Robot Alert

January 2024

Version 6.03

January 10, 2024

  • OAUTH protocol is now supported to read emails

  • Fixed issue with Robot Console replies not being received by Robot Alert.

  • Passwords are now encrypted values and will not be displayed.

  • Fixed issue with SMTP/POP3 RBA622 program not processing HTML replies in base64 correctly.

February 2021

Version 6.02

February 11, 2021

  • Fixed issue with MCH1210 causing communication job to fail.
  • Fixed issue communication job staying in TIMW status until Office 365 is restarted.
  • Updated license agreement.

November 2019

Version 6.01
  • Includes RBTSYSLIB 2.02.
  • Removed invalid message on failed conversions.
  • Alert now correctly shows up in Robot Network and other Robot product GUIs.
Version 6.00
  • Robot Alert can now be installed to run in an iASP.
  • Now compatible with Office 365.

June 2019

Version 5.72
  • Modified POP3 processing to handle 2-way message replies in Office 365.

August 2018

Version 5.71
  • There was an issue with RA62204 (error) being sent to QSYSOPR even when the message was sent successfully, but this has now been fixed.

September 2017

Version 5.70
  • Minor, cosmetic changes to the display of the product name on screen.

May 2017

Version 5.69
  • We increased the size of Robot Alert’s message history files
  • You can now decide what you want included in the subject line of Alert messages. This includes the ability to remove the message ID, pager name, and system name from the subject line

February 2017

Version 5.68
  • Added a message to the staged installation/update joblog stating that RBTSLEEPER must be inactive in order to update RBTSYSLIB (in the event RBTSLEEPER is active and causes a staged installation/update process to end in error)

August 2016

Version 5.68
  • We reintroduced Alert ID information to the subject line of 1-way emails

  • The message history purge program now deletes orphan records in RBAAT, RBAMA, and RBAMS

June 2016

Version 5.67
  • Our license agreement has been updated

January 2016

Version 5.65
  • The security settings for the control menu have been preserved

April 2015

Version 5.64
  • Enhanced the SSL protocol for cloud mail services

November 2014

Version 5.63
  • Improved 2-way messaging so that the Robot ALERT message ID, pager name, and system name are now preserved in the subject line
  • Enhanced so you can choose a specific Ethernet IP to be used in Restricted State
  • Creating new vendors, the default is now TCP/IP with a compressed subject line
  • Prompting User Name on device (on the Maintain Device panel, RBA240), the finder limit was increased so you won’t receive an error if more than 999 user profiles exist

September 2014

Version 5.62
  • Updated the license agreement
  • Upon installation of Robot ALERT, a Help Systems IFS directory is created if it doesn’t already exist
  • Added three additional certificates to SMTP.CONTROLADMIN.NET
  • Enhanced license checking when Robot ALERT is installed in an IASP
  • When you go into a menu, the QTEMP objects that are created are no longer owned by the current user

June 2014

Version 5.61
  • Increase CFID field size for SNPP

April 2014

Version 5.60
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL ) for SMTP/POP3 communications

August 2013

Version 5.59
  • Send a message to QSYSOPR when history is getting full

June 2013

Version 5.58
  • Duplicate devices in the broadcast list

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