June 2024

Version: 11.24.162

June10, 2024

  • The Viewpoint install process has been modified to install several required ActiveX Control files locally (for Viewpoint-only use) rather than globally on the PC. This will ensure the versions of these files cannot conflict with other software on the system.

  • Fixed an issue where a required Registry Key was not created during initial install of Viewpoint.
  • Several issues with the Excel Add-in have been corrected, including: handle rename of worksheets, inserting or deleting columns within a worksheet, and improved messaging when a user makes a change that invalidates the references used by the add-in.

November 2023

Version: 11.23.318

November 15, 2023

  • Viewpoint has been modified to support TLS 1.2 connections to SWS when in running in Repository mode.

August 2023

Version: 11.23.223

August 15, 2023

  • Alphabetic position-to search is now available in Viewpoint for prompted DBList variables on character fields.
  • Viewpoint now supports TLS encryption protocols as well as SSL.

  • Fixed issue in Viewpoint Administrator option to display Active Sequel Users. The process was ending in error MCH1210.
  • Migrating a Showcase query that contains only an upper case integrity rule fails.
  • If custom paging was defined for a Client Report, it did not work correctly if a report section was suppressed or minimized.
  • Client Reports over prompted Host Tables will now save correctly.
  • A fix was made to Viewpoint dashboard design to correctly assign the proper ORDER property to objects on the dashboard. This issue caused some controls such as Bring to Front and Send to Back to not display correctly in SWI.
  • Error when loading or refreshing large view in Excel Add-in, “Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action” has been resolved.
  • A dashboard with many Sequel objects set to refresh that is kept open for a long duration could encounter errors when refreshing the data.
  • A fix was made to allow for variable column headings when using *SERVER syntax.
  • Client reports created with user based Client Report License, and over embedded SQL statement renders a blank screen when opening for design.
  • Remote Database connection on V7R5 fails due to incorrect Java path.
  • Corrected issue with variable column headings when using Database of *LOCALSYS and Syntax of *SERVER. Dynamic column headings will now display in Viewpoint.
  • JDE prompted view not added to Excel worksheet.
  • Viewpoint installer now correctly identifies whether the Excel Add-in is installed already and will automatically upgrade it.
  • Unable to display view properties if variable default value contains SQL that returns no results if not prompted.
  • Viewpoint could become unstable if Page Setup was changed to Landscape.
  • Error when selecting blank for prompted variable in Viewpoint, SWI or SWS Host Mode.

December 2022

Version: 11.22.314

December 5, 2022

  • A fix was made to Viewpoint dashboard design to correctly assign the proper ORDER property to objects on the dashboard. This issue caused some controls such as Bring to Front and Send to Back to not display correctly in SWI.

  • A fix was made that allows Viewpoint to connect to host using KERBEROS when set to use the default user.

September 2022

Version: 11.22.244

September 13, 2022

  • The Java version shipped with Viewpoint has been updated from Java 1.7 to Java 1.8
  • Changing Fonts in View Designer gave error 339 Component 'sysinfo.Ocx' and did not show window.
  • In design of a RDB/*Server view, if a file name is incorrect VP will not allow you to go to the Variables tab. It has been fixed now and you still get a message that the file could not be found but it allows you to go to the Variable tab.
  • Client Table over *LOCALSYS/*SEQUEL View with WDATA (hidden) fields fails to display gives error Cant open ADO recordset; column 'OHSTRE_01' is not found.
  • A fix has been made to properly allow you to turn on and off the following options in a Host Report Design - View/Show Grid, View/Show Available Fields, and View/Show Field Names.
  • An issue with the Viewpoint Listener Service was introduced in 11.21.361 that prevented the service from starting.
  • In the 64-bit Excel Add-in, a defined expression variable value was not passed correctly, view returns no records.
  • Corrected a rare condition where the 32-bit ViewPoint Addin was installed instead of the 64-bit Addin.
  • Objects in a dashboard where there are some views/charts located to the right beyond main window cause the objects to open up out of position. Clicking on the visible objects would snap them back into place, but scrolling to the right most objects you had little control on moving the objects. This has been fixed.
  • A fix was made to correct an issue where a gauge would reflect the wrong value when the dashboard refreshed the data. The gauge was based on the total of a column, and the view data was hidden.
  • Dashboard with many Sequel objects set to refresh that is kept open for a long duration could case 'an error occurred while retrieving records' with an MCH0603 message on the host when no records were returned on a refresh.
  • In Repository mode a when inserting a chart in a dashboard was blank if the view is in a repository subfolder.

