel your changes.
  • Fixed issue where special characters at the beginning of the Title field would not work in the advanced search options.
  • Fixed (removed) whitespace gap below in browser viewer on search page.
  • Fixed issue where show/hide of in-browser viewer could cause document tabs to draw incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where Page count did not properly update when changing the number of results per page.
  • Fixed issue where some browsers would allow folder list to be too small for accurate display.
  • Fixed the width of the email field on the new contact screen.
  • Fixed issue where really long folder names caused UI to be unusable.
  • Fixed column view button on orphaned documents screen.
  • Fixed issue with font color on add new folder screen, in Edge browser.
  • Fixed issue with direct page navigation in in-browser viewer
  • Added tooltip to warn users of an invalid folder name.
  • Added tooltip to routing inbox ownership buttons.
  • Fixed issue in document inbox where username wasn't always displaying correctly in the next step dropdown.
  • Fixed issues with advanced search and search operators being inconsistent.
  • Fixed issue where after URL search, sorting the search results would cause navigation to disappear.
  • Corrected several typos on the self-registration screen.
  • Fixed issue on document details page where actual root folder name did not display.
  • Fixed issue where self-registration page would not display after a user was deleted from Webdocs.
  • Fixed issue where search list bottom toolbar could sometimes draw offscreen after an error message is displayed.
  • URL searching now uses the same function as UI searching for consistency.
  • Fixed bad margins on document details tabs, which could cause loading icon to occur but not load the tab.
  • Fixed issue where a 0KB file would make the viewer display incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where list controls could not be seen after deleting documents from the list.
  • Fixed issue where edit note button was visible when user could not edit the note.
  • Fixed drop downs on search page in Firefox.
  • No longer allow user to place a document on the same route twice from the UI.
  • Fixed issue with document viewer toolbar controls causing postback to not save changes to the document details.
  • Updated license model to allow trial keys with unlimited users.
  • User list in system settings now displays a message when the user limit has been reached.
  • Updated jQuery to 3.6.
  • Fixed several issues with the self registration page to provide better feedback to users about account issues such as a duplicate account or invalid password length.
  • Fixed several issues with the change password page to provide better feedback to users about password issues such as invalid password length.
  • Fixed issue with Link feature where background of dialog could be transparent.
  • Fixed issues with self registration page.
  • Fixed issue where Full Text OCR of Rasterized PDF would not index all pages.
  • Fixed issue where user could not create a DocumentType from the REST API.
  • Updated OWIN library to address CVE-2022-29117.
  • Updated Newtonsoft library to address possible DoS vulnerability.
  • Updated the moment.js library to address CVE-2022-31129 and CVE-2022-24785.

July 2021

Version: 2.1.8

July 29, 2021

New Features
  • Added ability to administer document field data types from the document type definition screen.
  • Added Document Field Types feature to Document Type definitions. Users can use this feature to apply automatic field validation on data input of newly added documents.
  • Automatic Document Type Expiration Options of Move, Orphan and Route have been added and allows administrators to define actions a document will take when the expiration period is reached.
    • Move action moves the expired document to a selected folder.
    • Orphan action moves the expired document to the orphaned folder.
    • Route action places the expired document on a selected route for review.
  • Created new Routing Report which displays 12 week rolling route usage data on the Webdocs home screen.
  • Created new Usage Report and ReportView role which displays 12 month rolling usage data on the Webdocs home screen.
  • Document Expiration Actions added to Document Type configuration to provide automation to Webdocs by performing an action on a document when it expires.
  • REST Based Document and Route Events added to allow custom event methods to be written in any technology that supports REST APIs.
  • Updated Check In screen to show Field Type validation errors to the user
  • Users can now define the number of days to delete orphaned documents in the document type edit screen. When set to a value greater than zero, the new Expiration Service will automatically delete those orphaned documents from Webdocs and from disk.
  • Document In-browser viewer on the document details screen is now re-sizeable.
  • Users can now navigate back to the previous screen (Search Results, Document Folders, or Inbox) from the Email Message Preview screen.
  • Added new database setting MaxPageSize for the maximum document pages allowed for the document viewer to display a document. Improved user displayed error messages when the document is too large to be displayed.
  • Set document original file name when adding documents from the REST API.
  • When editing a document after performing a search on the search results screen, users saving or canceling those edits shall be returned to the correct page of the search results, with the correct sort applied and edited document highlighted in yellow for reference.
  • When editing a document from the folder list screen, users saving or canceling those edits shall be returned to the correct page of the folder results, with the correct sort applied and edited document highlighted in yellow for reference.
  • Document Viewer now supports redaction.
  • PDFs, PNG, JPEG, TIFF page rotation can now be saved via the document viewer.
  • Added Link to Routing Inbox to route notification email body.
  • Added the ability to reorder PDF pages in the Document Viewer
  • Administrators can now hide specific routes from displaying in the user inbox. Useful for routes used by external systems.
  • Added Save and Close button to edit document details.
  • Added Submit and Close button to edit workflow document page.
  • Fixed issue with PUT Document request and exit point integration that could cause unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed issue in REST API Users endpoint where the default Admin user could not return their own record.
  • Fixed issue in full text indexing where a DLL would sometimes not be found at runtime.
  • Improved rendering of PDFs in viewer
  • Updated column headers on search to match document types when a type is selected and fields have been skipped in the document type.
  • Corrected issue where annotations could sometimes not be deleted by users in the document viewer.
  • Fixed issue where bad data in user permissions could cause a search to fail unexpectedly.
  • Fixed issue where Scan Workstation would not show the correct error message returned from Webdocs on a denied check-in of a new document.
  • Improved font rendering of PDFs in Document Viewer
  • Starts-With searching now only utilizes the entire phrase and not each word in the phrase.
  • Document Checkin Loading Icon sometimes staying on display when loading completed.
  • Document Checkout occasionally doesn't show CheckIn button after completion.
  • Document Checkout and Checkin actions now properly set the Cancel button action.
  • REST API for document put will now set document to be indexed automatically
  • Fixed issue where Inbox would not sort by Route Name
  • Folder Add screen now allows spaces in the folder name.
  • Fixed issue where Client Proxy was not always closing connections to Webdocs.
  • Fixed issue where workflow approval screen may not show exit point and event error messages to users.
  • Starts-With and Exact Match searching is now available via the REST API and only utilizes the entire phrase and not each word in the phrase.
  • Fixed issue where the folder path displayed in the document details would be blank for items in the root folder, and also would not show the correct folder name if the root folder was renamed.
  • Fixed issue where documents would not be re-indexed for searching when moved to another folder.

