Advanced Reporting Suite

May 2021

Version 11.2

May 5, 2021

  • Resolved a data collection issue whereby the last date and time value was incorrectly using a different collection's values. This will mainly affect data collections from devices in various time zones.

September 2020

Version 11.1

September 17, 2020

New Features
  • A new setting has been added to allow the logging of additional debug messages in the Data Collector log file in order to aid troubleshooting.
  • A new setting, 'Verify Databases On Startup' has been added against the Data Collector and Data Service settings. If set to true, then each plugin will verify its SQL database when the Data Collector or Data Processor service starts.
  • The Connection and Read Timeout values against a Collection will be displayed in seconds rather than milliseconds.
  • The SMTP Components used to send email messages have been updated and now support SSL/TLS.
  • The time zone is now displayed against each collection in the collection list.
  • You can now scroll through groups which previously didn't fit on the page when exporting reports.
  • Data handling has been improved when the time changes on a system whilst the Data Collector service is running.
  • The Data Collector service will continue to collect data for all plugins after SQL interruptions such as SQL database backups.

February 2020

Version 11.0.4 (PTF 11.0.2020.014)

February 04, 2020

New Features
  • A new Enterprise Console plugin has been created in Advanced Reporting Suite to collect data from an Enterprise Server database. The data includes user, alert and alert text statistics.

September 2019

Version 11.0
  • An issue with data processing has been fixed which caused missed data for some collections.

June 2019

Version 11.0
New Features
  • Each platform plugin now creates a staging table when the Collector Service starts.
  • The Advanced Reporting Suite now checks to see if .NET 4.6 or later is already installed.
  • All gender assignment references have been removed from the product to comply with the requirements of GDPR.
  • The Data Processor service has been enhanced to use multiple worker threads. There is a new setting to set the number of worker threads.
  • Settings against each collection have been amended to take the individual platform plugins into account.
  • This release fixes an issue with duplicate IBM i records being collected.
  • A fix has been applied so that users can register if their user name or password contains a '.' character.
  • Shipped template .rpx reports have been changed to use the term IBMi rather than iSeries.
  • An issue has been fixed to prevent excessive amounts of unprocessed staging data building up in the database thus causing SQL timeouts.
  • A fix has been applied to prevent "missed" IBM i data causing reports to have no data for certain days.


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