January 2022

Version: 11.21.362

January 6, 2022

  • Fixed issue where the 'Bring to Front' and 'Send to Back' options for objects in a dashboard were not saving with the dashboard.

  • Fixed issuer where *SERVER syntax did not show custom column heading that used single quotes. For instance, /<S- COLHDG('Order' 'Entry' 'Date' )-S>/.

  • Fixed issue where if a spreadsheet had spaces in its name, an error would display when doing a refresh (the addin was changing the space to an underscore).

  • Fixed issue where a refresh in the Excel addin would loose any cell formatting such as centering of text, background shading, italicized, and cell bordering.

  • Fixed Viewpoint Files & fields tab errors out when a join contains a between comparison.

  • Added back the missing Series Order option for charts when designing in a dashboard.

  • Fixed issue where if a spreadsheet was somehow corrupted and was missing the named ranges for a view, refreshing data caused a Ribbon Class Error (create range error). We added error handling when trying to get the named range. If an error occurs then fall back to using the range that should be in the add-in xml.

  • Fixed issue where text settings such as font, italics, underline and strikethrough are not getting saved with the dashboard.

August 2021

Version: 11.21.214

August 23, 2021

  • In dashboard design, snap to grid now allows a minimal pixel setting of 10.

  • In a dashboard, system information is changeable in the Options menu.

  • TRIM function will now show in Expression Editor lists.

  • The joblog sent from a Viewpoint job will now include job name, number, user and date in the attachment named when emailed. The default type will use default output type as defined for type SPOOL in Esend for the user.

  • Excel Add-in
    • Enable the ability to add specific columns from a view to a worksheet.

    • Improved performance loading views when using 64 bit Excel.

  • A fix was made that now will allow you to create a gauge over a single cell of data from a view that produces a single column of data.

  • A fix was made for when adding an Action Button to run a view and save the results as a PC file, the save as Browse window would come up behind the dashboard and essentially freeze your process. It now displays in the front.

  • Dashboards allows a chart or a gauge to be created over a view that displays a single cell of data

  • Dashboard graph would not display, if the tool bar was left displayed when saving the dashboard.

  • Opening View in View Designer or View Builder and making minor changes will not remove saved subtotals from view results

  • Script Designer doesn't allow script to save using "DO" command when part of MONMSG command.

  • Script COND comparison of two QSTRING with blanks not accurately comparing blank to blank. Blanks should not have to have the same number of blanks.

  • Viewpoint Add-in for Excel field formatting not retained after refresh

  • Display Results when the column headings caused width to exceed 2000 positions will now have message to indicate not all fields displayed.

  • View Builder Variable Tab erroneously showed Allow Null with host version 11.13 or earlier and VP 11.20.260 or greater and views using SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).

  • In Repository mode, a Script with DISPLAY command referring to view with description with .vptivew ended in error.

  • A Script View using *LOCALSYS/*SERVER using DBLIST with character values and other variables with *ALL did not resolve the quotes correctly.

  • Script Designer doing copy / paste with CTRL-C/CTRL-V does a double copy.

  • In View Builder the Design Value from the Variables tab did not work to avoid the prompt at runtime from the designer.

  • Repository Mode (CHGAUTMODE *REPOSITORY) should allow CRO reports initiated from a script for a host job to run on the Viewpoint Server.

  • From Viewpoint running a view with TRIM using *LOCALSYS *SERVER gave 'column not found' error.

  • In View Designer in Repository mode doing a File>Save As will now create a new *USRSPC object for the new .vptview if the user didn't have authority to the original view.

  • In Repository Mode, view not saved correctly when open from Recent tab.

  • Viewpoint changes the vptview name to lower case when opened from recent tab in Repository Mode.

  • Copy/Paste from Viewpoint explorer (Host Mode) fails if system is not expanded

  • In Repository Mode, Viewpoint Explorer option to Save Results As>IFS Folder did build path correctly and gave error.

