Sequel Web Interface

June 2024

Version: R10M37

June 10, 2024

  • When exporting to Excel from a CRO Report in Sequel Web Server (SWS), a new option is now available to Export Data Only. This option is useful where the CRO report contains many columns.
  • Security updates have been made to the Apache and Tomcat web servers used in Sequel Web Interface.

November 2023

Version: R10M36

November 19, 2023

  • Bar charts in a dashboard displayed in the Sequel Web Interface now show labels above the bars, where applicable.

  • The retention period for Catalina logs generated by Sequel Web Server has been changed to 7 days.

  • A fix has been made to handle date variables correctly in views displayed in Sequel Web Server when running in Repository mode.

  • Security updates have been made to the Apache and Tomcat web servers used in Sequel Web Interface.

  • Sequel Web Server has been enhanced to support TLS 1.2 configuration to secure all endpoints.

August 2023

Version: R10M35

August 15, 2023

  • A fix was made for dashboards when run in SWI where the background color would display with the background color of the last action button added to the dashboard

  • Apache HTTP has been upgraded to 2.4.57 and Tomcat has been upgraded to 9.0.75 to aid in vulnerability mitigation

  • Fixed an issue in SWI where a view with multiple variables with DBLISTS and filters failed to show selection dropdowns.

  • A fix was made to correct a problem with variables using an integrity test referencing another variable in lower case when run in SWI.

  • Prompted view with null-capable variable sometimes failed to display results in SWS and SWI if value was blank

  • A fix was made for install of SWI, if there is a user defined program for SWISTART it will not get overlayed with the shipping program

  • A fix was made to prevent Dashboard charts from incorrectly duplicating data

  • When editing an existing SWS Repository mode credential, the password entry field was previously empty. It now shows a masked password to indicate that the password exists.

September 2022

Version: R10M34

September 13, 2022

  • The Sequel Web Server has been upgraded to Tomcat 9.0.65 and Apache 2.4.54.
  • From SWI, view with DBLIST with a File is not sorting records in drop down as expected when a Description field is used.
  • DBLIST values not sorted correctly when specifying a View and a description field.
  • A fix was made for a View with a QSTRING variable with a defined default value. Qstring default values are saved with double quotes, even if you enter it with single quotes. When run in SWI, the setvar value shows as ' "IL" '. That appears to cause it to error out. When choosing a value from the variables Value list which are entered with single quotes, the setvar shows as ' ' 'IL' ' ' and the process works
  • Scripts erroneously quote *ALL in the SETVAR parameter, i.e. SETVAR((&VAR '''*ALL''')), when run from SWI. It appears 0 are returned records but the error CPD0078 'Value ' ' for parameter DTAARA not a valid name' appears in log.
  • Double byte characters are displayed incorrectly from browser when the field used field which contains both US English and Chinese characters.

  • A fix has been made for Dashboards run from SWI Explorer and SWS Host which can display charts incorrectly where chart2 will display the same as chart1.
  • SWI attempted to use the TITLE parameter rather than the SUBJECT parameter when creating the SQJCRO command when attempting to e-mail the output.

January 2022

Version: R10M33

January 6, 2022

Sequel Web Server 2.9
  • Fixed issue where if after SWS 2.8 was upgrade e-mail notifications for scheduled Web Service Jobs were not being sent.

  • SWS Timestamp of Noon is saved to Excel as 00:00, but is displayed correctly as 12:00 in browser.

August 2021

Version: R10M33

August 23, 2021

  • If a view in a Dashboard returns no records, a message displays stating "No Records" Also, digital gauges no longer just show an empty box, they now show 0.00

  • From Classic SWI or using a URL, prompted views with filters are supported.

  • Sequel Web Server:
    • From SWI, a variable that is filtered on another variable is now supported when run in SWS Repository mode.

  • From SWI, a Drill Down using an IN comparison to select multiple records erroneously returned no records.

  • Calendar does not appear for some Date variables when the date format of the view is *ISO and date separator of "/" from classic SWI.

  • When the second variable has a filter based on variable 1 and the filter has an expression using parenthesis, the second variable was not parsed out properly which de-activated the drop down process.

  • When a *LOCALSYS/*SERVER view with GROUP BY and a quoted field names with spaces such as "Last Year", Re-group or Show Details it would cause an error.

  • Show Details will fail if a record in the output had a blank value.

  • Script View from SWI not handling DBLIST variable values and *ALL at the same time.

  • Script views with prompts will buffer results. This will allow a quick return of records to the browser. This reverts a change previously done in 10.20.

  • Drill Down Application with a Script View with a DBLIST fails CPD0020 character not valid following string.

  • A fix was made to reflect centered text properly in a text box on a dashboard. Previously when displayed in SWI the text was left justified

  • Dynamic Drill Down From SWI Explorer from a Script View using GROUP BY could returns no records.

  • In Repository Mode, Email setting options have been increased from a length of 35 to 256.

  • From SWI, Drill-down with a *LOCALSYS *SERVER view and variables can cause ambiguous references

  • Sequel Web Server:
    • Running a Client Table from SWS that contained field names with a # character, caused an 'Unspecified error has ocurred'.

    • In SWS Repository Mode, Using a pound sign (#) in the name of a PC file is now allowed.

    • The Sequel Web Server install now allows for a choice in for the SQLServer JDBC driver.

    • In SWS Repository mode, a DBLIST using a JDE field only showed the codes and not the descriptioins.

    • SWS Repository Mode a DBLIST using a JDE datasource with a UDC field, did not populate the list.

    • In SWS Repository Mode, creating an Excel file from results inserts a blank column A in some instances when using the ViewPoint Universal Driver and a GROUP BY clause.

    • DBList list not populated in SWS Repository Mode if source view uses datasource of JDE and the description is a UDC field.

    • In SWS Repository Mode, when using the ViewPoint Universal Driver (JDE or ADS) with a view using *ALL for variable selection and totals in results, a blank tab was returned.

    • SWS Repository Mode display results or output to Excel - long character field is blank when line feeds or carriage returns exist in the data.

    • In SWS Repository Mode, Totals are missing, even though they are defined properly in Viewpoint.