July 2020

Version: 2.1.7

July 30, 2020

New Features
  • Added the ability to utilize multiple processes and multiple servers when hosting Webdocs web application. To allow for customers to load balance an application across several application pools if necessary.
  • Added ability to configure application for external session management using ASP.NET session manager.
  • Documents can now be exported with an indexed list from the Web UI. A single zip file will be sent to the user on completion.
  • XML Serialization in REST API updated to include strongly typed objects for License and Settings endpoints.
  • Changed sort order of folders in dropdown on move folder page to match other areas of system.
  • Added administrative option to run search optimization on the search index files.
  • Added change password feature to mobile site.
  • Updated Document Viewer component for increased support of docx containing image files.
  • Optimized search indexer performance by optimizing SQL indexes.
  • Added administrator configurable options for search indexing, to allow setting of fields used in generic search at a application level. Default is all fields.
  • Optimized memory used in search results when results set is very large.
  • Added administrator configurable options for search indexing process.
  • XML Serialization of REST API has been added in addition to existing JSON format.
  • Added administrator configurable options for search indexing process.
  • Added control to allow rotation of pages in document preview. Rotations are read only and not saved with new file versions.
  • XML Serialization in REST API updated to include strongly typed objects for License and Settings endpoints.
  • Added icons to support additional Audio and Video file types as well as PPTX.
  • Default sorting when no search criteria is present to Insert Date.
  • Added support for additional 665 MIME types for document downloads from REST API.
  • Added basic (single field) search to the REST API.
  • Route notification emails now include additional information about the document, including: Title, Document Key, Document Type, Folder Name, Check-in Date, Index keys.
  • Additional file types are now supported in the document viewer: : XLSX, BMP, PNG, TXT, GIF, ODT, PSD, RTF, JIF
  • Optimized process of re-indexing entire search content.
  • Document Exports have been moved from the website to the service to increase performance and reduce impact of large exports on other users.
  • Optimized Folder display loading to utilize less resources and perform faster.
  • Optimized folder and doctype count display algorithm on search results.
  • Session Timeout no longer blocked by unsaved changes.
  • Login page session timeout optimization, to avoid having to click login twice after timeout.
  • Fixed Print Icon display issue.
  • Improved temporary disk space management.
  • Improved Webforms integration with custom URL searching.
  • Removed additional white space below document viewer component in UI.
  • Fixed issue where swagger Try It button would fail when using SSL.
  • Added filter to folder creation, to no longer allow special characters in the folder name which can produce undesired behavior in Webdocs.
  • Login page no longer attempts a login when changing the language.
  • Improved session timeout handling to no longer require a double login after session expiration.
  • Updated Document Viewer component to center images in view.
  • Updated Response Model on Settings REST API Swagger documentation.
  • Fixed issue in REST API where /api/searches/Fields could not utilize a date range when specifying the InsertDate as one of the criteria to search on.
  • Improved efficiency of the Full Text Index service.
  • Optimized Excel Export to support up to 150,000 rows exported.
  • Updated MSSQL Prerequisite digital certificate

May 2019

Version 2.1.6
  • Exporting searching results to Excel and CSV will now export all of the results, not just the current page.
  • The search results will now sort on insert date when searching only on document type, and/or folder.
  • Fixed the users page so it doesn’t constantly refresh when using Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue when searching for multiple words, or phrase via the REST API.

March 2019

Version 2.1.5
  • Document history list is now sortable.
  • Added the ability to view any document version in the document viewer (where document format is supported).
  • Added the ability to print supported documents via the document viewer.
  • Added the ability to resize the folder panel on the Document tab.
  • Added the ability to optionally specify a sort field and direction when posting a search request via the REST API.
  • Added the ability to search for text in a supported document inside the document viewer.
  • Added the ability to resize the routing approval panel on the Workflow Document Review page.
  • License checks will no longer fail if there are multiple hardware devices with invalid IDs present on the server.
  • Fixed an issue where posting a new document via the REST API with an undefined key for the Document Type produced an error.
  • Fixed a character length limitation on the SMTP Server Address settings field.
  • User will now be required to have Add Notes permission to add or delete notes.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Miscellaneous security fixes.

January 2019

Version 2.1.4
  • Orphaned documents list is now sort-able.
  • Date and time now displays in document lists.
  • Added the ability to filter the list on the Users page.
  • Checked-Out documents list is now sort-able.
  • Route and step names now display in user inboxes.
  • Added the ability to force secure connections to the database server in the web.config.
  • Fixed an issue to correctly return a user to their search results after clicking cancel from other pages.
  • Added the ability to have a blank (non-selected) value with list only fields.
  • Fixed an issue where non-admin users were unable to see the expiration date for a document.
  • Miscellaneous Security fixes.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where annotations were disabled when opening a document in a new browser tab.
  • Fixed and issue that caused exporting to Excel or CSV to not work properly.
  • Document expiration date is now properly set when 0 is specified for the Document Type.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a connection to the internet to be required during installation.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused users to appear twice when editing group membership.

November 2018

Version 2.1.3
  • Added more paging information on the user list within the application administration.
  • The installer generates verbose logging by default and will package the logs in a way that that can then be viewed or sent to support more easily in case of issues.
  • User credential security has been enhanced to use an updated technology.
  • A new endpoint is available from the REST API that allows a document to be removed from a workflow process that is in progress.
  • Restoring a deleted document generates a new activity in the audit log.
  • Adding a new document note generates a new activity in the audit log.
  • Fixed an issue where returning a document on a workflow step that contains multiple users was not successful.
  • Document list column preferences are now correctly saved when the same user logs out and back in.
  • Fixed an issue where moving documents between folders via the REST API didn't reindex the document information so the document was no longer visible from the UI.
  • Updated several error messages to be more user-friendly.
  • Several web application cookies have been modified for additional security.
  • Viewing the routing history of a document that is actively on a workflow now includes more information related to the document's route history.

