Robot Schedule

March 2024

Version 13.16

March 18, 2024

  • History purge program RBT655 now addresses entries representing Schedule jobs that are no longer defined to the software.

  • Added support to improve uptime of the product's monitor jobs that run within RBTSLEEPER subsystem.

  • Resolved inconsistency issue within the Job Schedule List ‘Options’ window and the appearance of an arrow (>).

  • OPAL objects are now correctly reflected in a GUI forecast/simulation.

July 2023

Version 13.15

July 11, 2023

  • Updated product installer.

  • Enhanced AUTOWORK program to accept a new, optional, one character second parameter. Users may now call AUTOWORK with a "Y" for this second parameter to instruct the process to inspect all existing completion history when determining if a job has been missed for the specified date.

  • Multiple Reserved Command Variables can now be exported and imported in the GUI.

  • TLSv1.3 is now supported.

  • Enhanced RBTGRTAUT "Grant Robot Authority" command to provide the ability to remove user profiles from Schedule's secured objects if the IBM i user profile does not exist on the system.

  • The Robot Schedule clean up feature RBTCLNUP can now be disabled.

  • Fixed issue with Replay object completion history not retained.

  • Fixed issue with errors being received when creating file event monitors.

  • Improved job log output for Monitor job RBTFSEM in the event it encounters issues when attempting to start up.

  • Fixed issue with connections.xml periodically getting deleted.

  • Changed RBT279 "ROBOT Job Finder" panel to address an issue causing "Program Exception" to appear when attempting to display certain DAYNO jobs.

  • Schedule-module.jar is now updated in the Robot Network directory based on the Robot Network version.

August 2022

Version 13.14

August 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with jobs reporting abnormal completion when they completed normally.

  • Windows GUI enhanced with JRE/JVM that is AdoptOpenJDK.

October 2021

Version 13.13

October 28, 2021

  • Fixed issue with iASP being ignored from Advanced Setting under Connection Properties in the Schedule GUI.

  • Fixed issue with authority on logical file RSL507W4.

Version 13.12

October 20, 2021

  • RBTBCHUPD and AUTORUN commands can now be secured using Robot Schedule internal security.

  • Improved performance on RBTSWAPSYS.

  • Fixed issue with Robot Replay ghost child jobs.

June 2021

Version 13.11

June 30, 2021

  • Fixed issue with error CPD0020 'Character not valid' on RBTINSTALL.

May 2021

Version 13.10

May 12, 2021

  • Fixed issue with RBTCLNUP using high CPU %.

  • Fixed issue with normally completed job showing a T completion code instead of a C.

  • Schedule environment successfully able to import with initial ASP group of *NONE.

  • Fixed issue with GUI not seeing valid job queue.

  • iASP no longer locked when using RSLSHUTDWN.

  • Fixed issue with GUI unable to connect to database.

January 2021

Version 13.09

January 6, 2021

  • Fixed issue with invalid ASP group on Advanced Connection Properties.

December 2020

Version 13.08

December 7, 2020

  • Updated license agreement.

November 2020

Version 13.07

November 9, 2020

  • Installer updated to include IASP.

  • Audit log report will now use RBTENT* library to include IASP.

August 2020

Version 13.06

August 18, 2020

  • Prechecker now works correctly when converting from Robot Schedule 12.

May 2020

Version 13.05

May 19, 2020

  • Updated installer

  • Fixed issue with job status not changing from R to T when option E is taken on running job from Job Completion History panel.

  • Specified TIMEZONE value will now show on the Consolidated Good Morning Report.

  • Consolidated Good Morning Report now shows correctly when TIMEZONE(*NODE) is selected.

  • Fixed issue with Consolidated Good Morning Report showing all system data when single system was specified.

June 2019

Version 13.04
  • Enhanced secure handshake with TLSv1.2.
  • Fixed issue with Schedule security interfering with daylight saving time automation.
  • While in host mode, the Consolidated Audit Log Detail report no longer fails with messages RNX0112 and RNX9001 when encountering date format inconsistencies.

March 2019

Version 13.03
  • French message updates have been completed for the Secure GUI changes.
  • Robot Schedule has been updated to interface with Automate 11 and support for Automate 10 has been removed.
  • An issue with the display of spooled files has been fixed.
  • Fixed some typos in date patterns.
  • The Connection Properties List table was not updating the Certificate Expiration Date when a new certificate was retrieved, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue with some install and upgrades failing with CPF1059 - Length of value not correct for QALWOBJRST.
  • Fixed an issue with some jobs having the wrong job text on the Print List of Robot Schedule jobs.

  • There were errors when submitting a group member job on a remote system, but this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a job starting issue in the GUI when 2 members with the same job number are in the group, one is a local group member and the other one is a remote group member.

November 2018

Version 13.02


  • New command FCTJOBSMIS has been added:
    • FCTJOBSMIS allows the user to select a forecast name that has completed its build and a specific date/time range in that forecasting or an entire forecasting period to find the jobs that missed running.
    • The process will produce the report listing the missed jobs and optionally send the messages to the selected warning type of message queue, Alert device or Robot Network status center.