    • From Repository Mode, when a view contained fields with the same Alias Name, even from different files, data in the columns would repeat and column headings would be out of line.

    • Illegal group reference error in SWS browser when prompted variable value contains a dollar sign.

June 2020

Version: R10M32

June 29, 2020

  • The location of the JDE Data Source files has been modified to allow support of multiple JDE E1 version including 9.1 and 9.2.

  • In SWS Repository Mode from view results, add 'Copy Cell' ability.

  • In both Host and Repository Mode connections, the Graph Background and Legend background colors is honored. However, the following background properties are not supported because FusionCharts does not support it:

    • Graph Title background

    • Bottom Title background

    • Left Title background

    • Right Title background

  • In both Host and Repository Mode connection, the font and colors in a dashboard will be more consistent with how they were designed in Viewpoint.

  • Updated to latest Apache version (2.4.43) to address any known vulnerabilities.

  • Updated to latest Tomcat version to address any known vulnerabilities.

  • SWS Repository mode DBLIST drop down of view with data on iAsp will show list of values.

  • Using a SWS connection Excel output will save dates as date fields and not General format.

  • In SWS Repository mode a Host Report using a QSTRING variable did not run due to a conflict with the quotes.

  • SWS Repository mode data source definitions for JDE or ADS will now allow more than one library in the library list.

  • Changes to Graph axis label controls on a dashboard were not reflected SWI.

  • In some instances, from SWI Explorer, a dashboard would display the message: "Dashboard <library/dashboard> is not a valid Sequel Dashboard".

July 2019

Version R10M31
  • From a Web Service Job, the subject line can be modified to apply to the notification for results.
  • All individual prompt field windows will expand when the prompt window is expanded, enabling the entire value to be viewed without scrolling. This is especially helpful when the variable value is greater than 30 positions.
  • In SWS Repository mode, the new/edit data source TEST button should prompt for JDE Environment if data source is a JDE type.
  • In SWS Host and Repository modes, an Integrity test on a variable conditioned on another variable (filter) is now allowed.
  • Web Service jobs will now to allow suppression of email if no output, and custom subject line.
  • WebService Job Properties will now display datasource name.
  • For SWS authentication using Active Directory, there are two enhancements:
    • Prevent looping when groups are found to be members of other groups in Active Directory.
    • Added a setting to the Authenticator definition that would allow the customer to disable group profile checking in Active Directory.
  • Web Service Jobs will now use Credentials instead of User ID and Password.
  • SWS Repository connections running a CRO report now support replacing *ALL with the values used in the report heading.
  • SWS request not properly translation Sequel 'Contains' function to the SQL 'Like' function.
  • In SWS Repository mode a Dashboard with action buttons gave 'Error while getting and reading.vpt file’ when path had a space.
  • In SWS Host and Repository modes a Script View was not buffering results correctly and looped in the records returned.
  • From SWI, View Output containing CR/LF characters not displaying properly from SWI.
  • From a SWS connection a *LOCALSYS view did not support a subquery on JOIN clause.
  • In SWS host mode or repository mode, using an action button on a dashboard to get view results then from there the 'save results, 'Print Results' 'Email Results' failed with error 'Unknown Host'.
  • Dashboard SWS Repository mode the text in a Text Box does not center, it is left justified.
  • In SWS host and repository mode the following edit word for a 4 digit number was not applied correctly on a *localsys syntax(*server) view: /*<S- EDTWRD('0 : ')-S>*/
  • In SWS Host and Repository modes, the view with an edit work like EDTWRD("0 / ")when run from a script view did not properly apply the edit word.
  • In SWS Host or Repository mode, in a Turkish environment when QZDASOINIT job has ccsid error ‘GETTING OBJECT DEFINITION Unspecified error occurred. Error message: Unterminated object at line 1 column 86 occurred.
  • Continuous running dashboard thru SWI, eventually errors with MCH6903.

November 2018

Version R10M30
  • In SWS Repository Mode when copying a repository object, restrictions set explicitly on the object will be duplicated.
  • In SWS Repository mode a search function has been added to the Explorer tab with will also search across sub-folders.
  • SWS Repository logging has been improved to: 1. Prompt for to download the zip file. 2. Apply a timestamp to the zip file. 3. Include the JDE log when applicable.
  • In SWS Repository mode a Repository folder can be set as a Favorite.
  • In Repository Mode, multi-select of objects (not including jobs) is allowed.
  • Improved SWS Host import utility now includes url templates and default driver settings

  • Tomcat used for SWS connections has been updgraded from version 7 to version 9.
  • In both SWI and SWS when the results are buffered, the page description will not include the total number of records.
  • Certain complex views would not display any custom headings when run from SWS. This has now been corrected.
  • Several open source components used in SWI and SW have been updated to the latest versions to address both defects and potential security concerns in the earlier versions.
  • A dashboard with multiple views with the same variable name that is saved with results gives error RNP8014 Value for variable &VARNaM exceeds the defined length of x.
  • In SWS Repository Mode, results did not support a blank column heading.
  • SWS Repository mode creates XLSX output with inappropriately sized columns and poorly formatted column headings in some instances.
  • SWS Repository mode Client Tables over JDE connections failed.
  • SWS fails to pass blank value with Values List integrity test like values('I', 'AM',' ' ).
  • SWS Repsository Mode grouping views gave error Invalid object name "SEQUEL.VPTDYNFLTR' using Dynamic Drill Down.
  • From SWS Repository mode, user see spinning wheel when trying to access folder in Repository that IFS security excludes them.
  • Web Service job password stored in plain text ONLY when job imported from a host job.
  • SWI and SWS host and repository modes fail to display calendar on date prompts for scripts and script views
  • SWS Host and Repository modes produce corrupt xlsx from view with subtotals
  • SWS Repository Mode Dashboard with Hide Border setting did not work.
  • From SWS Repository mode a dashboard with a view set to hide menu/tool bar never loads the data when run.
  • From Viewpoint, saving view results to physical file gives message 'Client request-run program *LIBL/VPTJMSG' when NetIQ is in use.
  • In both SWI and SWS results, the 10,000 row display limit has been removed.
  • In SWI and SWS, email subject line is now 80 positions.