October 2018

Version 2.1.2
  • The URL search page now displays column heading labels per document type if a document type filter is requested.
  • The web application debug log is now visible and downloadable to Webdocs administrators within the "Settings" area of the web UI.
  • Sorting documents in a user inbox now sorts across all pages of inbox results instead of just the currently visible documents.
  • Clicking on a high priority document in a user inbox no longer goes to a 404 error page.
  • A user's active status can now be set via the "Update User" REST endpoint.

July 2018

Version 2.1.1
  • The performance of document indexing when full text search is active is greatly increased and processed separately from the standard key indexing.
  • The criteria panel on the search page is now resizable and will remember the user's preference.
  • The delay on key indexing has been removed so documents will show up in folders and searches more immediately.
  • A link to the REST API documentation is now available to administrator users in the profile menu.
  • The document result count per folder and document type now displays in the search criteria panel after performing a search.
  • A document's Insert Date has been added to the document General Information display.
  • The minimum version of the .NET Framework is now 4.7.1.
  • The document approval interface now allows selecting predefined values for document fields that are configured for its document type.
  • Webdocs users will now see direct links to the document approval interface for a document when browsing a document's details and the document is on a route step they are assigned to.
  • An option to specify a secure connection to SQL Server has been added to the product installer.
  • A document's assigned folder has been added to the document approval interface.
  • Webdocs user IDs can now begin with numbers.
  • The performance of requesting a very large list of Webdocs folders from the REST API is improved.
  • License checks will no longer fail if there are multiple hardware devices with invalid IDs present on the server.
  • Expiration dates on documents are now set correctly during a new check in from the web interface.
  • Database scripts for updates no longer execute if the database feature is not selected during the upgrade installation process.
  • Refresh tokens for the same user and client but different applications are now allowed to coexist.

May 2018

Version 2.1.0
New Features
  • A user can now be assigned a role that allows authentication from the iForms web administration UI.
  • A visual status indicator is now displayed when an upload is in progress from the web UI.
  • Document links can now be copied directly from the list of search results.
  • The default page size on search results has been increased to 50.
  • The default exit point code template is now included in the application installation directory.
  • The folder list on the "Move document" page correctly sorts by folder name.
  • Fixed an issue where self-registered users were marked inactive upon creation.
  • New users cannot be created if the default group is missing from the system.
  • The list of routes available when assigning a document to a route is correctly sorted by route name.
  • An error no longer occurs when admin user clears a checkout status via the REST API.
  • An error no longer occurs when extracting key/value data from some PDFs.
  • Some documents that have errors checking in to Webdocs will now correctly follow after-processing rules.

April 2018

Version 2.0.2
  • Status messages are now returned after a document is advanced from the REST API if the document has completed a route.
  • Added the ability to copy the document link url to the user's clipboard via the link dialog box.
  • Full folder path now displays on document details page.
  • Routed documents can now be cleared after being returned at a step.
  • Certain special characters such as < and > are now able to be entered and updated as document index key values.
  • The Windows service no longer consumes a lot of CPU resources when in an idle state.
  • Routed documents can now be cleared after being returned at a step from the REST API.
  • The full text indexing no longer contains a potential memory leak when processing certain rasterized PDF documents.
  • Fixed an issue where document downloads could result in a 0 byte file being downloaded to a user's system.

February 2018

Version 2.0.1
  • Added new resources to the RESTful service to control routing document actions such as approving and rejecting documents waiting for approval
    • Advancing a document on a specific route at any route step
    • Advancing a document from a specific route step
    • Retrieving the list of route steps that a routed document can be returned to
    • Retrieving the list of route steps that a routed document can be approved to
  • Deleting a user will now also remove them from any route steps that they were assigned to
  • Deleting a route will now also remove route steps related to that route
  • Documents assigned to a route can no longer be deleted from WebDocs until they have been removed from the route
  • Performing OCR on certain PDF files no longer cause an error and stop the indexing service
  • Web document viewer performs default font substitution when rendering a DOCX file if a font within the document cannot be found on the system
  • Web document viewer no longer renders black rectangles around hyperlinks contained within a DOCX file

December 2017

Version 2.0.0
  • Significant technology refresh that provides the following major updates
    • Improved overall web application performance including searching and browsing folders
    • Improved search indexing performance and reduced index size
    • Significantly reduced database memory usage
  • Updated in-browser viewer to improve performance and document rendering quality especially related to Microsoft Word documents
  • Fixed several issues when searching with special characters in the search criteria
  • Fixed an issue with transferring documents between routes also advancing the document at the current step
  • Fixed an issue with the search indexer after critical errors during processing
  • Fixed an issue with searching via the REST API where the query term order produced different results
  • Fixed an issue causing downloads from the “Quick Actions” download button to take a long time or fail
  • Fixed an issue causing poor performance when loading document lists while browsing folders
  • Fixed an issue with notifications being sent when adding a document via DeliverNow or other client tools
  • Fixed an issue with an email activity not being logged in the document history
  • Fixed several issues related to in-browser email rendering
  • Fixed an issue with loading large documents into the in-browser viewer
  • Fixed an issue with an error displaying in the browser when trying to send an email from a list of search results
  • Fixed an issue with cached search results not being cleared out properly
  • Fixed unnecessary activity records from being created when viewing a document or its details

September 2017

Version 1.9.6
  • Fixed an issue with documents being completely reloaded too often within the in-browser viewer
Version 1.9.5
  • Fixed an issue with documents showing up multiple times in a user inbox
  • Fixed an issue with the search index background process getting suspended when server connections were lost
Version 1.9.4
  • Fixed an issue with links to WebForms documents from the user inbox

August 2017

Version 1.9.3
  • Fixed an issue when authenticating users via the RESTful API when the user is configured to use LDAP authentication.

