Robot Autotune

May 2020

Version 8.26

May 13, 2020

  • Message ATD0224 now includes the environment name.
  • Enhanced ATDYNPMGR (Dynamic Pool Manager) job to log every request to the job log.
  • Program AT115S now monitors CPF1607 to prevent abnormal end of PFs entry panel.
  • Fixed issue with very large memory size resulting in MCH1210 in AT225S

  • The initial value for the Activity Level PF for *BASE is now 25 percent and Pool Size Minimum PF is now 20 percent of available storage.
  • When starting and ending AT jobs in ATMONITOR susbystem, there are now additional waits to prevent the jobs that execute STRAT and CNLAT commands from getting ahead of designed ending of the AT jobs.
  • Program AT622S added to provide alternate method of clearing orphan pools if the CLROP command is ineffective.

January 2020

Version 8.25

January 29, 2020

  • Fixed issue with very large memory size resulted in MCH1210 at AT124S.

March 2019

Version 8.24
  • Problem caused by use of *AVAIL notation for minimum pool size on CHGATPF or OVRATPF with very large memory size resulting in MCH1210 is corrected.

September 2017

Version 8.23
  • Shift amount must be between 8K and maximum minus minimum.

February 2017

Version 8.22
  • A Pool Size Performance Factor value of zero is now allowed for all pools except *BASE. The zero value indicates a fixed size pool that won’t be adjusted by the tuner

November 2014

Version 8.17
  • All statistics display and listings now include a size range indicator next to or above the pool size or main storage size

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