Document Management System

  • The current shipping version of Halcyon Document Management System GUI is 6.1.2020.197.
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

December 2022

Version 15.0

December 7, 2022

(PTF: 2022.255.1)

NOTE: This release is only compatible with IBM i v7.1 and above.
  • No updates for this release

August 2021

Version 15.0

August 9, 2021

(PTF: 2021.207)

NOTE: This release is only compatible with IBM i v7.1 and above.
  • No updates for this release

March 2021

Version 15.0

March 16, 2021

(PTF: 2021.019.1)

  • No updates for this release.

January 2021

Version 15.0

January 25, 2021

  • No updates for this release.

September 2020

Version 15.0

September 17, 2020

NOTE: This release only contains fixes for the DMS GUI v6.1.2020.197
  • A fix has been applied to the Graphical User Interface so that registered users can now log on after an upgrade.
  • In the Graphical User Interface, the "View Archived Files" and "View Indexed Files" entries are no longer duplicated when defining roles.
  • The page controller on the user list in the Graphical User Interface has been fixed to allow the use of multiple pages.
  • To comply with GDPR, all references to Gender have been removed from the product.

June 2020

Version 15.0

June 16, 2020

No updates for this release.

July 2019

Version 15.0
  • The Document Management System GUI now allows the definition of margins within the Overlay Designer. This change is dependent on a change in the DMS GUI which was made available within release: DMS GUI 2019.035.

February 2016

Version 14.0
  • A fix has been implemented so that the Set Archive Maximum Members (SETARCMBRS) command now applies the value to all archives.
  • Work with Archived Spooled Files (F22=Print) additionally allows the emailing of a CSV of the displayed spooled file.

Archived Release Notes

Please check the following archive files for Document Management System release information prior to 2015.

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April 2014

January 2014

October 2013

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April 2013

January 2013

December 2012


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