  • Performance improvements have been made to RBTSWAPSYS.
  • The maximum wait time has been fixed in the RUNAGTCMD command.
  • Job security records now exist in Robot Schedule after converting the jobs from IBM job scheduler.
  • Security enhancements have been implemented.
  • There was an issue where converting an iASP Schedule instance from R12 to R13 failed, but this has now been fixed.
  • There was an intermittent issue with jobs posting with a status of 'T' when the job completed normally, but this has now been fixed.

August 2018

Version 13.01
  • Fixed an error that was being received after the Schedule Security Packets were sent when running in Host mode.
  • Robot Schedule job status is now correctly updated after it is ended before starting.
  • Fixed an issue with RBTFSEC and RBTFSEM jobs having current library listed as the user library in the library list.
  • The initial PREREQONLY setting specified on command RBTINSSBM is now retained on subsequent runs.

June 2018

Version 13.00
New Features
  • Users can now create a secure connection between the IBM i system and the Robot Schedule GUI within Connection Properties.
Other Updates
  • An issue that occurred in Robot Schedule when a system's local system name and local control point name were different has been fixed.
  • The pre-checker no longer errors when converting from version 10,11, or 12 to version 13.
  • A race condition that caused the reactive job to run twice when running a prerequisite job.
  • RBT635M3 is no longer included in Robot Schedule.

  • A display issue with group member sequence numbers has been fixed.

  • After a role swap, the remote group members history is now correctly listed under the group job history.

December 2017

Version 12.14
  • Minor, cosmetic changes to the display of the product name in the GUI.
  • When running RBTCPYCAL with PRODUCT(*MASTER) on the Node, the user is now presented with the message 'This system is not configured as a Robot Schedule Product Master.'
  • Previously created Job Schedule blueprints can now be viewed in the GUI.

September 2017

Version 12.13
  • After enabling the 'Daylight Saving Time automation' field in System Defaults, you will no longer be required to end/restart your Schedule jobs before Daylight Savings Time.
  • A command has been added that allows you to copy dates from one calendar to another.
  • The performance of user job tracking in the ROBOTSBMJ job has been improved.
  • Jobs with a completion history with a different system name than the system name in product master can now be deleted.
  • Group membership information in the Job Status report is now correct when there are two jobs with the same job number.
  • A parameter called 'Prerequisite user jobs only' has been added to the RBTINSSBM command that allows you to track only user jobs that are defined as a prerequisite to a robot job.

May 2017

Version 12.12
  • An issue with Robot Schedule’s export functionality has been fixed.
  • Prerequisite jobs only display their run date and time when the job is local
  • Robot Schedule’s EVERY job interval has been updated. It can now run from 1 minute to 1429 minutes.
  • Forecast recalculations are submitted with the forecast object's original description.
  • An issue with adding commands to a job in the GUI has been fixed. If you add a library to the library list, the GUI will now successfully add commands from that library to a job.

February 2017

Version 12.11
  • See the Robot Schedule Enterprise release notes for information on the new Robot Schedule Enterprise and Automate Premium interfacing.

  • Updated the audit log report to correctly handle the date and time a report runs when scheduled during daylight savings.

  • Jobs are now allowed to use *JOBD as the library list name in send packets.

  • In the event a job completes abnormally and the message is sent to the Network status center, you can now opt to add the job’s application name to the end of the job abnormal end message. The data area RBTINCAPPN must exist in the Schedule product library in order to use this feature.

October 2016

Version 12.10
  • The Job Text dialog now scales properly when viewed on a 4K resolution screen.

August 2016

Version 12.09
  • French-Canadian support in the Robot Schedule GUI has been improved

June 2016

Version 12.08
  • Our license agreement has been updated.

  • Corrected a formatting error with the date/time audit log entry.

  • Updated packets when sending them to and from the product master.

  • The RBTRCLRPT command no longer produces an error message when running in version 12.04.

  • Added the ability to limit the amount of internal product status messages received in Robot Schedule.

  • Corrected the RBTNETPT user profile to keep Robot Schedule jobs from looking for RBTNETPT if user doesn’t have Robot Network.

  • Added three options to the job import feature in the GUI. These options, Replace: Jobs and Scheduling Objects, Replace: Prerequisites, and Replace: Members/Group Control, allow you to choose which objects you want to replace during an import.

January 2016

Version 12.06
  • If Robot Schedule is in an IASP, it will now work with Robot Network.

  • The *PUBLIC authority has been enhanced to ensure all objects have *USE and are owned by RBTUSER.

