August 2021

Version: R10M45

August 23, 2021

  • LOADXREF failed with a CPF3311 on a RTVJOBD process because the spooled file contained DSCS Capable (Y).

July 2019

Version R10M44
  • LOADXREF gives SQL0305 Indicator variable required, RNX0115 Length of varying length variable is out of range doing SQL object analysis.
  • LOADJOBSCD PRDID(*JOBSCDE) DTASET(*FIRST) and the logged excessiveRNQ0202 errors on various Abstract programs.
  • SQL with quoted field name causes QRY2301 during LOADXREF.

November 2018

Version R10M43

No updates for this version.

June 2018

Version R10M42
  • Analysis of free-form RPG has been change to handle free form without free form markers like /free.
  • The LOADXREF encounters the following error MCH4429 automatic storage overflow when we were processing a long procedure name (one that ended with ...) and reached the end of file.

February 2018

Version R10M41
  • WRKPROCU displays error: ‘RNQ1255 on page up or down after abp0006 No objects match’ message.

April 2017

Version R10M40

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • Numerous MCH3402 errors are generated while analyzing a very large number of objects resulting in the creation of hundreds of spooled job logs, each of considerable size. This is causes the cross-reference load process to perform poorly and even hang in some cases.

October 2016

Version R10M39

No updates for this version.

February 2016

Version R10M38
  • LOADXREF gives MCH0603 error in PARSESQL analyzing a complex *QMQRY.
  • FNDSTR limit of 9,999 members has been increased.
  • LOADXREF fails with MCH1210 and MCH3601 on SCANCLP

July 2015

Version R10M37

The following updates are included in this version:

  • WRKFLDGU displays message, ‘MCH0601 unmonitored by DBF002’.
  • LOADXREF joblog lists erroneous DOC9010 message with blank file name. We are incorrectly logging EDS (External Data Structure) reference when the source has no Ext name.
  • Running the RCRTDBR over a file with a trigger program caused the program to be removed.

The following enhancements are included in thiis version:

  • SEQUEL Script Views commands will now be analyzed.
  • Commands in the option file have been updated to work with all SEQUEL object types.

January 2015

Version R10M36

The following updates are included in this version:

  • New Version

June 2014

Version R10M35

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Issue resolved where RCRTRPGPGM did not compile when GENLVL parameter is set to 21.
  • Issue resolved where ABSTRACT was recompiling programs that used "blank" file name when it should have been ignoring those programs.
  • When loading the Robot Job Descriptions in Abstract, the following error is received: ‘Robot error message RNQ0202 *INQ "The call to PARSESQL ended in error’.
  • When a program has been analyzed and recorded in our xref database and then the program object is deleted, RCRTPGMR compiles the missing program using the wrong source member.
  • RCRTDBR does not preserve journalling attribute.
  • During source analysis in XREF load, receiving the following error:’Processing source for LEVYSRC/QCLSRC SQLSETRU2C A character representation of a numeric value is in error Function check RNX0105 - unmonitored by SCANRSS at statement 000000233/.

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • Support for IBM Rational Development for i (RDI) 9.x

July 2013

Version R10M34

The following update is included in this version:

  • During the cross reference load, LOADQRY, received error RNQ0103: 'Target for numeric operation too small to hold the result’ when the library had more than 9,999 Queries.

The following updates are included in this version:

  • A program utilizes a particular file/field in Free Form SQL. Program to Field relationship is not reflected in Abstract.
  • Analyzing general free format RPG (not SQL) with a blank line in the code was not loaded correctly.

December 2012

Version R10M32

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • Authorization code support added for Live Partition Mobility.

The following fixes are included in this version:

  • ANZFILE is fixed to show DECFLOAT and Vargraphic field lengths correctly.
  • The LOADXREF process to analyze SQL that included “WITH NC” on a DELETE command was ignored.
  • Running option 64 (String Scan) over *All libraries, results in the following error RPG0121 ‘The SCANNER 99999999 array index is not valid’. Limit increased to 9,999.
  • WRKPROCU on some procedures produces an error ABP0305 'Long Field Name Not Found or Invalid'.

May 2012

Version R10M29

The following fixes are included in this version:

  • Doing LOADQRY of some queries gave RNQ0103 ‘The target for a numeric operation is too small to hold the result’.
  • Improved messages during LOADXREF when an SQL statement that exceeds our maximum length is encountered.

The following enhancements is included in this version:

  • Add right-click support to the ‘Find String’ action in ABSTRACT RDP for *MSGF object types – previously it only worked with *SOURCE object types.


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