CuteFTP is a file transfer client that combines security and simplicity with advanced automation features, for the enterprise, small-to-medium business, and home users.

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July 2018

Version 9.3.0

July 11, 2018

  • Enhanced privacy in adherence with GDPR

  • Fixed bug that leads to early trial expiration

  • Fixed bug that caused scheduled transfers to be +1 minute in advance

  • Fixed crash scenario on startup

June 2010

Version 8.3.4

June 03, 2010

New Features
  • Added support for file date parsing from Windows NT IIS FTP Server

  • Improved retry logic on network failures when transferring via SFTP

  • Enhanced SFTP connection mechanism to work with non-RFC compliant SFTP servers

  • Corrected more than 30 discrete issues that lead to Client/Server crashes

  • Corrected Windows 7 compatibility issues

  • Corrected Scheduled Jobs to no longer disappear after TE restart

  • Corrected Windows 2000 Server compatibility issue

August 2006

Version 8

August 09, 2006

New Features
  • PGP encryption and decryption ensures compatibility with industry standards and keeps your data secure during transfer and storage.

  • PodCast Manager handles all of your podcast subscriptions and publishing in one application. It creates podcast RSS feeds, uploads new audio files and automatically downloads new episodes.

  • Local Backup quickly and easily backs up your computer to a remote server for added data security.

  • Advanced Search finds files and folders easily, by name, size or creation/modification date, whether they are on your local computer or a remote server.

  • Advanced operations after transfer can be set to automatically exit and shutdown your computer, run a virus scan or any number of other tasks upon completing a transfer.

  • Turbo Transfer speeds up CuteFTP Home file transfer without additional configuration.

  • Color-coded tabs make it easier to navigate with CuteFTP Professional. Now, managing multiple transfers to multiple sites is easier than ever.

  • Improved Mode Z compression speeds the transfer of ASP, BMP, CSS, DAT, DOC, EXE, HTM, JS, LOG, PDF, PHP, PL, PPT, PY, SWF, TXT, VBS, XLS, XML and XSL files.

  • Task Automation Wizards ease configuration of scheduling file transfers, hot drop (folder monitoring), backing up remote servers, mirroring local and remote systems and adding new servers to the Site Manager.

  • UTF-8 support for the ISO 10646 character standard.

  • Usability improvements added to Bookmarks, Log Files, Macros, Time Zone Synchronization, and Quick Connect.

Version 6.0


New Features
  • SSL v3 (TLS) - Connect securely using TLS (AUTH TLS), currently under consideration by the IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) as a standard for SSL connections. CuteFTP now supports all three SSL connection mechanisms, including the widely used SSL Implicit (direct connect via port 990, as defined by the IANA) and SSL Explicit (AUTH SSL) modes.

  • Windows® Trusted Certificate Store - Accept or reject server certificates based on Windows' Trusted Certificate Store, in addition to CuteFTP's internal certificate trusted list for broader coverage. Available in professional version only.

  • Choice of Key Strengths - Secure your sessions further by choosing key strengths (up to 4096 bits) when creating SSL certificate sets. Choose between using the local CuteFTP certificate store or Windows' trusted root CA (certificate authority) store.

  • SSL site-to-site (SSCN) Transfers - Transfer files between remote hosts securely via SSCN, a proprietary command supported by a growing number of FTP servers and clients, and used for transferring files between two remote hosts (FXP) over a secure (SSL) channel. Without SSCN, a client can connect securely to multiple remote hosts but cannot transfer files securely between them. Available in professional version only.

  • Macro/Script Recording and Playback - Record and playback standard or secure FTP sessions with zero programming involved. Events and settings are captured in industry standard Visual Basic script and saved to a .vbs file. Play them back immediately in CuteFTP or schedule a future recurring task using Windows' built-in scheduler tool. Programmers can still interface directly with the COM-enabled Transfer Engine or use the record feature to capture a baseline session and then customize it in any text editor, including CuteFTP's built-in ASCII editing tool. Available in professional version only.