  • In SWS Repository Mode, designing a CRO report using Crystal 11 when the view doesn't return any records caused Viewpoint to errror 'Failed to load database information'.

  • In SWS Repository Mode using CHGAUTMODE(*REPOSITORY) did not allow saving a CRO report.

  • Excel Add-in
    • Excel Add-in in Repository mode gives error using Extended Help text on variable prompt.

November 2020

Version: 11.20.260

November 16, 2020

  • Excel Add-in in Repository mode gives error using Extended Help text on variable prompt.

  • View Designer alters JOIN when same file used more than once with *SEQUEL syntax.

  • Repository Mode (CHGAUTMODE *REPOSITORY) should allow CRO reports initiated from a script for a host job to run on the Viewpoint Server.

June 2020

Version: 11.20.174

June 29, 2020

  • Designing views with variables using *ALL/*OMIT is more user friendly and will only require checking the Null Variable box instead of specifying leading/trailing values to omit. This enhancement requires host version 11.14 (or 10.14 for Showcase) and applies to views using *SERVER syntax.

  • The Viewpoint Explorer in Repository modes allows running and opening of other files like PDF and Excel spreadsheets (SQ-1937).

  • The Client Report/Table tab from the Host Default Settings was moved to the Viewpoint Options.

  • The Product Library Name from the Host Default Settings was moved to the Viewpoint Options.

  • Dependency on ACTBAR has been removed.

  • Some Viewpoint Icons on buttons were oversized when using Windows 10.

  • Viewpoint design error when using ADS: "RDB Name.Library Name.Table Name" cannot be found.

  • From View Builder using an ADS connection the library list of the job was inadvertently changed when creating a second view in the same session.

  • View Builder will handle views with NOT statement on WHERE, like WHERE not(custmast.CSTAT='A' AND custmast.CSTTE='CA').

  • View Builder Sort tab now allows the selection of any field in the file, not just those on the SELECT clause.

  • View Builder will not change the ORDER BY clause if fields are identified by number.

  • CRO report with subreport showed sign on prompt.

  • In Repository Mode, the File\Save As dialogue removed the file name when selecting a folder.

  • When a numeric JDE field that supported variable precision (via the data dictionary) was used in a GROUP BY, an SQL error occurred. This has been corrected.

  • Excel Add-in will now handle OPEN type fields.

  • In the Excel Add-in numeric date fields with a defined edit code of W that should format the value as YYYY/MM/DD did not do it correctly. It used dashed instead like YYYY-MM-DD.

  • VPTRMTCMD requests now support a /V command line switch in both lower and upper case.

April 2020

Version: 11.20.093

April 7, 2020

  • Improved visualization of the join relationships in the View Designer File & Field tab.

  • The Excel Add-in supports views with *SERVER syntax.

March 2020

Version: 11.20.066

March 16, 2020

  • In View Designer using SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) when joining on derived field caused error opening existing view or creating a new one (problem introduced in xx.19.356).
  • In View Builder, field descriptions and attributes added to Simple Join dialogue.
  • View Designer using SYNTAX(*SERVER) was unable to handle spaces in the override tags, like for column headings.
  • When copy/pasting SQL statements from Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Reader stripped out some of the "-" characters. It converts "/* <S EDTCDE(" to "/* <SEDTCDE(" which is invalid to Viewpoint. This condition will be corrected.

January 2020

Version: 11.19.356
  • View Builder has improved handling of joins including:

    • Ability to use more than one pair of fields to join on.
    • Default join type changed to inner join.
    • Complex mode added to allow join on derived field in native syntax in an Expression Editor.
    • Cancel button added with warning message about saving changes.
    • Full Exception removed from list of join types.
    • File Edit button now works.
    • Using the same file twice will now work.
  • View Builder with a non-*SEQUEL connections showed two alias columns instead of one for Name As.

  • In View Designer using native syntax a join condition found on the WHERE clause will remain on the WHERE clause when going to Files & Fields tab.

  • In View Designer, complex views that won’t open on the Files & Fields tab will now allow access to the Variables tab.

  • View Designer drag/drop JOIN on multiple fields builds SQL inconsistently.