June 2018

Version R10M29
  • Improved messages from SWS Repository Mode when an IBMi profile is disabled or password has expired.
  • In SWS Repository Mode, Dashboards will now support the following for action buttons:
    • Display view directly in a new window
    • Print to a PC printer
    • Create a PC file
    • Email the view results
  • In Repository Mode, when a dashboard is run, a file is created in the tmp directory on the IFS. The files will now be cleaned up.
  • In SWS Host and Repository Modes Client Tables will now support Ranking features including Rank Style, Rank On, and Sort Type.
  • A dashboard created for SWS Repository Mode will now allow action buttons that support display in a new window, print to a PC printer, create a PC file and email the results of a view.
  • A dashboard run in SWS Repository Mode will now clean-up the temporary files from the /tmp directory.
  • As dashboard run in SWS Repository mode did not show graphics.
  • In Repository Mode with a JDE connection and a variable using a DBLIST, will now show the corresponding UDC field values and not just showing the code field values.
  • In Repository Mode when running a view with a very large result set saving results to a PC file or e-mailing results with attachment, failed with error "An unknown error occurred on the request. Return status is 500."
  • In Repository Mode using JDE connection, if the UDC field was qualified like f03012." AIAC0401", would receive a column meta-data error.
  • In Repository Mode using Active Directory authentication, the Recent tab would time out for users with user id’s in all uppercase.
  • In Repository Mode with a JDE connection and a variable using a DBLIST, will now show the corresponding UDC field values and not just showing the code field values.
  • In Repository Mode with a JDE connection, custom column headings weren’t displayed when run from the browser.
  • In Repository Mode, views with a || for concatenation on JOIN clause gave Cannot Get Columns Metadata error.
  • In Repository Mode, views with a CONCAT(SUBSTR. Caused a query parsing error.
  • In Repository Mode, % sign (as used in the LIKE function) not handled properly on WHERE clause , or when entered in Prompt Variable.
  • In Repository Mode, a prompted value that passed a quote/apostrophe failed to run.
  • In Repository Mode, datasource connection that contained trailing spaces caused a connection error.
  • In SWS Repository Mode, requests are run in Native SQL so UNIQUEKEY is not supported and a message has been added to that effect.
  • In both SWI and SWS (Host and Repository) connection, Dashboards containing over 140 action buttons and text boxes did not return all results. Now results are buffered so all objects will be returned.
  • In SWI and SWS connections, if a Host Table produced an error, running the Host Table again ended with an OPNID error.
  • A SWI connection DBlist variable dependent on another variable causes QRY2302 Identifier follows proper SQL statement.
  • In a Dashboard (SW and SWS connections) a Radial Gauge with an edited label ignored the value on the last label.

February 2018

Version R10M28
  • Sequel Web Server now defaults to 64 bit and requires a 64 bit server.
  • For Client Reports run in SWS, whenever data returned by the query contained an embedded double quote character (e.g. the inches notation ") the report would fail with the error: SQL0104-Token 2086 was not valid. Valid tokens: FOR USE SKIP WAIT WITH FETCH LIMIT ORDER UNION EXCEPT OFFSET.
  • In Repository Mode:
    • When using a JDE datasource, customized column headings did not appear.
    • View with a nested CONCAT statement, like CONCAT(CONCAT(RTRIM(FIRSTNAME), ' ') LASTNAME) caused an unspecified error.
    • Views using SERVER syntax with a JOINed file specification followed by a comma and more file specifications gave an unspecified error.
    • Repository restriction for type *all and Principal *all does not block access.
    • The arrow buttons on the Manage Credential Windows have been reversed so they are more logical.
    • Repository objects now support a CRO report that begins with a # character.

December 2017

Version R10M27

This December 2017 release did not increment the version number from the previous release.

  • In Host Mode, the Recent tab was increased to an unlimited number of records.
  • Sub-totals in view results may not be accurate in rare instances.
  • Improved QZDASOINIT job management with a resource cleaner.
  • In Host Mode:
    • The Manage Repositories option as been removed as this mode supports only one repository so a manage option is not needed.
  • In Repository Mode:
    • The Showcase DATA function gave error "Sequel query parsing exception. Cannot get columns metadata for query” when the function was not library qualified.
    • Manually entered column headings in the SELECT clause of the view did not display.
    • Using folder security, if a user was not authorized to a folder, the user would also not see folders he/she should.
    • Using JDE World A9.3 when the user the has a single role defined in JDE, the connection fails.
    • JDE World profiles without *ALLOBJ authority, failed to run views.
    • The method for authentication now establishes the connection immediately instead of using a lock/unlock mechanism in a callback request.
    • The column of created dates displays each date as:
      0NaN-NaN-NaN in some instances.
    • When view or report results are displayed, a toolbar for save, print, email, properties, create chart and subtotals should be visible. IE has been reported to render these buttons using the same color as the background, making the buttons invisible.
    • Local datasource connections were not observed, this was noticeable because the library list parameter of the datasource was not detected.
  • Web Server Jobs that were migrated that should end in a FAILED status end as Completed and incorrectly create an output file.
  • Web Server jobs used the wrong command for Script Views.

October 2017

Version R10M27
  • Runtime variables with multi-select values list integrity check in views or script were not working in neither SWI nor SWS connections.
  • Custom format setting on a value in a radial gauge does not display with SWI or SWS connections.
  • Using a Classic SWI connection, IN variable list with character values using single quotes only passes the first value; others are ignored.
  • DBLIST value that uses a view with data in specific order does not display the list values in the correct order as defined by the view in both SWI and SWS connections.
  • In SWS, dynamic drill down/show details is not filtering the records correctly based on record chosen when the GROUP BY clause contains ambiguous fields (when the same field name can be in more than one file).
  • Dynamic Drill down show details on LOCALSYS view with WHERE clause fails in SWI and SWS when the QSTRING variable has a default value and the default value is chosen for the drill down value.
  • Scripts and Script Views not passing correct quoted values in SETVAR when run from SWI or SWS connections.
  • SWI and SWS fail to email prompted CRO reports because an invalid RUNRMTCMD that includes parameters TITLE and RECIPIENT was built.
  • In Repository mode:
    • Users without *ALLOBJ authority could run CRO reports.
    • Using a JDE datasource with an unqualified (*LIBL) file on the FROM clause displays a NULL error.
    • Using a file on the FROM with *LIBL for the library generates the error ‘bad SQL grammar’.
    • When the DBLIST of a variables definition is used an unqualified file (*LIBL) generates the error ‘bad SQL grammar’.
    • Setting folder security by excluding all users by default, still allowed specific users are then unable to see it.
    • Print requests generate error 500.
    • Views don't show save sub-totals.
  • In a dashboard, any charts that are designed over a detail view, not summary/GROUP BY data, do not display in SWI Explorer or Classic.