July 2017

Version 1.9.2
  • Significantly improved performance of the search indexing resulting in faster index rebuilds and quicker appearance of document results for newly added documents.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Contains” search type behaving as a “Starts With” instead
  • Fixed an issue with the “Title” column not being selectable by users to set show or hide preferences

May 2017

Version 1.9.1
  • Fixed an issue with the REST API where it would fail to remove checkout status after a checkin
  • Fixed an issue with the REST API where retrieving the checkout status failed
  • Fixed an issue with the search index failing to process
  • Added a compatibility setting for LDAP authentication against Novell’s eDirectory server
  • Improved performance and SQL memory usage when utilizing the search functions
  • Browser cookies for user UI preferences are now always set to HTTPS-only when running under HTTPS

April 2017

Version 1.9.0
  • In-browser Viewing with support for PDF, DOCX, TIF, JPG, and PNG files.
  • Add annotations using highlighter, rubber stamps, text boxes, sticky notes and more.
  • Fixed issue when executing a URL Search in WDW, the results list contains bad "View" icons.
  • Fixed issue where customer was unable to delete a document.
  • Fixed issue where WebDocs Search Results, Date Added sort, doesn't work properly. The values are treated as strings instead of dates.
  • Fixed issue where date and version is reversed in WD 1.8.5.
  • Fixed issue where user was unable to delete a document from the Search screen.

Some of the images and tables, which are embedded in any .docx files might not be viewable through In-browser viewing feature, but can be viewed through native Microsoft Word Application. HelpSystems is aware of this issue and it will addressed through upcoming releases.

March 2017

Version 1.8.7
  • Fixed issue with incorrect user name being logged in the document history log during the routing process.
  • Fixed issue with advancing/advanced/completed exit points not executing during the route process

March 2017

Version 1.8.6
  • Fixed an issue viewing old versions of WebForms saved to WebDocs.
  • Fixed an issue opening WebForms in a new tab from the document details page.
  • Fixed an issue exporting the complete list of search results instead of just one page
  • Fixed document upload page so that a document cannot be uploaded without a document type selected.
  • Fixed issue with routing exit points not getting triggered from the WebDocs interface.
  • Fixed issue with adjusting expirations for documents already active on routes after upgrading.

November 2016

Version 1.8.5
  • Fixed search result headings being out of order
  • Fixed document audit log loading performance
  • Fixed an issue with adding notes via routing approval not being assigned to the correct group security
  • Fixed the installer to prompt user to verify the SQL Server credentials during upgrades to avoid connection issues

November 2016

Version 1.8.4
  • Fixed an issue with loading saved search results retrieved from WebDocs Windows into Imaging Client
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances if a file cannot be saved to the WebDocs storage location that the new document metadata is not cleaned up
  • Fixed missing move and delete action buttons

October 2016

Version 1.8.3
  • Fixed document version history showing the user’s key instead of full name
  • Fixed issue with route notifications only going to one user if multiple users are assigned to the step
  • Fixed a display issue with the licensed user count if a user count is not limited

September 2016

Version 1.8.2
  • Fixed missing file type icons for download buttons for certain file types
  • Fixed missing headers in CSV export of search results list
  • Fixed connection timeout when loading extremely large numbers of folders into the UI

September 2016

Version 1.8.1
  • Added the ability to extract text from rasterized PDFs
  • Removed dependency on IFilters for file text extraction
  • Added the User Defined Field labels for the search results list
  • Fixed missing "view document" icon within the routing inbox
  • Fixed missing icon for download buttons on TIF documents
  • Fixed a navigation issue when going back and forth from the routing inbox to document details
  • Fixed an occasional issue with text extraction from DOCX files
  • Fixed document lists missing "Export to Excel" and "Export to CSV" buttons
  • Fixed an incorrect installer dependency on .NET from 4.5 to 4.5.2

July 2016

Version 1.8.0
  • Added a fully integrated RESTful API to allow powerful customization, management, and integration
    • Covers all core functionality of Webdocs including, but not limited to:
      • Documents
      • Document types
      • Folders
      • Users
      • Groups
    • Provides many options to work with specific features including data retrieval, updates, and deletes
  • Added interactive documentation for the RESTful API to explore and test with no code required
  • Refreshed the web user interface to provide a modern look and feel
  • Streamlined the installation process to simplify new and updated installations
  • New license management for consistency with other HelpSystems products
  • Added new options to configure secure connections over SMTP for email functionality

January 2016

Version 1.7.2
  • Added processing of expired routed documents
  • Fixed an issue with conversion of the filesystem locations

January 2016

Version 1.7.1
  • Added options to download documents and transfer routes from the mobile route details UI
  • Re-added document title to advanced search field selection list
  • Added placeholder to search criteria field
  • Fixed an issue with searching orphaned documents from the webservice
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances updating a document's folder wouldn't update the corresponding search index
  • Removed "No Document Type" from the web UI upload page since a document type must always be selected

July 2015

Version 1.7.0


  • Brand new search engine and user interface
  • One consolidated UI instead of separate basic, key, and full text UIs
  • More powerful textual and contextual search engine
  • Faceted-type search filters
  • Filter results by any combination of one or many folders, document types, or index fields
  • Sorting over entire result list and all visible columns
  • Improvements to document storage organization and filesystem performance
  • Improved notifications for document routing events
  • Users can now check in revisions to documents with different file types
  • Users can now edit document details when reviewing a routed document if the step definition allows it


  • Fixed an issue with being unable to add a UNC storage location via the web UI
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to add a custom application name containing a space
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to add or remove users from the group membership list via the web UI

February 2015

Version 1.6.1
  • Fixed an issue with the built-in interface to Enterprise Workflow when using LDAP authentication
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile interface when approving a routed document in a user inbox where the available next steps do not show up which prevented advancing the document

December 2014

Version 1.6.0


  • Added an entirely new authentication framework to better support a wide variety of configuration requirements
  • Expanded authentication provider compatibility to support an unlimited number of LDAPv3-compliant servers rather than being limited to either WebDocs database authentication or a single Microsoft Active Directory server.
  • Added the ability to connect to LDAP providers over SSL/TLS

Please contact RJS Support if you have customized code integration around Webdocs or use LDAP authentication prior to upgrading to 1.6.0.