  • EXPR type variable with a value that is 1 character causes ViewPoint to not display results.

  • View Designer WHERE Expression Editor in *LOCALSYS *SERVER gives error when using Variable ‘An error was encountered trying to update the SQL statement’.

  • From View Designer, the WHERE clause dropped if CANCEL is clicked when using Expression Editor.

July 2019

Version 11.19.202
  • The Script Designer has improved messaging when there is an unmatched IF/DO and END and will not allow script to be saved in that state.
  • In the Expression Editor using *SEQUEL syntax, the CONTAINS function was added.
  • Incorporated new version of Newtonsoft JSON for improved compatibility with other products like Visual Studio.

SQL Parser Improvements:

  • Significant improvements to the SQL Parser to better handle native SQL including these specific examples:
    • Date Expressions using YEAR an MONTH on the WHERE clause are handled better.
    • Better handling expressions on GROUP BY clause.
    • WHERE clause with similar file correlation names in a sub-query.
    • View Builder views with multiple join types.
    • Quoted field names mixed with numeric Order By.
    • A Fetch First clause over 32,000 characters.
    • Expressions in the Group By clause and quoted field names.

    View Builder:

    • Join tab removed and consolodated to simplify the design process.
    • *Localsys *Server view, editing an expression to show as currency does not add the edit code to the SQL.
    • Removing a field from the SELECT clause did not remove it from other clauses like the GROUP BY or ORDER BY.
    • View with excessive parenthesis gave error "Filter Parentheses Not Correctly Balanced".

    Excel Plug-in:

    • In Repository Mode, the path for the view object will now support both upper and lower case letters. Previously only lower case was allowed.
    • Excel Add-id returns Ribbon Class Error (getRange2Shift) when many more records are returned than previously.
    • Cell formatting was reset when view data is refreshed when using an ADS connection (requires host).
    • When refreshing view(s) in Excel, if Automatic Calculation option is set to on, disable it for the refresh. Once complete it, enable it and force Calculate Now.
    • View Designer won’t change the ORDER BY to use field names when field number was specified. This is especially important when sorting by JDE UDC fields that require quotes.
    • In View Design, a *SEQUEL view erroneously issues the error " Parser expected search condition" when the WHERE clause had a space between ‘IN’ and ‘(‘.
    • In Administrator using Repository Mode, the Maintain Host Entries now has a Test Connection button.
    • In Administrator, a local host entry for the IBM I can now be created using the same name for the server name entry for Iseries or DB2 type.

    November 2018

    Version 11.18.312
    • Administrator option for Advanced Database Security now has additional options for ADS and JDE configuration.
    • When setting query variables, if user is in the middle of editing the value or has not tabbed over or pressed enter to accept changes, buttons function(s) will be disable, plus user message will display.
    • Excel Add-in now supports Set Query Variable which allows the variable to be set and then when refreshed will upate the variable in as many places as it is used in the spreadsheet.
    • View Builder should allow searching for a file in *USRLIBL
    • In Repository mode, added right-click option for the user to Create/Delete/Rename folder, as well as Copy and Paste folder(s).
    • In Repository mode, added new button to the SaveAs form/screen to create new folder in the current repository when saving an object.
    • Added ability to change repository name in the Excel Add-in References, if for any reason SWS server and/or name of the repository changed, preventing it from refreshing a view in a worksheet.
    • Improved Templates for *SERVER syntax that allows variables, grouping functions, and a back option.
    • Repository mode will now allow shortcuts with extensions in both upper and lower case (i.e. VPTVIEW and vptview) to run.
    • In Repository mode when saving a Script or Application, the extension for the saved object will automatically be set.
    • In Repository mode error at connection to Repository Error message CPF4101 appeared during OPEN for the file SWIUSERDFT.
    • In Repository Mode deleting an object from the Explorer no longer requires a license for SWI.
    • Repository mode when a user is not allowed to log in to the Repository, they should be prompted to enter new information.
    • Repository mode will now remember the last used JDE Environment and Role.
    • In Repository mode Save As on an existing view with uppercase letters in the original name has all lower case in the new name.
    • In Repository mode, open a view in View Designer, Click the yellow "Open" folder icon just left of the "Save" icon. This opens a list of repository folders. Click cancel and you get Run-time error '0'
    • Excel Add-in Canceling from a variable prompt gave: Object reference not set to an instance of an object .
    • Excel Add-in improperly re-formats a field when it is character field that contains only numeric characters with 4 leading zeroes.
    • Excel Add-in will now wrap column headings.
    • Excel Add-in Repository mode ERROR: Ribbon ViewPoint - RunSelectedObj: Object reference not set to an instance of an object when adding extendable areas.
    • Silent Installed failed on initial install.
    • View Designer corrupting SQL statement when field name ends with _1.
    • View Designer does not recognize the AS keyword in an SQL statement.
    • View Designer corrupts SQL statement that references a quoted file name.
    • In View Designer, Display option is grayed out if another option is chosen and then canceled.
    • Script run from a shortcut or DOS command fails with -2147023170 Automation error The remote procedure call failed.
    • Script Designer fails to run script and gives error CPD0018 Message String ' "DISPLAY ' contains a character that is not valid when Viewpoint is current and host software is very old.
    • View Builder and View Designer improved to quote schema names with underscore characters.
    • View Builder gives error ShowExtended Dialog, class not registered msstdfmt.dll when another dialogue box like Expression Editor is opened.
    • In View Builder with an ADS or JDE connection, you could only delete the last field in the list regardless of which one was chosen.
    • In View Builder edit drop down is disabled for Binary fields from SQLSERVER
    • From Explorer focus of scrolling improved after keying in a library name, object list will scroll.

