Robot Space

August 2023

Version 3.51

August 11, 2023

  • TLSv1.3 is now supported.

  • 'Unprotected Storage' is now referred to as 'Temporary Storage' per IBM change.

  • Updated license agreement.

  • CUME C2125740 or PTF SI76775 required for systems on IBM i 7.4 and Robot Space 3.51.

  • Fixed issue with connections.xml periodically getting deleted

  • Fixed issue with GUI panel sizing.

  • Fixed issue with SPC426 Member Collection Report failing with RNQ0103.

  • Fixed issue with GUI not showing available update.

  • Fixed issue with SPC1531P report incorrectly reporting 'Reuse Deleted Records' as *NO.

August 2022

Version 3.50

August 1, 2022

  • Updated to log4j 2.17.1 to resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed issue with error MCH1210 'Receiver value too small' when running a collection.

  • Fixed issue with corrupted GUI screen.

August 2021

Version 3.49

August 24, 2021

  • *ALLAVL for storage audit correctly sets ASP group.

  • Fixed issue with Collection Summary graph history opening in small window.
  • Updated license agreement.
  • Windows GUI enhanced with JRE/JVM that is AdoptOpenJDK.

June 2020

Version 3.48

June 29, 2020

  • Reorganize file data while active is now an available storage audit task.
  • Fixed issue with RobotSpace.exe containing unsigned and expired certificate.

March 2020

Version 3.47

March 31, 2020

  • Fixed issue with Job Temporary Storage Monitor not using job exceptions.
  • Fixed issue with Compare Library Report receiving error MCH1210.
  • Fixed issue with Collection failing with duplicate key errors on SPCLO logical files.
  • Fixed issue with AGEIFS Audit not removing files that contain embedded apostrophes.
  • Improved GUI fonts to match Robot product GUI standards.

January 2020

Version 3.46

January 16, 2020

  • Compatible with IBM i 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4.
  • Fixed issue with IFS reports API returning false data.
  • Fixed issue with History Purge receiving error CPF5032 - member already locked to this job.

June 2019

Version 3.45
  • Enhanced secure handshake with TLSv1.2.

March 2019

Version 3.44
  • There was an issue with the purge process orphaning records, but this has now been fixed.
  • SPC426 (Member Collection Statistic) has been enhanced to show summary data like the Space Member Explorer.
  • The size displayed in the following reports has been changed from Kilobytes(K) to Megabytes(MB):
    • SPC415 - Library Report

    • SPC416 - IFS Report

    • SPC421 - System Health Report

    • SPC425 - Compare reports

    • SPC426 - Member Report

  • Fixed some typos in date patterns.
  • The Connection Properties List table was not updating the Certificate Expiration Date when a new certificate was retrieved, but this has now been fixed.
  • Multiple values are now allowed in QALWOBJRST during install.

November 2018

Version 3.43
  • There was an issue with collection iASP objects being locked and not returning the correct ASP value, but this has now been fixed.
  • Security enhancements have been implemented.

August 2018

Version 3.42
  • An update has been made to the Robot Space GUI update process to prevent users from having to run the Space GUI in Administrator mode when updating the GUI from an IBM i server.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain graphing functions to error.

June 2018

Version 3.41
New Features
  • Users can now create a secure connection between the IBM i system and the Robot Space GUI within Connection Properties.
Other Updates
  • The create date (CRTDATE()) has been added as a parameter to command DLTSPLF to mitigate a potential issue within the Age Output Queue.

September 2017

Version 3.40
  • In event thresholds, the 'Size is over' field was changed to allow for the selection of a data size.
  • A new event threshold was added to check for 'Records over'.

August 2016

Version 3.38
  • Minor cosmetic changes were made to the Robot Space GUI.

June 2016

Version 3.37
  • Our license agreement has been updated.

  • Journals in Robot Space can now be deleted if they’re in an ASP group.

September 2015

Version 3.34
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255
  • An issue was fixed where incorrect monitor threshold messages were received after the threshold value was changed

April 2015

Version 3.33
  • In the Robot SPACE Explorer, the record count for very large files now displays correctly

September 2014

Version 3.32
  • Updated the license agreement

August 2013

Version 3.31
  • Add ability to not require average of a given number of collections when determining file growth
  • AGEIFS was not included in the Audit setup report
  • Space file reorg estimate task wasn’t handling files with variable length fields correctly
  • Errors with “Compare IFS directory” report when directory has trailing blanks
  • Changed guided setup to use SPACE not SPC for application name in scheduling of jobs

June 2013

Version 3.30
  • Allow journal receiver audit to delete regardless of saved status

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