October 2014

Version 1.5.9
  • Download link on document details page within the mobile interface now works as intended
  • Selecting "Back" from search results within the mobile interface now correctly returns to the search results
  • The search results list within the mobile interface displays the correct document type instead of "** INVALID DOCTYPE **"

June 2014

Version 1.5.8
  • Key search criteria that contain apostrophes no longer trigger no results.
  • Improved performance when retrieving document type fields via the webservice.
  • Repeated error message in the event log related to a method LastSearchResultsAsXML no longer occurs.
  • Expiration date on document details page no longer displays as a full datetime which fails validation and prevents saving the document details.

March 2014

Version 1.5.7


  • Added more robust validation to editable text fields to ensure formatting and invalid character filtering.
  • Added options to the Orphaned Documents interface to restore single, multiple selected, and all orphaned documents to their original folders or select a new folder.
  • Added the ability to assign a new user to groups during the user creation process.
  • Added options to test the connections to Enterprise Workflow and/or WebForms integration settings.


  • It's no longer possible to enter an invalid date in a document's Expiration Date field from the web interface.
  • Searches on the Basic Search screen no longer allow search criteria consisting only of whitespace to trigger the search.
  • Deleting an existing login message no longer leaves behind an irremovable line break causing a blank message to show up.
  • Opening a WebForm from the mobile interface no longer tries to download the file instead of sending it to WebForms for rendering.

January 2014

Version 1.5.6


  • "Select All" checkboxes on grids no longer show if no grid items are allowed to be selected
  • Added additional warning if the user tries to delete a document from the document details page
  • Added warning message in the administration pages if the licensed user count is reached.
  • Validation error message text is now black to provide better contrast and readability
  • Added a visual indicator on the "Review Routing Document" page to identify when a user has added a note to the route document but the note has not been committed yet
  • Route designer now warns the user if they have made changes to a route definition when they try to close the route designer but have not saved the changes yet
  • The upload document page now keeps field values that the user has typed in if the user changes the document type after entering any values
  • Adding a document to a route now prevents submission if no routes have been selected


  • Generated passwords via the "Forgot Password" feature no longer fail in some circumstances
  • Various route designer crashes
  • Route designer limits the route title field to the correct maximum length
  • Route designer limits the route step field to the correct maximum length
  • Route name tags on the route selection page correctly display the missing "X" icon where the user can click to remove the tag
  • Key search no longer allows a date range with the second date earlier than the first date
  • Document notes can no longer be added if the user is not assigned to any group
  • Changing a document index key value no longer reverts the assigned document type under certain circumstances
  • Opening EML files from certain links no longer leads to a blank page
  • Field validation on certain fields in the document details page correctly trigger
  • Transferring a route document to a different route no longer ends at a blank page
  • Text search now correctly filters searches by the selected document type
  • Pressing the ENTER key on the text search page no longer pops up an error message to the user
  • The new note field on the document checkin page limits the field to the correct maximum length
  • Email body content preserves line breaks
  • Predefined document type value lists no longer allow blank values
  • Various typos and terminology fixes in the web interface
  • Various missing tooltips have now been found

October 2013

Version 1.5.5


  • The WebDocs Route Designer now uses the webservice API and can be installed separately from the server installation.
  • Added additional APIs to the webservice related to document routing
  • Added paging to routing inbox list to alleviate slow load times with inboxes that have 400+ items waiting for approval


  • Fixed an issue logging in with the temporary generated password after a password reset
  • Fixed an issue with paging being off by one document on the folder document lists
  • Unspecified errors no longer show up in the event log when loading the permissions configuration pages
  • Download indicator on the "Quick Download" link in the document grids correctly resets in IE8
  • Changes made to the "Allow Transfer" checkbox option in the route designer correctly persist
  • A Javascript error no longer prevents the autocomplete field from working correctly when sending an email from WebDocs
  • Plus many other miscellaneous fixes

June 2013

  • Fix: The base installer is no longer missing one file that gets installed to the system directory

May 2013

Version 1.5.4
  • Fix: Page navigation after sending an email via the search interfaces redirects more appropriately

May 2013

Version 1.5.3
  • Fix: Clicking the quick-download button for a document result on the basic search correctly triggers the download
  • Fix: Users with custom user filters are no longer blocked from certain document permissions (i.e. email) regardless of the permissions configuration in the administration

