Robot Save

August 2021

Version 13.04

August 24, 2021

  • Fixed issue with RBSINST library not getting removed after install.
  • Message added when Data Center loses communication.
  • Fixed issue with a backup failing when trying to save RBSKEYLIB.

  • Updated license agreement.

May 2020

Version 13.03

May 13, 2020

  • Integration with FlashCopy now available.

  • Fixed issue with RBS6321 getting R351105 error.

February 2020

Version 13.01

February 18, 2020

  • Fixed issue with encrypted backups receiving MCH3601 error.

January 2020

Version 13.00

January 27, 2020

  • DDM is now used to send data center information.

June 2019

Version 12.30
  • Enhanced DDM file processing.

March 2019

Version 12.29
  • When the submit of RBSARCHIVE failed, notifications were not happening correctly, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue of RBSVU data not being used correctly when archive (RBSOH) is available during GSR's building of RSTLIB commands.

November 2018

Version 12.28
  • Domino restore is now working correctly when the data directory path is specified multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where empty libraries were being displayed.

August 2018

Version 12.27
  • There was an issue with fields not being initialized properly based on Move Sets that would use Max Rotations versus Max Days, but this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing error messages from displaying when attempting encryption of compressed SAVFs.

June 2018

Version 12.26
  • No updates for this release.

December 2017

Version 12.25
  • Users can now see data and folders deeper than one level down on Domino servers.

September 2017

Version 12.24
  • No updates for this release.

May 2017

Version 12.23
  • An issue where IFS archive data couldn’t be created if the outfile from a SAV command was greater than 2GB has been fixed.
  • Updated support for displaying media definitions with tape devices and volume identifiers.

August 2016

Version 12.22
  • Robot Save now calculates a user’s available storage

  • The process of restoring a job to another library has been improved

June 2016

Version 12.21
  • Added new Ultrium6 drive type to Robot Save.

  • IFS processing was updated to be more efficient.

  • A blank value or *NONE value for usrprf is now accepted when using the Restricted State TCP.

September 2015

Version 12.18
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255
  • The update process was changed so that an update can complete without getting CPF4131 level check errors when Robot SAVE is in use during the update
  • The Auto Volume Eject program (RBS7850) was changed so that it returns RBSXDF *DTAARA to its original state before exiting. This was causing backups to be shown as saved when they weren’t, which could place Robot SAVE in a loop as it’s looking for volumes in the scratch pool
  • The objects in the Robot SAVE product library RBSPGMLIB were updated so that the RBSDUPROT command can be run without error, even if the RBSDUPASN parameters that were added in V12R17 weren’t used

April 2015

Version 12.17
  • The RBSDUPASN command was added, which allows you to assign duplicated tapes to a specific combination of class/set/rotation for easier tracking. The existing RBSDUPROT command was modified to support automatic use of the new command
  • The IBM i system libraries, QPTOBJ1 and QPTOBJ2, will no longer be able to be manually selected (or deselected) for saving and restoring
  • Objects can no longer be omitted from the Robot SAVE product libraries when you’re doing a save

November 2014

Version 12.16
  • Users performing a restore are no longer required to have *SAVSYS special authority
  • Corrected the Security Report (RBS8100) so it matches the settings
  • *PUBLIC authorities are now being taken from the Authorization List, if one is present
  • Corrected looping on 'The specified volume was not found'
  • Corrected BRMS conversion issues so it uses the correct values
  • After update to Robot SAVE version 12, the save no longer fails on ‘not authorized to QUSER’

September 2014

Version 12.15
  • Updated the license agreement
  • Expanded the IFS Archive screen so it is no longer limited to 9,999 entries in a single directory
  • Added new drive, (FC) 5638-001
  • Fixed the errors that were received when using F6 to initialize scratch pool tapes
  • Improved the message handling for tape management errors
  • Improved the Data Center performance when there are multiple AMLs
  • The job's reactivity on the node is no longer missing after sending the packet from the product master
  • Also after sending a packet, groups won’t lose members

June 2014

Version 12.14
  • IFS archive running a long time

May 2014

Version 12.13
  • Changes required for IBM i 7.2
  • Default values in RBS900 were being replaced during 12.11 update

October 2013

Version 12.11
  • Allow restricted state Data Center feature communications
  • Added F17 Advanced Command Prompt option key to an object list type backup set allowing the respective SAV command to be modified
  • RBSINZAML getting “file not found” error
  • RBSADDVOL/RBSADDALL fails on GO SAVE 21 tapes
  • Incomplete RST command created for root level restores
  • RBS427P cuts off the command template info
  • Cannot schedule RBSAMLLRN job via Schedule GUI
  • S787014 error Domino file not found when doing a restore
  • RBSDUPROT is failing going from AML to stand-alone drive

August 2013

Version 12.10
  • QTEMP objects from Save menu created with owner of current user

July 2013

Version 12.09
  • MCH1210 when running large number of ADHOC requests or RBCDUPROT request

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