April 2017

Version R10M26
  • When a user is restricted from an object or folder, they will no longer see the object or folder in the list.
  • Unwanted folders can now be removed from the Repository tree provided user is authorized.
  • A dashboard containing a view with subtotals and the tool bar is hidden did not complete running.
  • Negative values in a client table do not graph in using a SWS connection.
  • Using a SWS connection, file locks and license locks are not released with buffered results (greater than 100 records returned).
  • Using both a SWI and SWS connection, the DB List box of a variable will not be entry capable.
  • Views using Database *LOCAL or *LOCALSYS with a variable with DB Lists that display a field value, and pass that same value to the view did not display the list of values.
  • Using a SWI connection, Dynamic Regrouping and including derived field generates a syntax error.
  • Running a host table with either a SWI or SWS connection, and with Sequel Auditing turned on, scrolling down past 100 records, would cause the buffering to freeze.
  • Saving results to .xlsx from a view that returns results containing a null value, Excel will not open the resulting file, instead issuing the message: ‘File format or file extension is not valid’ when running a repository object from SWS.
  • When emailing host report results from SWI, either after results are displayed, or directly from the SWI explorer screen, the user is prompted for variables and email, but then fails with error: Value '...' for TITLE exceeds 50 characters.
  • Digital Gauges do not refresh on a dashboard in SWI/SWS when the Reprompt option is chosen.
  • When defining an IBM host in SWS, the connection URL is now created to include ‘naming=system’.
  • Rare circumstances result in the following error when running a client table on a SWS server in Host mode: ‘PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar []; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException’.
  • Digital gauges on dashboard run in SWI or SWS only display for a single data window. Second data source gauges remain a value of zero.
  • In Chrome with a SWI connection, a blank page was rendered until F5 (to refresh) was pressed.

October 2016

Version R10M24
  • From Repository a .vptreport shortcut doing Save Results> Repo File>RTF creates corrupt file.
  • The presence of a slash ( \ ) at the end of any object description text prevents a list of objects including that view from being displayed.
  • Client Reports (SQLRPTC) and Client Tables (SQLTBLC) with a variable using a DBLIST with check(multi) did not properly quote the string.
  • Script View with a DBLIST, multi-select prompt variable not passing variable string correctly.
  • When the Dynamic Drill Down List file (SEQUEL/VPTDYNFLTR) contains a list of fields, only those fields are available for dynamic drilldown. If the file contains fields, but no fields that exist in the files that a grouping view references, then the option to view the complete list should appear in SWI, as it does in ViewPoint and SWS.
  • Reprompt of variable with DBLIST gave error.

April 2016

Version R10M23
  • Using a SWS connection, a variable with a Database List will now be supported for remote database views.
  • The repository now supports dashboard objects as .vptdash objects.
  • I/O Error. Broken Pipe when using remote database connection from SWI in some instances.
  • From a SWI connection, Email sent to a Distribution list is only sent to the first 2 recipients in the list.
  • Using SWI, Right click a CRO report or Display and then Click Download > RTF will now work.
  • When running Dynamic Drill Down ( Regroup / Show Details) on a view with SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) in SWI you get CPD4306 ‘field is not unique’ if picking a field name that is found in multiple files.
  • When using Regroup with a SWI connection, the HAVING clause should be removed but should remain when using Show Details.
  • Running a prompted view/report/table in SWI fails if prompt value has an apostrophe in it.
  • Within the repository additional shortcut types were created to distinguish between a Host Report (.vptreporth) and a Client Report (.vptreport), and Host Tables (.vpttableh) and Client Tables (.vpttablec), and Script (.vptscript) and Script Views (.vptscriptv).
  • Using a SWS connection to run a Client Table built over a ViewPoint Universal Driver connection (JDE or *ADS) is now supported.
  • In a SWS and SWI connection, download and email of a Client Report (CRO) now supported.
  • JD Edwards World A9.2 users unable to log in to SEQUEL Web Server, received error ‘Your connection has been expired. Please retry your action.’
  • JD Edwards World A9.3 users unable to log in to SEQUEL Web Server if only 1 Environment assigned to user.
  • SWS will now require ADMIN credentials to change host configurations.
  • Basic users cannot connect with SWI due to authorization to running the CHGCURLIB command
  • Prompt Variables with default values that include decimal amounts are rounded, and do not display the actual value saved with the view.
  • Drill Down Application with a hash symbol (#) in title of object, did not run.
  • From the SWI Explorer displaying of all results, including unbuffered like script views, will honor date sorting when the date style is MDY or DMY or USA or EUR.
  • From a dashboard, Reprompt All button does not display if the last variable has prompt text of *NOPROMPT.
  • When a variable is used for a multi-select DBLIST, the length of the variable will be honored so an unlimited number of values cannot be entered.
  • In Charting:
    • On a bar chart, x-axis labels are now supported to show values under the bar.
    • On a chart with many points, x axis lables can be set to show every nth value. When saved on a dashboard, this attribute is not retained.
    • Charts built over views with sub-totals in the results should not graph subtotals.
    • Bar Chart exported from display to PC file did not render correctly.
    • Right titles are now supported.