  • Windows Proxy Settings Auto-detect - Choose between manual proxy configuration or have CuteFTP automatically detect Internet Explorer's proxy settings, including proxy.pac proxy script files. This is only available for Windows XP SP1, W2K Pro SP3, W2K Server SP3, W2K Server 2003 using WinHTTP dll. WinInet dll is also queried, which is supported by XP, 2K PRO, NT4, ME, 98 and 95 to ensure success.

  • NAT Auto-detect & Port-mapping - CuteFTP uses the UPnP NAT interface (available in Windows XP) to provide proper port-mapping when connecting securely from behind a NAT/firewall using PORT mode (rather than PASV, due to the remote host also being behind a NAT/firewall). Without UPnP, you would need to manually set the port range in the client and also enable and forward them in the NAT/firewall device.

  • Define Port Range for Secure Connections - Define a port range for establishing secure connections via port mode, specify connection and transfer timeout values, automatically connect to the last visited site on session startup, specify the location in which to store the site manager and much more.

  • Session Enhancements - Enjoy faster application startup, highly accessible bookmarks, Windows 2003 and IIS6 compatibility, revamped overwrite logic and dialogs, after transfer events, and dozens of other internal and external enhancements.

  • Editor Enhancements - Work on remote documents in the integrated editor, supporting full-screen mode, or launch a more powerful editor such as CuteHTML Pro and CuteFTP will auto-detect changed files. Save in-progress work locally and use enhanced search & replace functionality.

  • Interface Enhancements - Load alternate language resource files, which you can translate, choose between toolbar sizes, display commonly accessed menu command images, or simply enjoy the many improvements to CuteFTP's menus, dialogs, shortcut keys, registration wizard, error descriptions, high-color icons, and more.

November 2002

Version 3.0

November 12, 2002

New Features
  • Quick Connections - Quickly connect to sites using a step-by-step Connection Wizard, store frequently accessed sites in the Site Manager for future reference, connect directly to FTP URLS, HTTP and HTTPS sites, or use the Quick Connect address bar that's just like your Web browser.

  • Secure Connections - Secure both connections and transfers through explicit and implicit SSL, password and certificate-based SSH2 and OTP (S/KEY) encryption.

  • Transfer Management - Manage transfers using the robust transfer queue, perform compressed transfers (CAB, ZIP, GZIP/TAR) and site-to-site transfers.

  • Accelerated File Transfers - Transfer files faster with CuteFTP Pro's transfer engine, which maximizes bandwidth usage through multi-part transfers and can move multiple files from different sites concurrently.

  • Built-in HTML Editor - Quickly edit Web sites using the powerful integrated HTML editor.

  • Folder Management - Easily perform site maintenance with built-in Folder Synchronization, Folder Monitor, Site Backup, and Site Comparison tools.

  • Powerful Scheduler - Conveniently schedule routine file transfers for future dates.

  • Automated Tasks - Easily create sophisticated scripts for automating FTP tasks through the COM accessible Transfer Engine.

October 2001

Version 4.2.5

October 04, 2001

  • Removed browser integration feature

  • Text bleed-through in About Box

  • Log font corrected

  • Minor text and bug fixes

March 2000

Version 4.0

March 19, 2000

New Features
  • Encrypted Site Manager data keeps others from accessing FTP site usernames and passwords.

  • Quick Connect URL bar allows users to directly enter FTP URLs, usernames and passwords.

  • Login Dependent Site Manager (NT/2000) prevents users who log into a system from accessing the Site Manager.

  • Bookmarks allow quick access to frequently used directories from the Site Manager.

  • Support for SOCKS 4 and 5 and the ability to generate custom firewall dialogs give CuteFTP 100% compatibility.

  • Smart Keep Alive "stealth" pings FTP servers to keep users connected. Its options include: time intervals, command lists, auto-reconnecting and obtaining a new IP address.

  • Auto-update: CuteFTP now determines when an update is available and downloads/installs it automatically.

  • Redesigned menu bar, shortcuts, dialogs and new settings configuration make CuteFTP 4.0 even easier to use.

June 1999

Version 3.0

June 09, 1999

New Features
  • Explorer Integration - Drag and drop copy/move from, to, and within CuteFTP panes and from Windows. Only operation currently not supported is remote to Explorer drag, and remote to remote file copy (only move supported).