    June 2018

    Version 11.18.159
    • In Repository mode the JDE connection will not be recycled if the Environment and Role have not been changed in Viewpoint repository mode. This will help in performance after the first connection to a server.
    • In Repository Mode, Import Query has been added.
    • Improved performance for JDE JDE connections if the role and environment have not been changed in ViewPoint repository mode.
    • From the view results, Export to Excel produces error 'Application-defined error' when fields used edit words.
    • Improved message in Repository Mode when user excluded from IFS directory.
    • Logging in to SWS Repository Mode from the Excel Addin, user is prompted for the wrong repository.
    • In Repository Mode with a JDE connection and a variable using a DBLIST, will now show the corresponding UDC field values and not just showing the code field values.
    • In Repository Mode, Dashboard designer will now allow a Script View to be used.
    • Silent Install will check for locks and prevent the install from running if the product is in use.
    • Opening a very large Warehouse Builder definition or script in Viewpoint results in an error CPD0074 Value 'EXECUTE SQ' for COMMAND exceeds 5000 characters.
    • When view results are display, and "Close & Reprompt" is selected, the prompt screen should redisplay, and the variable values should default to those previously selected. Since updating to VP 11.18.046, if a DBList variable had a default value, and the view is run with that default value still present, when "Close & Reprompt" is selected, there will be no value displayed for that variable
    • In Host Mode Dashboard designer, Save To the Repository was unavailable.
    • In the View Designer using five or more files with the Viewpoint Universal Driver (JDE and ADS connections), Viewpoint wasn't building the joins correctly.
    • In the View Designer, with a *Localsys/*Server view, if a specific length is specified on an expression, going to the F&F tab and making a change to the column heading removes the specified length from the SQL.
    • In View Builder, choosing an expression column and then Edit brings the wrong column into the edit window when there are many fields and the expression is in the middle.
    • In View Builder, choosing a file that is not in the specified Group of Favorites causes Runtime Error 0.
    • In the Script Designer, a MONMSG command was mistakenly converted to SCMONMSG command.
    • From the Script Designer, selecting a line in a script, then click on Edit/Delete produces Runtime Error 0.
    • From Script Designer, creating a Script or Script View in Viewpoint Host mode and saving to repository fails.
    • DBList on a variable shows all fields with name of RENAMED when fields have names longer than 10 characters.
    • Designing a *Localsys/*Sequel view, when you hide a column (WDATA) the type and length are changed to the values of the following field. Un-hiding the length does not change back.
    • Excel Add-in drops decimals with some zoned numeric fields. When the problem happens, the integer part to the left of the decimal is correct while the fractional part to the right of the decimal is dropped.