September 2015

Version 12.05
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255
  • An issue was fixed where you couldn’t use Robot Schedule Explorer (the GUI) to update jobs by using a query to change the pager to *RBTDFT
  • The paging process, via Robot ALERT, was updated so that you’ll only receive a single page when a job is ended abnormally
  • Reserved command variables in agent jobs can now be resolved even if they contain a forward slash (/). You’ll no longer receive an RNX0100 error
  • You can now reset your expired password during authentication while connecting with Robot Schedule Explorer via Host mode
  • The license code will now display correctly in Robot Schedule Explorer (the GUI) when the product library is in an ASPGRP (not in *SYSBAS)
  • The Consolidated Audit Log Detail Report (RBTRPT481) will now correctly display the node’s time zone instead of the host’s time zone when TIMEZONE(*NODE) is used
  • Fixed an issue where the date in a blueprint might get corrupted when you save your changes to the blueprint
  • Updated the RSL072 program and the RSLOID file so that the OID can be updated properly without receiving an RL07201 message

April 2015

Version 12.04
  • Robot Schedule can now be installed into *SYSBAS and in an independent ASP (IASP). For more information, see “Running the Robot Products in an IASP Environment” under the Robot Support Self-Service tab on our website
  • The RBTCVTSCDE command will no longer fail if the IBM job scheduler’s job has a *MONTHSTR or *MONTHEND date specified

November 2014

Version 12.03
  • Use the user profile that signed onto the GUI instead of RBTNETPT
  • Excluded RBTENTUSR from the Audit Log Report
  • Added a new command (Run Command and Ignore Error, RBTRUNCMD) that allows you to run an IBM i command and ignore up to ten specific errors
  • Removed the license check from Domino interface objects
  • A value of *NOMAX is now allowed in the TIMEOUT parameter on the RUNAGTCMD command
  • A late start monitor will no longer send a ‘Not Found’ error on the message queue, *USRPRF
  • Corrected an issue with the RSTOBJ command
  • Added an option to the GUI to add Run History for a Forecast Schedule
  • Exporting jobs to XML using the GUI no longer fails if the Report distribution is set to Y
  • The GUI will now refresh the *INTERNAL forecast
  • Corrected the errors when importing a job from an XML file that contained an event monitor, agent event, or user job
  • Corrected errors that occurred when using the Send To function to send a reactive job or group job

September 2014

Version 12.02
  • Updated the license agreement
  • Adjusted the product so it will always use Current User profile
  • The RBTBLDHAWK command is obsolete and cannot be used any longer
  • When using the RBTBCHUPD command on a group member, the default value for the OPALNNM and GRPSHED fields is now blank
  • GUI: When adding a file transfer function to a job, the choices in the Built-in Function Builder window were corrected to: FTP or FTPS
  • GUI: When clearing history, the next runtime is now reset

July 2014

Version 12.01
  • Updated the RBTCVTSCDE command so that it will work with Robot Schedule version 12

June 2014

Version 12.00
  • Enhancements: Create updateable RBTMRGLIB
  • New: Version 12 shipped!
  • RBTCVTSCDE to convert native scheduler jobs now compatible with version 12
  • RSLSETIOID fails with MCH3401 cannot resolve to object

April 2014

Version 11.18
  • Enhanced RBT400 security report output
  • Add Hold Application/Release Application to the RBTBCHUP command

(Note: If updating to Robot/Schedule 11.18 and your current version is R11M16 or below, you must apply this IBM PTF: License Program 5770SS1/SI52159 before doing the update)

December 2013

Version 11.17
  • CNLIDLEJOB enhanced for canceling a Robot group job
  • Enhance AGEIFS to allow purging files using a wild card. For example *.PDF. Additionally the command was enhanced to allow your choice of purge dates: *ACCESS, *ATTRIB, *CREATE and *DATA, each corresponding to the date you see when you display the attributes of the stream file

August 2013

Version 11.15
  • Interface now available to create a dependency between a Robot Schedule job and a Skybot Scheduler job.
  • Submit delay model job is on hold but still runs
  • Delete remote dep records to use Network
  • QTEMP objects from menu created with owner of current user
  • Message text truncated on RBT481 report
  • Some attributes on new Robot jobs were not defaulted correctly
  • Duplicate history in GUI for jobs with prerequisite
  • DB format sharing without inter library dependency

July 2013

Version 11.14
  • Unable to delete Schedule Job in Product Master
  • SNDRBTDTA allows Robot jobs to be entered for 'Prerequisite User job name'. This field should only accept user job names
  • Joblog keeps showing “Trying to establish communication” with Enterprise Server
  • Error prompting a command in the GUI with negative sign in numeric field
  • Some conjunctions are missing when looking at a jobs Prerequisite Status through the GUI

June 2013

Version 11.13
  • Remove old RBTJT rec if duplicate - job tracking
  • Remote member failed on submission code
  • Wrong description for remote group member
  • Check for E1 Data areas existence
  • No pop-up windows for different library list name
  • Omit remote group member stops group processing
  • AGEIFS command failed with MCH3601
  • Local group member ran twice
  • Received RB40123 from running the Schedule of Jobs
  • Fix Exit Program that changes DistList to NodeGrp
  • Print job report for agent jobs doesn't always
  • CVTSPLF errors when prompting in gui
  • GUI viewing JSL via Grp w/Mbr Filter wrong ovr
  • Audit rpt creating splf for 1 hr prior to reqst
  • RBT014 not returning CORRECT DAY OF WEEK
  • RBTDUPSPLF to more than 4 output queue fails
  • Agent Event Hist not getting cleaned up. Leaving orphans in RBTAEX file.
  • Could not save Robot Job. Issue w/AUTL
  • Override not showing correctly when sorting by Group Member Jobs


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