Robot Schedule Enterprise

March 2024

Version 3.04

March 20, 2024

  • Enhanced protocol swapping by adding scripts to perform operations to set up a specific TLS protocol as the ‘override default’.

  • Fixed an issue where viewing Diagnostics for some agents results in an error.

  • Cleaned up ‘false errors’ in the Schedule Enterprise logs for both the IBM i server and the remote agents. The errors were potentially expected by not properly monitored.

  • Fixed issue with viewing the IBM i Schedule Enterprise service log in the Diagnostic Information page.

  • Resolved CVE-2024-0259 where Robot Schedule Enterprise Agent for Windows was susceptible to privilege escalation.

June 2023

Version 3.03

June 1, 2023

  • TLSv1.3 is now supported.

  • Robot Schedule Enterprise now supports IBM i 7.5.

  • Java 8 is now required for Unix and Linux agents.

  • Service logs are now stored with other logs.

  • Fixed issue with GETRCV.bat utility receiving error.

  • Fixed issue with agent jobs failing with socket time out error.

  • Fixed error messaging when installing on a version of Java that is not supported.

  • Fixed issue that required agents to be uninstalled then reinstalled instead of updated.

August 2022

Version 3.02

August 1, 2022

  • AdoptOpenJDK vendor and any Java that conforms to OPENJDK standards are now allowed.

  • Windows GUI enhanced with JRE/JVM that is AdoptOpenJDK.

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error connecting to GUI when Schedule is in an iASP.

  • Ports 8470-8476 can now be restricted.

  • Fixed issue with RE1097M2 receiving MCH3601 error after converting to Schedule Enterprise 3.

November 2020

Version 3.00

November 9, 2020

New Features
  • Schedule Enterprise can now be installed in an IASP.

  • Improved transfer rate for text-based FTP.

  • We are now shipping the most current Java 8 JVM available from Oracle, version 1.8_u241.

  • Installer updated to include IASP.

  • Updated temporary license keys.

  • Fixed issue with RCLTFRF *FTP running too long.
  • Correct Agent version now shows in Schedule Enterprise Agent Manager.

  • Fixed issue with conversion removing RBTENTLIB.

June 2019

Version 2.04
  • Fixed issue with RBECHKAGT and CHKCAMACT commands receiving "Agent not found" error.

March 2019

Version 2.03
  • Multiple values are now allowed in QALWOBJRST during install.
  • Robot Schedule Enterprise has been updated to interface with Automate 11 and support for Automate 10 has been removed.

November 2018

Version 2.02
  • Security enhancements have been implemented.

August 2018

Version 2.01
  • Users now have the ability to specify the password for RBTENTUSR during installation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused RBESTRENT Autostart Entry to fail.

June 2018

Version 2.0
  • Support for secure connection from the Robot Schedule GUI has been added using the parameter USESECURE within the RBECONFIG command.

December 2017

Version 1.43
  • 'Unable to create console key' error no longer displays to users.

September 2017

Version 1.42
  • Fixed an intermittent authentication issue on Linux.

May 2017

Version 1.41
  • Robot Schedule Enterprise can now use TLSv1 to communicate with a Robot Network host if no other options are available.
  • We updated the Robot Schedule Agent Transponder to allow for a dynamic number of SIDs instead of a fixed maximum of 100 SIDs.

February 2017

Version 1.40
  • You can now use Robot Schedule Enterprise to schedule and execute Automate Premium jobs. Because these jobs run through an Enterprise Agent, they are reactive to other jobs and allow other jobs to be reactive to their success or failure.

  • Implemented a Skybot Abstractmanager program and close() method to eliminate the Java OutOfMemoryError error received when creating a file event with a generic wildcard.

October 2016

Version 1.39
  • You can now set the number of active jobs to run at a time on an agent job using the new -cj parameter.

August 2016

Version 1.38
  • We enhanced environmental variables. They are now retrieved in the order they’re entered

June 2016

Version 1.37
  • Our license agreement has been updated.

  • Updated Robot Schedule Enterprise to promote better, faster performance for version 1.33 and higher.

January 2016

Version 1.35
  • Added an auto logon feature to Schedule Enterprise. This allows the transponder to execute on a secured server without requiring a manual logon after a re-boot.

September 2015

Version 1.34
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255
  • Robot Schedule Enterprise agents can now be installed and configured as part of a failover cluster, using Microsoft Windows Server or Windows PowerShell
  • Java 7 compatibility has been added for AIX 64-bit agents

April 2015

Version 1.33
  • When creating an FTP identity map, you can now specify a secured port range to use with it. Note that this can only be used with standard FTP. For SFTP functions, you must define the secured port range on the file transfer server
  • Made updates to remove the vulnerability to a POODLE attack

November 2014

Version 1.32
  • Corrected an issue where the agent was not retrieving the exit code being sent back
  • Improved the FTP function so that both upper- and lower-case data is supported

September 2014

Version 1.31
  • Updated the license agreement

July 2014

Version 1.30
  • FTP jobs no longer fail when there are both dashes and spaces in the file name, provided you put quotation marks (“ “) around the path. For example: "\\FILESERV\REPORTS\MARKETING\Daily Lost Sales - Wednesday.PDF"

June 2014

Version 1.29
  • Fix update install case where transponder is running, service is not running

May 2014

Version 1.29
  • Changes required for IBM i 7.2

April 2014

Version 1.28
  • Version number incremented; no fixes

December 2013

Version 1.27
  • No password required, option to run as Agent's User
  • Added security option for Agents, Agent Environment, SQL Server, and FTP Server

October 2013

Version 1.26
  • Enhanced the RUNAGTCMD by adding the agent name to the agent log, completion history and the audit log entry

June 2013

Version 1.24
  • New option to Display Job Exec Log and find it
  • Agt & Transp were changing Local System User back
  • Several issues with orphaned AGENTLOG
  • CVTSPLF errors when prompting in GUI

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