  • MP3 and File Search - You can now search for music and other files with the integrated searcher. Launch it from FTP>CuteFTP MP3 & file search (on menu bar). Searcher allows for multi-site searches and integrates with the Persistent Downloading feature.

  • CuteFTP can use your RAS/DUN or LAN to connect after a broken transfer due to session disconnects.

  • Auto-Reconnect and Resume Transfers - ALWAYS get the file(s) you were downloading/uploading. Most requested feature ever. CuteFTP detects for broken transfers, slow transfers, and power outages, and compensates accordingly.

  • Right-Click Shell Integration - Want to upload files and folders right from Windows without seeing CuteFTP? You can now right click files or folders on your Desktop or Explorer and then click 'CuteFTP >[site name]'. You can tag various sites in your Site Manager (edit/advanced screen), or add new ones from the right-click shell menu Connection Wizard.

  • Queue is not Site Dependent - Tag files from multiple sites for later transfer. You can grab files from various sites, disconnect, shutdown, come back the next day and still transfer all the files. You can now start a multi-session transfer, go to bed, and then EXPECT to have the files on your Desktop in the morning. You can also add files, browse local drives and rearrange the order of the queue during a transfer.

  • CuteHTML fully integrated into CuteFTP - You can remote edit single or multiple files with CuteHTML from MULTIPLE sessions. It remembers where the files are from, and uploads accordingly. Right click to edit files, then when you are done editing in CuteHTML, click on File>Save to remote or File>Save all to remote.

  • CuteFTP Connection Wizard - Wizard added to help first time users setup their FTP access. Many default ISPs added, which automatically determines label and ftp domain. Provides a very intuitive interface.

  • Queue changes - Apart from all other queue changes, you can now edit, load, and save the queue. These commands are located in the Queue menu.

  • Local Pane Combo Box redone - Completely re-written drop down box in local pane.

  • Many bug fixes & minor features added - Delete to recycle bin toggle, PASV mode toggle for individual sites, prompts on errors and disconnects, queue sorting, customizable log font, text for toolbar buttons, floating toolbar, queue reset, plus others too numerous to list.

August 1998

Version 2.5

August 09, 1998

New Features
  • Queued uploading & downloading

  • Resume uploads

  • Displays progress rate on task bar icon

  • New coding for better memory management and faster operation

  • New improved help file

  • Can import ALL previous version site entries, including WS_FTP's

  • Complete directory overwrite and directory delete

  • Additional host types added, including 'generic' host for misconfigured sites

  • Improved Site Manager

  • Better host support, including AIX directory listing fixes

February 1996

Version 1.8

February 26, 1996

New Features
  • Added ability to use the UNIX CHMOD utility and graphicly displays the permissions of files and directories.

    Added a drop down menu so you don't have to know the complex UNIX commands to accomplish permission changes.

  • MVS Support (no auto-detection)

  • KA9Q support (no auto-detection)

  • Login retry bug fixed

  • Erroneous "Insufficient disk space" message fixed

October 1996

Version 1.5

October 19, 1996

  • Keyboard shortcuts for custom commands

  • Selectable startup screen

  • Adjustable buffer sizes for improved LAN performance

  • "Disable Login Messages" option

  • Date display for UNIX hosts fixed

  • Date set on downloaded files fixed

  • QuickConnect parameters are now presereved

  • Right-click on the scroll bar improved

  • Right-button menu appears on button release; more consistent with Win95'

Version 1.4
New Features
  • Custom commands such as CHMOD, INDEX

  • Bookmarks

  • 32bit version (NT and Win95)

  • ftp://user:password@host/directory/file now works

  • "Resolve Links" option (for UNIX systems only)

  • Retry Delay option

  • Support for Chameleon FTP Server

  • Support for OpenVMS and VMX UCS servers

  • QuickConnect dialog extensions

  • Site Manager now shows host names along with comments

  • Click on InfoBar will bring up Change Dir dialog

  • Configurable text files extensions list.