November 2015

Version R10M22

The following updates are included in this version:

  • View Subtotals are missing in SWS when Save to Repository is used.
  • SEQUEL Application from SWI or SWS, drill down causes a prompt screen to appear instead of automatically passing the required data to the "drill to" view with NAME or EXPR type variables.
  • When running an Application from SWI or SWS, the text above the Drill down results was coming from the description text defined in the View Definition.
  • Now the title uses the text defined on the Option File entry on the Drill down results.
  • Views with DB list prompt variables that display a value from one field, but pass a value from a different field to the view intermittently pass the description field instead of the value field to the view only on re-prompt.
  • When a dashboard is run from SWI or SWS, the order of the prompt variables appear in no particular order. This is most noticeable when the there are several sequential variables.
  • Using SWS, when a dashboard that has a DBList(s) is launched, the DBList(s) will only show the default value.
  • From SWS, running a Host Table (SQLTBLV) to Save Results/Download/PC file when no records were selected did not send message.
  • Variable with Values List with double quoted values does not pass integrity check when run in SWI.
  • For SWI and SWS, using Right click/Save Results/Download to a PC file on a Host Table that returned no records did not produce a PDF file with the No Records Returned message.
  • Emailing results from a SQLRPTC (CRO) file in SWS sends file with temporary name.
  • Running a view in SWI/SWS, and highlighting some values in a column to see the Total at the bottom right, if there are any negative values highlighted, they are not included in the Total, and they are treated as zero.
  • In a Client Table, a calculation that is based on other calculated columns could show incorrect results in SWS.
  • SWS shows no implied drill option based on options in file with like variable names.
  • When a Client Table with column totals suppressed via Format>Layout> Then Click each of the 'Row' fields and uncheck show footer, is displayed in SWS, the column totals were still visible and in fact are the only level to show initially.
  • From SWS, a Client Table that was designed to have fields with the " visible " box unchecked in Format>Layout>Fields tab so that the field isn't displayed in the results, but the field is available to be used in other calculated fields, was displayed.
  • Client Report should have option for xls when downloading to a pc file.
  • From SWS running a .vptview from the repository and using Dynamic Drill Down options of Regroup or Drill Down gives error ‘object in QRECOVERY not found’.


  • Single quotes in Action Button Text display as 2 single quotes.
  • A chart with an apostrophe in the Title will not display in SWI/SWS.
  • Embedded Excel spreadsheet did not open if using Excel 2013.
  • Made chart titles consistent between SWS and Viewpoint. For instance, in SWS the chart title is {‘Total A/R’ by ‘Sales Region’} but Viewpoint used {Total A/R by Sales Region}.
  • Added support to keep legend on the left side is that’s how it was created in Viewpoint.
  • Bottom legend customized to show every other or every third in VP does not translate to SWI/SWS - all legend info is shown.
  • Trends "Limit lines" and "mean/avg lines" are missing in Line charts
  • Edited – customer legend (labels) not visible.
  • Chart colors changed to match Viewpoint more closely.
  • Line graphs improved to:
    • Show line and not small circles
    • The range defined in the graph is not used - instead it uses a default range (0 - 100) and, depending on the data, can render the graph useless.
    • When a line is displayed, it is too pale, and should be more prominent as in Viewpoint.
  • The graph window title bar is missing in SWS
  • Gauges are showing different value ranges between VP and SWI; range steps are no longer in specified increments.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • Properties of a view can be restricted by user.
  • Support for prompting of JDE Environment and Role when using the Viewpoint Universal Driver (JDE Driver) and running views and reports from SEQUEL Web Server.
  • SWIOPEN COLSET parameter length increased from 315 to 512 positons to accommodate longer URL strings being passed.
  • Apache version upgraded to 2.2.29.
  • Implement local variables for Skybot to avoid collision errors when we have several jobs that want to use a variable named &CUSTID for example. With private Skybot variables we could set the CUSTID variable for every job and avoid these collisions. This would also simplify our current prompting scheme, and allow for cleaner web service URLs and variable names.
  • In SWS, limitation of 800 for variables using a DBLIST was removed.
  • SWI/SWS increased email address book drop-down to more than 1500 entries.
  • A Drill Down application that uses an option file where some runtime variables are set to hard coded values fails to pass any values when run in SWI and SWS.
  • SWI/SWS fails to process command in Drill Down options when the command is qualified with a library name.

May 2015

Version R10M21

The following updates are included in this version:

  • User defined title in graph from dashboard not used.
  • Dashboards run with zero values for the speedometer or thermometer values were not displayed.
  • From a dashboard, line graphs were rendered with the wrong series order.
  • Dynamic Drill Down (drill from a GROUP BY view) does not honor 'Dynamic Drill Down List' defined in the Viewpoint Administrator.
  • Dashboard overlaps when using Zooming in or out from Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • From SWS a value with an apostrophe passed to a prompted view would cause the request to fail.
  • Action buttons from a dashboard did not work when DSPNETA had a different name than the system defined in in SWS.
  • Digital graph not rendering number represent time (HH:MM or HH:MM:SS) with an edit mask correctly.
  • SWI/SWS hangs when rending a gauge created with a blank custom mask.
  • On a dashboard, a text box that contains a single quotes displayed as two single quotes.
  • From a host tables the Download to a PC file in PDF option, both save and open, rendered message that the file could not be opened.
  • From SWS, a SQLIVEWM (with SERVER other than SEQUEL) did not show sub-totals if they were saved with the view.
  • In a dashboard, a radial gauge had the maximum value ignored and the actual gauged cell value became the maximum and the gauge displays maxed out.
  • In a dashboard, and Action Button running a command string for a prompted view with SETVAR should not prompt.
  • Client Tables from SWS with calculated fields without a specific derived field name will not longer end in a ‘Mondrian Error:Internal error’.
  • User based license was not released when view is reprompted and run again from Auto-Prompt window.
  • Multiple fixes for passing prompted values with quotes.
  • Dashboard bar chart not using column/series order the same way as Viewpoint when user changed graph defaults.
  • Skybot Integration:
    • When creating a Skybot job around a Client Report object, the drop down menu for the extension of the output file needs to allow for XLS files.
    • The output location of Skybot jobs in SWS should allow writing to UNC paths outside of the REPOSITORY.
    • Skybot settings button no longer visible when using unsecure URL.
  • Repository:
    • Expanding the repository and drilling into multiple levels of folders, then creating a job, returns you to the high level repository folder.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • File type xlsx added to the Save Results\Download to PC\Export to Excel option.
  • Creating a job from a view or a vptview the Output File parameter now has a type of HTML in the drop down.
  • Improved Navigation Pane that is completely collapsible.
  • Additional options added to Viewpoint Administrator for SWI Functions List control.