May 2011

Version 1.5.2
  • Compatibility: Fully tested on Windows Server 2012
  • Enhancement: Exposed additional methods via the webservice
  • Enhancement: Multiple users can now be assigned to a routing step
  • Enhancement: Exit points have been added to some of the routing events
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to create custom messages per group that are displayed to the user upon login
  • Enhancement: Added the ability for users to change their own passwords
  • Enhancement: Added the ability for administrators to force all or individual users to change their password on the next login
  • Fix: Clicking the "Add Criteria" button on the key search interface no longer creates a blank row
  • Fix: Changing the default page size on the basic search interface correctly re-selects the chosen default once the page reloads
  • Fix: After performing a search on the key search interface, if a folder filter was selected that selection correctly gets re-selected once the search results return
  • Fix: Route step users no longer get an extra email notification on document acceptance
  • Fix: Corrected an issue where route activity logging was using the wrong route titles when displayed
  • Fix: User defined fields now correctly show up consistently on document list grids
  • Fix: Improved stability of the webservice under heavy loads
  • Fix: Numerous other inconsistencies and fixes with the web interface have been corrected
  • Fix: WebForms documents now consistently open in new windows instead of a combination of new windows and within the WebDocs content panel.
Version 1.5.1
  • Enhancement: Replaced existing mobile interface with an all new mobile interface written from the ground up
  • Enhancement: Exposed customizable extension framework for the Windows service
  • Enhancement: Exposed document type key on the edit document type interface
  • Enhancement: Added new webservice API for updating an existing document's metadata
  • Enhancement: Added custom user and global level name templates for authentication against non-Active Directory LDAP servers
  • Change: Removed "View Group" button from the edit user interface when the user being edited is an administrator
  • Change: Added cancel button to email interface for additional navigation options
  • Fix: Additional constraints on new user creation to prevent possible users with duplicate login names
  • Fix: "Select All" checkboxes on the search interfaces correctly toggle
  • Fix: Orphaned document counts greater than 10 are now correctly displayed
  • Fix: Orphaned documents no longer show up in search results for non-administrator users
Version 1.5.0
  • Enhancement: Major performance improvements all around
  • Enhancement: SQL Server 2012 compatible
  • Enhancement: Enhanced caching of static resources (JavaScript, CSS, static content, etc)
  • Enhancement: Added ability to have the interface highlight specific rows with specified terms in the users' route inboxes
  • Enhancement: Added sortability based on timestamp on user routing inboxes
  • Enhancement: Display of document notes is cleaner, hides most HTML characters that result from copying/pasting from other applications
  • Enhancement: Added visual cue to storage location screen to indicate whether the location is accessible and can read/write document files.
  • Enhancement: Added the name of the user that has a document checked out on the document details screen
  • Enhancement: Added the name of the user that is currently logged in to WebDocs in the application header
  • Enhancement: Added visual cue on the document list pages to indicate when the document has notes saved to it.
  • Enhancement: Document lists and details pages now show a descriptive tooltip when clicking the view/download button if the file is inaccessible on the server, i.e. if a network drive is unmapped or moved
  • Enhancement: Added visual cue on document list pages to indicate which document was selected to be downloaded
  • Enhancement: Added reviewer name to routing step option dropdown
  • Enhancement: Added MSG support to in-browser viewer
  • Enhancement: Added full text reset option to web interface
  • Enhancement: (ROUTE DESIGNER) Exposed route key in the designer interface to allow administrators to find the key without going into the database
  • Fix: Corrected issue with pasting large amounts of HTML into a note field
  • Fix: Cache the folders to speed up browsing
  • Fix: Restoring from orphaned documents correctly removes the document from deleted status instead of only moving it to its new folder
  • Fix: Re-enabled AspCompat setting on page compilation to more efficiently handle the STA API

January 2012

Version 1.4.1
  • Fix: Fixed URL generation for WebForms documents
  • Fix: Fixed WebForms documents opening in new window
  • Installer: Added PDF IFilter as optional download during installation to allow full text indexing on PDF files

November 2011

Version 1.4.0
  • Enhancement: Added sorting and paging to user administration list
  • Enhancement: Added direct integration with RJS WebForms documents
  • Enhancement: Added toggleable panel layouts to search pages
  • Enhancement: New login page graphics and layout
  • Enhancement: Updated email interface to list "attached" WebDocs documents that were passed in and allow toggling individual attachments
  • Enhancement: Sortable columns on document routing inbox
  • Enhancement: Added all index keys as displayable on document routing inbox
  • Enhancement: Emailing multiple selected documents now attaches all documents to one email instead of sending them separately
  • Enhancement: Search result limited to prevent users doing generic all search that returns potentially millions of documents
  • Enhancement: Added custom event log named "WebDocs Windows" where all event log entries for the application will be output instead of the generic Application event log
  • Enhancement: Added ability to display a custom message on the user dashboard in addition to the custom login message
  • Enhancement: Converted text entry for login and dashboard messages to use WYSIWYG editor to allow for more extensive formatting without HTML knowledge
  • Enhancement: Added sortability to all columns in the Enterprise Workflow integration interface
  • Enhancement: Added action interface buttons to the Enterprise Workflow integration workpiece list page to allow quick advancement of workpieces
  • Enhancement: (SERVICE) Exposed new API to retrieve a user's last search results in XML format
  • Fix: Removed two messages repeatedly being written to the system event log by the core API
  • Fix: Authentication when using integration to external apps using LDAP
  • Fix: Document type dropdown lists on search interfaces now correctly use only the VIEW permission to determine the list of doctypes
  • Fix: Document type dropdown lists on upload interfaces now correctly use only the CHECKIN/INSERT permission to determine the list of doctypes
  • Fix: Autorefresh issue on Enterprise Workflow integration that was not updating the workbasket item count
  • Fix: Predefined key values by document type no longer aggregate all values for a document type together
  • Fix: (SERVICE) Corrected issue with the Windows service that runs the OCR for full text from OCRing even when ALLOWFULLTEXT is False
  • Fix: (SERVICE) Targeted new consolidated WebDocs Windows event log with WebDocs Service source instead of generic Application event log
  • Other: Minor Javascript plugin updates

Additional Notes

  • Must update all client applications (Scan Workstation, Tray Capture, et cetera) to use proxy 1.1.4 or higher to be compatible with this release

May 2011

Version 1.3.9
  • Enhancement: Updated JavaScript libraries to current versions
  • Enhancement: Hides LDAP option on user edit page if LDAP is not configured
  • Enhancement: Split document type list behavior so searches use a doctype list based on VIEW permission and checkins use INSERT permission rather than all user doctype lists being based on INSERT (NOTE: Tray Capture and Scan Workstation interfaces still require INSERT permission until changes are released)
  • Fix: Page redirection when using URL searching now directs to login screen if not already logged in and forwards to the URL search immediately after logging in
  • Fix: Issue causing a SQL exception when checking for a document's existence
  • Fix: Issue saving an email contact with a single name
  • Fix: Issue with basic searches returning null tables resulting in errors
  • Fix: Issue with panel resizing on the search tab screens
  • Fix: Issue with key search paging
  • Fix: Issue with search panel column selection/sorting

April 2011

Version 1.3.8

Updating from previous versions may take some time depending on the number of documents currently stored in Webdocs. If Webdocs has more than several hundred thousand documents, consider running the upgrade during offhours.

