Robot Reports

February 2024

Version 7.74

February 13, 2024

  • Improved performance of the product’s library size alert mechanisms that are leveraged when accessing the Reports Main Menu options.

  • Added support to improve the uptime of the monitor job, REPQWATCH.

  • Fixed issue with the processing of IPDS or AFPDS spooled files resulting in an MCH1001 error on REPQWATCH2 job.

  • Fixed issue with REPQWATCH2 job ending with MCH1210 error while processing spooled file.

May 2021

Version 7.73

May 10, 2021

  • Updated license agreement.

April 2020

Version 7.72

Apl 13, 2020

  • Fixed issue with extended subject line compatibility for Alert 6 and above.

March 2020

Version 7.71

March 19, 2020

  • Updated installer.

March 2019

Version 7.70
  • Fixed an issue with some install and upgrades failing with CPF1059 - Length of value not correct for QALWOBJRST.

June 2016

Version 7.69
  • Our license agreement has been updated

January 2016

Version 7.67
  • Preserved the authorities for distributed PDF documents so that previous PDF files are replaced and updated with current information only

September 2015

Version 7.66
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255
  • When printing a report (not viewing it online), you’ll no longer have random blank pages in the middle of the printout
  • The objects, REPCOMP, REP030DA, REPENDQ and REPDLTQ, have been added to the REPSETAUT command. These objects are owned by RBTUSER and the *PUBLIC authority is *USE. Additionally, your user profile must have *ALLOBJ authority in order to run the REPSETAUT command

April 2015

Version 7.65
  • The submit job parameters for the REPSTRQMON command were improved to use both the Robot REPORTS job description REPJOBD and the system library list
  • The *PUBLIC authority is now *USE instead of *CHG
  • The Report Archive Status information panel now displays both volumes when you’re restoring a report that spans two volumes
  • The Good Morning Report has been enhanced to increase the length of the fields that display totals. Therefore, it should no longer truncate the total number of reports in long-term storage

November 2014

Version 7.64
  • When restoring from Robot Browser Interface, the access history now shows the user who restored the report instead of showing QUSER

September 2014

Version 7.63
  • Updated the license agreement

April 2014

Version 7.62
  • HTML type output wasn’t handling spooled files with HTML code

July 2013

Version 7.61
  • QTEMP objects created with owner of current user

June 2013

Version 7.60
  • Extended subject line - report set copy pgm
  • HTML special characters issue
  • REPROxxxxx ovrdbf fails

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