January 2015

Version R10M20

The following updates are included in this version:

  • On a grouping view chart, if you right click on a chart element, you do not get the Regroup/Show Details options using Internet Explorer.
  • The display spooled file by output queue function fails when the list contains a spooled file in OPN status with no data yet written to the spool file.
  • Better message on the Delete option of an object.
  • Client Table with DATE variable when run from SWS ends in error.
  • Union view with a DBLIST run from SWI fails to build filter list.
  • Variable with a DBLIST and a Filter does not activate the OK button when a value is chosen when run from SWI.
  • Pie chart created over a single row of data produces incorrect Legend values.
  • Entering in multiple character values for a variable in an IN test only returns records for the first value when using *LOCALSYS.
  • Dashboard with a horizontal gauge will not display.
  • Right click on a summary level chart does not give the options to Regroup or Show Details.
  • Script view that processes more than 100 records will create a lock on the files and prevent scrolling past 100 records.
  • DBLIST multiselect with Default of *OMIT, cannot uncheck the default, which also prevents you from making selections.
  • In Right click/Properties, some character combinations are getting translated incorrectly. For instance, &regon is being translated to @ON.
  • *LOCALSYS view with an Edit Word for a trailing % causes JSON error in SWI.
  • SWS gives error running any view on a French (qccsid 297) or German (qccsid 1141).
  • When the first view in an application is a prompted view, SWI fails to use the drill down file associated with the application.
  • In both SWS and SWI, when ctrl + has enlarged font size, running some queries results in half empty page results.
  • Running a view with a number type variable cannot pass a zero value unless the default value is set to 0 in the variable definition.
  • SWS not using default option file member in Classic mode.
  • SWI and SWS jobs not pulling default variable value for *USER only when running CRO or Client Tables.
  • Dashboards not always rendering Excel spreadsheets in IE.
  • Blanks are stripped from variable when variable uses a multi-select.
  • Running a view in Classic mode (from a URL string) with a *NOPROMPT text value and databind=A, did not pass variables correctly.

April 2014

Version R10M18

The following updates are included in this version:

  • In Classic mode, action buttons (in a dashboard) with long text strings that wrap to multiple lines, truncate the text.
  • The dynamic drill down Show Details option from a grouping view gave an error in rare instances dependent on the data.
  • Views using DBLIST with a multi-select and a Default Value of *ALL render the *ALL as grayed out and a blank is passed instead of *ALL.
  • Based on certain and rare PC Browser versions and network configurations, items are being cached and causing the process of serving SEQUEL objects as an empty window.
  • The host job and SEQUEL license remain active (with files open) for views that return more than 100 records, and a scenario where one does not scroll to the end of the data, and instead of closing the view display tab, the entire browser is closed completely.
  • CRO reports in SWI are rendered as HTML pages and not PDF documents as configured in SWIVPDFT.
  • A dashboard containing a SEQUEL Application (SQLAPP) with a related chart shows a blank chart when run in SWI.
  • Dashboard with prompted view designed to save the value and not prompt, still prompts in SWI.
  • Dashboard with single maximized graph will not display in SWI.
  • Dashboard containing an Application designed over host tables with gauges, cause the gauges to display as empty.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • Type a value in a DBLIST prompt box positions you to a value in the list.
  • Email drop-down lists allows for multiple selections creates a semicolon-separated list with the selected values.
  • SEQUEL views and graph objects in dashboards designed to hide borders and menus are supported in SWI.

October 2013

Version R10M17

The following updates are included in this version:

  • In some instances an initial request to use SERVER(*LOCALSYS), caused subsequent requests to result in a spinning loading screen or a completely white screen.
  • From SWI Explorer, running an Application that uses a summarized view (GROUP BY), the Dynamic Drill Down options caused syntax errors
  • Using a DBLIST with a filter corrupted the first *OMIT value from the list.

August 2013

Version R10M16

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Right Click Regroup/Show Details is not working on some specific views when created over files with hundreds of fields. Received error 'f.drillDownFields.from.length' is null or not an object.
  • From the Explorer, a Dashboard with AutoRun button hangs waiting to display other view results.
  • Prompting Issues Fixed:
    1. From Classic with databind=A and a variable with a DBLIST with default value cause the re-prompt options to displays outside the window.
    2. Variables with a Default Value using VIEW or SQL were not working.
    3. From Classic with databind=A the drop down list failed to populate when the DBLIST field value contained a single quote.
    4. When running a prompted view from SWI, if the prompt field has an integrity test of CHECK(UC) , blanks cannot be entered (within other characters).
    5. Variable using DBLIST with a hard coded filter on a character field does not parse properly in SWI.
  • Choosing Properties on a Script View in SWI produces an error window
  • Numeric fields with leading negative signs also including the commas, when displayed any values starting in the 3rd or 6th position with a leading comma (-,543.21)
  • It appears that due to browser caching, running dashborads with gauges more than once causes the gauges to not load at all.
  • From a Dashboard a Horizontal Bar graph (in Viewpoint) displays Vertically when run in SWI.
  • Views in a Dashboard set to auto refresh, stop refreshing if no records are returned.
  • Changes to gauges and text boxes on Dashboards to bring them more in line with appearance from Viewpoint.

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • The view/report/table description will show when the cursor hovers over the tab.

April 2013

Version R10M15

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Running host report, Client Report, host table, or Client Table over a runtime prompted views gives QRY2101 ‘VIEWNAME in library xyz is not a Sequel view object’.
  • Dynamic Drill Down options of Show Details or Regroup give error SCRIPT5007’ Unable to get value of the property 'length': object is null or undefined’ when the file(s) from the view contain many files with six hundred or more fields.