  • Enhancement: Additional performance tweaks
  • Fix: Corrected full installer issue where you could not skip the database installation even if it was deselected

April 2011

Version 1.3.7
  • Enhancement: Added personal and global address book for storing contacts for emails and other notifications
  • Enhancement: Added default document type at the user level
  • Enhancement: Added default folder at the user level
  • Enhancement: Added ability to flag a document type field as required during import/checkin
  • Enhancement: Tweaks made to the document type editing screen layout

March 2011

Version 1.3.6
  • Fix: Tweaked application of user filters when viewing a folder's document list

March 2011

Version 1.3.5
  • Fix: Corrected batch email redirect exception

March 2011

Version 1.3.4
  • Fix: Fixed URL search session issue
  • Fix: Email button now properly shows up on document details page

February 2011

Version 1.3.3
  • Fix: Fixed LDAP authentication issue
  • Fix: Changed session timeout behavior to auto-forward to login page rather than force a user to click

February 2011

Version 1.3.1
  • Enhancement: Added method to the webservice
  • Enhancement: Added additional login security to prevent passwords from being sniffed
  • Fix: Corrected paging issue on URL search page when more than 3 pages of results are returned

January 2011

Version 1.3.0
  • Enhancement: Added direct integration with Enterprise Workflow
  • Enhancement: Added ability to resize and toggle panel visibility within the interface
  • Enhancement: Interface no longer reloads tab panel content on tab switching
  • Enhancement: Consolidated email screens and reworked email interface to provide more feedback and improve ease of use
  • Enhancement: Removed need to reload foldertree pane after certain actions, changed to poll behind the scenes and update unobtrusively
  • Fix: Corrected issue on orphaned documents page when clicking individual delete buttons where incorrect delete confirmation message was displayed which prevented the delete from occurring

December 2010

Version 1.2.2
  • Fix: Deleting a folder no longer refreshes the interface incorrectly

December 2010

Version 1.2.1
  • Enhancement: Added option to export basic and key search results to XLS and CSV format
  • Enhancement: Added column select options to basic and key search results grids to allow showing up to all 30 keys in the grid
  • Enhancement: Improved performance of basic, text and key searches
  • Enhancement: Added option to move and email multiple selected documents to another folder from the document list view
  • Enhancement: Added option to delete, email and move multiple selected documents from the basic, text and key search results
  • Enhancement: Added option to move multiple selected documents to another folder from the orphaned document view
  • Enhancement: Added additional confirmations on delete/move/email actions that affect multiple selected documents for orphaned/folder document lists and basic/key/text search result lists
  • Enhancement: Added ability to change the page size on basic/key/text search results and orphaned/folder document lists
  • Enhancement: Added ability to view document details page from URL searches by passing action=details along with documentkey=<documentkey>
  • Fix: Icons in document lists that show what type a file is now correctly show Office 2007 formats (docx and xlsx) as Word or Excel icons
  • Fix: Error relating to "invalid object dmUserDocument" message fixed

October 2010

Version 1.2.0
  • Enhancement: Now compiled to use .Net 4
  • Enhancement: Replaced full text indexing capabilities with new Windows service.
  • Enhancement: Removed dependency on Seekafile.
  • Enhancement: Added OCR full text support for TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG rasterized image formats.
  • Enhancement: Exposed full text index location configuration within web interface rather than making manual edits to config files
  • Enhancement: Upgraded version of Lucene engine
  • Enhancement: Updated email functions to use .Net native functions
  • Enhancement: Removed dependency on CDOSYS emailing
  • Fix: Potential file upload failure bug in 1.1.13 when using webservice

September 2010

Version 1.1.13
  • Fix: Clicking certain buttons in Internet Explorer 7 no longer results in a 404 error message.
  • Fix: GridViews are properly striped again in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fix: Creating or editing a folder name and saving no longer results in changing the root folder's name and opening the default page in the content pane when using Internet Explorer 7
  • Fix: Updated folder permission screen to avoid Javascript exceptions being thrown by Internet Explorer 7
  • Fix: Clicking on an attachment other than the first one in EML files with multiple attachments no longer causes a server error.

September 2010

Version 1.1.12
  • Fix: Javascript error preventing saving a new or existing user profile corrected.

July 2010

Version 1.1.11
  • Enhancement: Folder permission views to show when permissions are not specified in addition to either allowed or denied
  • Fix: SQL issue when checking permissions for documents that have no document type specified

July 2010

Version 1.1.10
  • Enhancement: Upgraded all jQuery libraries to current versions
  • Enhancement: Updated all buttons to use new button widget for consistency and more advanced behavior
  • Enhancement: Updated application styles to get the interface nearly identical in every browser tested
  • Enhancement: Added ability to remember or clear index key values entered on upload screen
  • Enhancement: Removed dependency on Microsoft AJAX extensions
  • Fix: Corrected display issue on Folder Permissions By User/Group where user permissions were not displaying correctly even though the database was correct
  • Fix: Cleaned up lots of extraneous HTML

July 2010

Version 1.1.9
  • Enhancement: Added user option to save index key values they have filled in on the upload screen after a successful checkin in order to check in documents that may have similar values
  • Fix: Downloading specific documents now correctly returns the requested version of the document instead of always using the most recent version.
  • Fix: Ability to select document via checkbox and delete it is now removed.
  • Fix: Browsing directly to login.aspx when a user session is already active no longer allows a new login

June 2010

Version 1.1.6
  • Enhancement: Enabled document type lookup lists in the webservice and client dialogs

May 2010

Version 1.1.5
  • Enhancement: Enabled searching over orphaned documents via the webservice
  • Fix: Minor change to remove error "Path '/ScriptResource.axd' was not found."

