JAMS for OpenVMS

March 2020

Version: 4.3S

March 24, 2020

  • Agent
    • Resolved an issue with Jobs that could occur if a connection to the Agent was disconnected without starting a Job.

July 2018

Version: 4.3N

July 27, 2018

  • Scheduler
    • Resolved a JAMS Agent issue where the Agent would hang until the Job completed if any API calls specified event flag 0.

February 2017

Version: 4.3K

February 27, 2017

  • Scheduler
    • Corrected an issue where when submitting a setup, if one of the jobs in the setup could not be submitted, the setup was partially submitted but, did not appear in the schedule until the JAMS_SCHEDULE process was restarted. It now appears in the schedule immediately.
  • Agent
    • Corrected an issue where temporary command files were not being cleaned up.
    • Added an enhancement to allow to set BIOLM by defining a logical name, JAMS_AGENT_BIOLM.

January 2016

Version: 4.3F

January 14, 2016

  • Added an enhancement to allow you to control the ASTLM quota for the JAMS_SCHEDULE process by defining the logical name JAMS_SCHEDULE_ASTLM.
  • Corrected an issue for when an Agent job would appear to fail if the job wrote an excess of information to the log file just as it completed.


Version: 4.3D
  • Corrected an issue with opening multiple template libraries.
  • Built for OpenVMS Alpha.
Version: 4.3C
  • Scheduler
    • Added an enhancement that would prevent an issue when the first byte of a VHEAP he4.2ard has available bits but the rest of the record is
    • Added an enhancement to improve VHEAP file.
    • Added an enhancement to support the JAMS_RTV_VHEAP logical name to set the retrieval window size for the VHEAP.DAT.
    • Added an enhancement to support the JAMS_DISABLE_VHEAP file to disable writing to the VHEAP file when a job is submitted.
  • Agent
    • Added an enhancement to support job names that contain characters that are not normally valid in an OpenVMS file.
    • Added an enhancement to improve the efficiency of the JAMS agent to trap errors.
Version: 4.2V
  • An enhancement to improve error reporting when a job definition is deleted while it is still in the schedule.
  • An enhancement to allow the value for /LOG= to be up to 256 bytes.
  • An enhancement to correct an issue with sys$persona_assume on old versions of OpenVMS.
  • An enhancement to correct an issue where the JAMS_SCHEDULE process was not properly releasing acquired resources when the resources were node specific.
Version: 4.2Q
  • If a job is running via the JAMS Agent for OpenVMS executing a SPAWN command, it will never complete.
  • Note that only the JAMS Agent changed in 4.2Q.
Version: 4.2M

The following issues are addressed:

  • Specifying an empty string ("") as the parameter for the JAMS SET ENTRY command was being interpreted as an * wildcard.
  • JAMS command lines can now be up to 8192 bytes long.
  • If you have a job or setup name with the maximum length of a name (39 characters), history searches might never complete.
  • In rare instances, using the JAMS SYNCHRONIZE command could cause the JAMS_SCHEDULE process to hang waiting for a lock to be granted.


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