April 2013

Version R10M14

The following update is included in this version:

  • *STRICT authority was not enforced for Reports, Client Reports, and Client Tables.

January 2013

Version R10M13

The following updates are included in this version:

  • When the job’s decimal format (DECFMT) is I or J, a list of comma separated values on a SETVAR parameter requires a space after the comma.
  • A variable defined in a Script with the default value to *OMIT and *OMIT as a Special Value, prevented the prompt window of being input capable.
  • Re-prompting a graph from a dashboard when fewer records are returned from the initial request fails to load the graph.

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • Authorization code support added for Live Partition Mobility.

November 2012

Version R10M12

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Integrity Test of variable of not equal (<>) to blank was not working.
  • Integrity Test of DBLIST should sort values based on the Description field if one is specified.
  • In the Classic interface, a DATE variable with a Default Value of *ALL shows as blank in the prompt window and caused an ‘unexpected error’.
  • Date Type variables do not support *ALL or *OMIT when run from Explorer interface.
  • Default value of a variable that is a hard coded value using DBLIST and Multi-Select does not show value when prompted.
  • Variables using a DBLIST with a filter based on another variable now produce the proper drop down list values.
  • When SWIVPDFT has Output Type set to PDF, the email option from the results of CRO report is not visible from IE.
  • Drill Down from an Option File record gives CPD0078 ‘Value “ “ for parameter OBJ name not valid’ from Explorer interface and shows a list of the SEQUEL objects when run from Classic interface.
  • Refresh All on Dashboard does not update variable value in data grid title.
  • Dynamic Drill Down from chart or graph must include drill as label.
  • From Explorer interface using IE and OUTPUT type SWIVPDFT is set to *PDF, switching tabs from the output of a Client Reports and Client Tables corrupts the display.
  • In an Application, if the initial object is a prompted object, you cannot email results from that tab. No error message is produced, and no email is received.
  • The Explorer interface when viewed from an iPad truncates object names.
  • Download option from the Explorer interface does not reveal secondary menu of options such has text or pdf.
  • From the display of a Client Report when the Output Type of SWIVPDFT is *PDF, the Download and Properties options did not work.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • Support for DBLIST Integrity Test on a variable with a filter dependent on another variable was added to the Explorer interface.
  • Support for bring to front functionality in dashboards was added.

June 2012

Version R10M11

The following fixes are included in this version:

  • Dynamic Drill Down (Regroup and Show Details) returned the wrong records when the join type was something other than INNER.
  • SWI Explorer sets the Apache server job with the default library list if the list is specified in the User Preferences Library List. The library list returns to the original at the end of each call to the host.
  • From SWI with a job with an Italian CCSID, the email request ended in error EML0069 ‘Recipient is invalid’ because the @ sign was not translated correctly.

May 2012

Version R10M10

The following update was included in this version:

  • The product defaults have been enhanced to include a new value, HTML Base Timeout, that controls the number of seconds the browser will wait for requests to complete in the Explorer interface.

April 2012

Version R10M09

The following updates were included in this version:

  • The RUNRMTCMD used to run Client Tables and Client Reports from SWI failed when VPSERVER name had a dash ( - ).
  • When sorting columns over large SQL statements, could receive error CPD0074 Value 'SELECT ....'for MSG exceeds 3000 characters.
  • When working in Classic SWI, bringing up a list of spooled files where there is a spooled file over 9999 pages, created an error on the screen: 'An Unexpected Error has Occurred'

The following enhancement was added to this version:

December 2011

Version R10M08
  • The ESEND Address Book has been integrated into the SWI Explorer so e-mail addresses can be selected from a drop down menu.

The following updates were included in this version:

  • Emailing from the SEQUEL Web Interface Explorer resulted in an error when SWIVPDFT specifies a path other than //server/tmp for the target path.
  • Added validation in SWIXSLBLD to signal missing information.

The following enhancement was added to this version:

  • Graphics used in dashboards can be stored and accessed in the same location whether running from SWI or Viewpoint.

November 2011

Version R10M07

The following updates were included in this version:

  • From the SWI Explorer, added a Print Results option to allow scripts to print multiple view results in one document. Requires SEQUEL R10M17.
  • From the Classic interface with databind=A, sorting view results lost some rows (in rare instances).
  • From the SWI Explorer, Re-prompt on a remote database date prompt view changed the date format so no data was returned. Date prompts on remote database views will always use ISO format. Requires SEQUEL R10M17.
  • Dynamic Drill Down failed when SELECT fields qualified.
  • Dynamic Drill Down returned no records when server is SQL Server.
  • A dashboard run from the Classic interface with databind=N opened blank.
  • Customized Footers were not displaying from the Classic interface.
  • A character field containing embedded double quote caused a decode error.

The following enhancement was added to this version:

  • The Classic interface now supports Dynamic Drill Down.

September 2011

Version R10M06

The following updates were included in this version:

  • An e-mail request with a recipient address with a hyphen caused error CPF0104, Expression not allowed for parameter RECIPIENT.
  • When SWISETDFT Directory Listing Access was set to SELECTIVE and a wildcard (such as SEQU*) was used for the library name, the objects from the library were listed on the left-hand pane as if they were libraries.
  • When SWISETDFT Directory Listing Access was set to STRICT, dynamic drill down gave error, View QTEMP/xxx Directory Access not allowed.
  • A user exit program run via SWISTART changed the server job library list based on the JOBD selected by the current user. If the resulting library list excluded QTEMP, the SWI request failed and gave errors CPF1023, Data area SWIINIT exists in QTEMP, and C2M1601, Signal SIGABRT raised (abnormal termination).
  • SWVER gave error RNX0100, length or start position is out of range for the string operation, when the company name was between 38 and 40 positions.
  • In some instances, Host Reports on a Dashboard from SWI failed to appear and gave error, Default in

The following enhancement was added to this version:

  • The configuration process run during install will not change the library list of the QZHBHTTP *JOBD if SEQUEL, SEQUEL Web Interface, and ESEND exist in the system library list.