  • Execute command (download a file and execute it's assosiated program)

  • VMS MultiNet FTP Server support

  • Dir change message browsing

  • Extended Firewall compatibility (not tested)

  • "Property sheet" style options dialog

  • Customizable tool-bar

  • Custom sounds (including WAV support)

  • Added management buttons in Sites Manager

  • Drag-drop upload/download

  • Filter masks

  • FireWall support (not tested)

  • Sorting by file extensions

  • Transfer time stats display

  • Right Mouse Button invokes pop-up menus in Local and Remote Browsers and in FTP Sites Manager list boxes

  • Drag-Drop in FTP Sites Manager

  • Import function for CuteFTP 1.3 and WS_FTP Site databases

  • Log level control options

  • Log session summary to file option

  • Quick Connect command

  • FTP Sites Manager can now be invoked during session in progress

  • Separate Show Date and Show Time options in File Details menu

  • Status change. CuteFTP is FREEWARE now!!!

  • Hierarchical host configurations manager.

  • Command-line options and scripting

  • Support for Windows NT native FTP Server

  • Local directory browser

  • Delete, Rename and MakeDir Commands

  • Resume downloads option. Works with FTP servers, supporting extended REST command (e.g. wuFTPD, used on most Internet sites).THIS FEATURE WORKS ONLY IN REGISTERED VERSION.

  • Support for QVTNet, SuperTCP and most likely for other DOS/Win3.1 FTP servers.

  • Drag-drop extended to allow dropping files on InfoBar

  • Navigate hidden directories (the ones that don't show up in dir list, but can be changed into manually)

  • Directory info command

  • Auto-index, Logical Parent and Use Firewall checkboxes in Site Edit dialog are now tri-state, with intermediate state meaning "use default".

  • Selectable file viewer

  • Selectable colors

  • Updated help file

  • 32-bit version now uses multi-threading (will no longer run under Win32s)

  • Improved support for Win95's Winsock.

  • Accelerator keys are now working even while transfer is in progress

  • Reduced CPU usage (32bit version)

  • Fixed duplicate parameters (e.g. in CHMOD command)

  • Fixes issue that caused CuteFTP to freeze on data transfers

  • Reconnection bug fixed

  • Stop command improved. Now it's enough to hit Stop once to cancel any operation.

  • Several firewall-related bugs fixed.

  • Upload filename bug fixed (32bit).

  • GPF using Command-line fixed (16bit).

  • Fixed a memory leak (wasn't fixed completely in Beta 7)

  • Fixed command-line processing. Tested with WS_Archie(FTP Setup: cuteftp.exe host=%h anonym remote=%d get=%f)

  • Fixed index saving in cache.

  • Rewritten list-box drawing and management code. CuteFTP can now handle up to 30000 entries in a directory.

  • Fix double-login with firewalls

  • Fixed a bug with some weird use@site firewalls.

  • Fixed PASV mode.

  • Illegal filename chars substitution

  • Optimised cache saving (should reduce disk access when saving cache files)

  • Fixed a memory allocation bug, which caused CuteFTP to allocate large amounts of memory when running for a long time. This bug could be the reason for many other problems.

  • Date display format is now consistent with Windows settings

  • Fixed "Can't connect" bug

  • No horizontal scroll bar

  • View command now active in local browser

  • Some new options

  • Passive mode bug

  • Problem with TGV's MultiNet stack

  • Window position saving bug

  • Non-standard Windows color palette support

  • Display problem in Site Manager when in high-resolution mode

  • Local files time bug

  • Entirely rewritten UNIX directory parsing code. Much more robust and smart now. Supports all UNIXes I've come across, Novell FTP Server, SERV-U, WFTPD and most likely some other %99 UNIX-compatible FTP servers.

  • FileNames with blanks are now supported

  • Revised date display format

  • Sorting by date bug in Local Browser and on NT systems

  • Local browser current directory tracking bug

  • Fixed incompatibility with Novell LAN WorkPlace

  • Upload doesn't work if Auto-detect transfer type is set in Connect dialog. Fixed.

  • Transfer type setting is now global (was separate for local and remote)

  • Cannot read hosts entries if HOSTS.DAT file is read-only. Fixed.

  • Unregistered version is no longer expiring. It's fully functional, but has a 30 days legal trial period. I rely on your conscience to register the program.

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