May 2010

Version 1.1.4
  • Fix: Minor change to login screen to prevent misleading errors that occurred on Windows Server 2003 when changing the language localization

May 2010

Version 1.1.3
  • Fix: Minor change to make sure documents don't lose their active connections to the database before committing data

May 2010

Version 1.1.2
  • Enhancement: Added ability to view EML format binary files directly in the browser instead of requiring Outlook Express or other 3rd party thick client viewers

April 2010

Version 1.1.1
  • Enhancement: Added further context help and page flow to exit program functionality
  • Fix: Adding a new document correctly returns true or false based on actual success result

April 2010

Version 1.1
  • Feature: Added exit point functionality to allow tie-ins to external applications or databases at the Pre-/Post-Checkin and Pre-/Post-Update events
  • Feature: Can now use the Lotus Notes addin to checkin documents to WebDocs Windows
  • Enhancement: Webservice is now integrated into main application
  • Enhancement: New permissions architecture allowing for hierarchical permissions assigments to users and groups to folders and doctypes
  • Enhancement: New autosuggest feature for email pages
  • Enhancement: Added security to the emailing action to allow control over who can email
  • Enhancement: Added confirmation dialogs to document actions: Promote Version, Undo Checkout and Workflow Submit
  • Enhancement: Changed Next/Previous button text on document history page to say Older/Newer to be more intuitive
  • Enhancement: Added calendar datepicker to key search date criteria fields to make date selection easier
  • Enhancement: Revamped self-registration page to match rest of application more closely and cleaned up validation significantly
  • Enhancement: Added global exception handling to log errors and give clients a friendlier interface when errors occur
  • Enhancement: Added administration screen for viewing/clearing the error logs that the website and webservice generate
  • Fix: Corrected ability to manually enter an email address for non-WebDocs users
  • Fix: Updated several icon tooltips to correctly reflect their action
  • Fix: Corrected user filter on search results
  • Fix: Adding a note from the workflow document screen now correctly displays the note contents instead of the note ID
  • Fix: Adding a new document type no longer creates several blank document types in addition to the newly created type
  • Fix: Previous notes field in workflow document screen no longer shows markup and successfully allows submission of the document
  • Fix: File download dialog now correctly pops up during checkout process for non-IE browsers
  • Fix: Version tab and Promote Version action correctly hidden from non-checkout and non-admin users
  • Fix: Clearing out multiple document type index key descriptions correctly saves all modifications instead of just the first change
  • Fix: Changed view document details button icon to be consistent with rest of application
  • Fix: Document type field values with single quotes now appear properly instead of being cut off at the first single quote
  • Fix: Saving username on login screen now correctly remembers username if box is checked and clears it if the box is unchecked

December 2009

Version 1.0.57
  • Added mobile device interface, access via "<existing WebDocs URL.>\mobile"
  • Streamlined code significantly for editing document details and downloading a document
  • Fixed occasional errors viewing document details if a document's expiration date was NULL in the database
  • Fixed issue with saving document details when opening a document for the first time
  • Fixed LDAP setting occasionally not saving on user screen
  • Fixed group permissions not saving on group permissions screen
  • Fixed issues with trying to add field values to a doctype before saving the doctype to the database

November 2009

Version 1.0.56
  • Add group column to user rights display table
  • Completed internationalization of website
  • Folder name is now displayed on document details screen
  • Delete document button now shows up in doc details
  • Changed URL search to load single document file directly
  • Added folder as search filter on key search
  • Enabled lookup lists in web interface
  • Changed foldertree to save state
  • Change pathing after assigning document to workflow
  • Removed popup for workflowdocumentassign
  • Removed popup for workflowdocument from workflowdocumentlist
  • Reworked routing inbox to be consistent with other lists and be more concise
  • Reworked checked out documents list to be consistent with other lists
  • Reworked orphaned documents list to be consistent with other lists
  • Notifications fixed on login errors
  • Modernized look and feel
  • Enhanced activity log display and performance
  • Autoscroll folder treeview pane on permissions page
  • Added script combiner to speed up and consolidate JS/CSS includes
  • Added ability to have user template for new user creation
  • Mixed mode user authentication
  • Changed delete document functionality to first put in orphaned docs
  • Changed orphaned docs to use new table to improve performance
  • Added permissions editing to group edit screen
  • Webservice - Added ability to add a document to a route
  • Webservice - Added ability to return the list of document routes
  • Added form validation for each form save state with required fields
  • Encrypt user password for enhanced user security
  • Fixed SQL connection issue on Vista Enterprise and Windows 2008 Server

August 2009

Version 1.0.55
  • Full internationalization support, so if a specific user wants to select a language other than the default English they can do so on a per-session basis. Currently I have added support for US English and MX Spanish. For additional languages, we just need to find someone to translate the list of words/phrases then we drop in that translated file into the website and it works, voila!
  • User permissions are now visually displayed on the user details screen so that you can see what folders and rights they have access to all from one place
  • Performance on large data sets (1 million documents or more) has been significantly increased and the paging mechanisms have been completely rewritten
  • All 3 search interfaces (basic, key and text) now function and look identical visually.
  • Visual styling is now more simplified, consistent and modernized
  • Added confirmation dialogs to all move/delete functions to prevent accidental moves/deletes
  • When browsing a folder, the document list now features a select all button that allows you to instantly select all of the documents on the screen for batch actions such as group deletes
  • Checkout process only requires one click rather than multiple clicks on multiple screens
  • Increased performance of the web interface itself by updating and streamlining the page code and dependencies
  • Reduced the number of physical pages in the website installation significantly
  • Modified the full text search interface to provide better and more complete results
  • Made the status messages more consistent in content and visual appearance across the application
  • Fixed several SQL stored procedures related to deleting a document. Previous version would leave data behind in some tables which was impacting query performance
  • Enter key now correctly works to trigger the searches on all 3 search interfaces
  • Tooltips were fixed across the entire application to now display more consistent messages and actually appear on buttons/links that previously had not had tooltips attached
  • Checkin of documents no longer throws an error
  • Updated all buttons to be visually identical and consistent throughout the application. Navigation buttons and action buttons now appear grouped together and in consistent locations from screen to screen
  • Reworked some of the page navigation between list screens and detail screens to be more intuitive and reduce required clicks
  • Plus many more minor tweaks


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