August 2011

Version R10M05

The following updates were included in this version:

  • From Classic SWI, running a Client Table or Client Report displayed in HTTP even though the call was from HTTPS (secure http).
  • Re-sorting on a field with a 10-position field name caused an Unexpected error.
  • Changed the TOSTMF parameter of the EXECUTE command so a string beginning with // is not assumed to be a remote database connection.

The following enhancements were added to this version:

  • SWI now always shows the job name/user/number when an error occurs.
  • Firebug logging is now available when the SWI Explorer runs from sequel/web/debug.html.

July 2011

Version R10M04

The following updates were included in this version:

  • Using Dynamic Drill Down from second-level to third-level gave QRY2303 error.
  • Reprompt option from View results of a runtime prompted view gave an unexpected error.
  • Prompt screen with numeric variable did not accept *ALL or *OMIT as a value.
  • A SEQUEL Web Interface permanent code was entered without error, but some users still received a product authorization error at the browser.
  • From a dashboard, selecting Refresh All caused an unexpected error.

The following enhancement was added to this version:

  • Improved performance when compiling object lists in the SEQUEL Web Interface Explorer.

June 2011

Version R10M03

The following updates were included in this version:

  • A table (SQLTBLV) that produced more than 100 rows gave error TBL7112.
  • Column Sorting was not sorting with more than 100 records.
  • Variable with # in its name caused an unexpected error when saving to a PC file.
  • Email option should restrict message text to a maximum of 1000 characters.
  • Variable with a DBLIST Integrity Test using a filter did not show values in the drop down list.
  • When a runtime prompted view in a dashboard returned more than 100 records, the SWI Explorer would hang.
  • Files used in a view run within a dashboard were not released.

The following enhancement was added to this version:

  • Added support for Excel .xlsx and .xmlxsl formats.

May 2011

Version R10M02

The following updates were included in this version:

  • *OMIT and *ALL were not showing as available options in a DBLIST drop down.
  • When the starting view of an application is a remote database view with a date prompt, the date prompt was not in *ISO format.
  • A remote database view with a DATE prompt used in a Dashboard prompted in *USA format, not *ISO, so no records are selected.
  • Returning a large number of rows, then closing the tab didn’t release a user-based license.
  • When the starting objects of an application was a host table (SQLTBLV) built over a runtime prompted view (SQLVIEWP or SQLVIEWMP), it did not prompt correctly.
  • From the SWI Explorer, using a runtime prompted view to create a physical file or a remote database table returned an error that the request failed even though the file was created.
  • From the SEQUEL Web Interface, Download View results to Excel showed numbers as negative, blank, or a box the first time it was downloaded (also requires SEQUEL R10M12).
  • When using the Dynamic Drill Down Show Detail, not all fields were included in the drill down result set.
  • About Window showed date, not RelMod for the SWI version
  • When a library or object name contained a # character, the name was truncated.
  • E-mailing a prompted report gave error CPD0043, Keyword TEXT not valid for this command.
  • Charts over views where the first column was numeric skipped columns and corrupted the legend.
  • Corrected an override problem with RPG III TIME opcode.

The following enhancements were added to this version:

  • When displaying views outside the Explorer: from Classic, a direct link, or a dashboard, and when databind=A, the view name was not included in the results.
  • Added STRICT setting for directory browsing that restricts the list of available objects and running objects from a restricted library using a URL.
  • Increased the time offset processing accuracy to milliseconds to solve a problem working with and selecting spooled files.

April 2011

Version R10M01

The following updates were included in this version:

  • The Dynamic Drill Down Regrouping option over a view with a DBLIST multi-select Integrity Test caused error CPF4278, Query definition template 1 not valid.
  • Save Results to Download to an XML caused error, The MCL page cannot be displayed.
  • .vpt files that are shortcuts did not run from the previous interface.
  • Date prompts for Remote Database Views (SQLVIEWM) are now ISO.
  • Running a Client Table that used a runtime prompted view gave an error and redisplayed the prompt.
  • The e-mail option did not work when using databind=A from the previous interface.
  • From the previous SWI interface, Applications with Explicit drill downs didn’t work after a first-level run when the SWI defaults were not set to A.
  • When the variable in the view was defined as less than 5, *OMIT was not accepted.
  • Client Reports and Client Tables didn’t print when a SWI instance was running on a port other than 80.
  • A dashboard using a runtime prompted view (SQLVIEWP) did not show the default value of variable on the AutoPrompt window.

The following enhancements were added to this version:

  • Applications can run with a Host Table as the starting object.
  • Applications can run when the starting view has runtime variables.
  • When running CRO reports, the path in the VPSWIDFT defaults now allows a reference to \root. Thus, \\system\root\tmp works the same as \\system\tmp.
  • Added support for non-English PCs.

February 2011

Version R05M13

The following update was included in this version:

  • The scroll bar was missing when displaying Query/400 results.

January 2011

Version R05M12

The following updates were included in this version:

  • The drill-down option to run a script did not work from an application.
  • When an Action button from a dashboard referred to a path longer than 32 characters, the error CPF9801, Object not found in library, occurred.

September 2010

Version R05M11

The following updates were included in this version:

  • Running a Viewpoint request from the SEQUEL Web Interface with spaces in the path or object names caused the error, No Viewpoint object match request.
  • Improved message handling of CPF1023, Data area SWIINIT exists in QTEMP, when QTEMP is not on the library list of the Apache job.
  • On the AutoPrompt window for runtime prompts, lengthy extended help text was truncated from the browser.
  • A script with DBLIST, *ALL, and view for DBLIST did not correctly pass *ALL when run from the browser.

August 2010

Version R05M10

This version included changes that were internal to the product.

June 2010

Version R05M09

The following updates were included in this version:

  • SEQUEL Dashboards were not showing data when the tag group has an embedded ending font tag but not a beginning tag.
  • In a Dashboard, a Chart failed to show when data was hidden and Databind=A.
  • When displaying a multi-page spooled file from the SEQUEL Web Interface, there was no scroll bar.

April 2010

Version R05M08

The following update was included in this version:

  • Remote database views using a local view for DBLIST failed. Error handling for DBLIST views has been improved.


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