    February 2018

    Version 11.18.046
    • Dashboard support added to Repository mode.
    • The Script Designer was changed to handle command strings greater than 2000 characters (Host version 10.10/11.10 also required).
    • The install will now detect where the OS is Windows 10 and if .NET 3.5 is not installed/enabled and automatically enable it.
    • Exporting view results to Excel produces error 'Application-defined error' if there are any numeric fields that have an edit word or an edits code that places non-numeric characters in the field (such as / or -).
    • Gauges do not appear on a dashboard that also includes a website.
    • Dashboard that consist of nothing but text and Action Buttons display nothing when launched.
    • On the Files and Fields tab of the Viewpoint Designer, there is a "file" cell in the Fields Section that indicates what file the given field is selected from. That "file" cell is no longer editable, and will not show a dropdown list showing all files referenced in the view.
    • Once CRO has been saved, attempts to do a Print Preview or Preview Sample end in error.
    • In the View Designer, when clicking on the Files and Fields tab, User sees message box with yellow triangle alert with exclamation point, ‘Graphical Design Interface, There is a problem with the SQL and/or variables. Fix the SQL then try again.’ This error happens on a view using field sequence number from SELECT clause on the ORDER BY.
    • In the Dashboard Designer when a hidden view that returns no records, saving the dashboard deletes all other Sequel objects.
    • In repository mode should only show SWS data sources that the user has authority to use.
    • The View Designer might hang when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SERVER) under these conditions:
      • The Order By used field numbers, not names, and the view contained variables.
      • Using the WHERE button to go to the Expression Editor.
      • Resorting columns on the Files & Fields tab.
      • Changing column headings or edit codes/words on the Files & Fields tab.
    • In Repository Mode using Assistance Level 1, the Save Option on the Actions tab now brings you directly to save to the repository.
    • The View Designer was changing a non-equal comparisons on the WHERE clause to an equal sign when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SERVER) as it was treating it as JOIN criteria.
    • View Builder was adding CAST to grouping function unnecessarily and creating an invalid expression.
    • In Repository mode, an error ‘The data source with key {0} does not exist’ would appear if the SWS connection timed out.
    • Excel Add-in:
      • When refreshing data if the results set contains only a single row, if the number of columns in the worksheet doesn't equal the number of columns in the embedded view, and if there is an extendable data area defined.
      • When adding prompted view & unchecking “Refresh data” option on the Add View form – we get message “no records available”.
      • Opening the workbook when a column heading had a slash character(/) caused error, ‘Ribbon ViewPoint (Loading Data) Index was outside the bounds of the array.

    December 2107

    Version 11.17.355
    • Dashboards without any Sequel objects, for instance having only Action Buttons, open empty.
    • Gauges do not appear on a dashboard that also includes a website.
    Version 11.17.348
    • Applications now support using a Script View as the start object to easily allow a work file to be created for drill down purposes.
    • From the Administrator Advanced Database Security window, there is now a setting under Options -> Default Object List with two choices: Expanded or Collapsed. Performance can be improved for very large lists by selecting Collapsed.
    • View Builder Edit Filter with BETWEEN will name variables uniquely.
    • View Designer and View Builder in Repository mode will list the datasources rather than SEQUELHOST entries for server connections. Dependent on host version M09.
    • The View Designer with SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SERVER) was erroneously removing field to field comparisons on the WHERE clause like custmast.CSTTE<>custmast.DFTWH.
    • View Designer was erroneously removing the DATE function from GROUP BY views when the derived field using MONTH, YEAR or other date function was also used on the GROUP BY clause using *LOCALSYS *SERVER.
    • Views using Common Table Expressions did not run from repository mode.
    • Shortcut created to email a Client Table or Client Report as Excel sent file with .txt file extension.
    • Save existing CRO to repository with a different name modifies the current *USRSPC.
    • Viewpoint Administration creation of host entries will copy Driver and Connection strings from corresponding type template.
    • From Administrator, the creation of host entries will copy Driver and Connection strings from corresponding type template.
    • From the properties of a host report, adding a jpg image to a pdf overlay gave error Run-time error '35600': Index out of bounds".
    • When using Viewpoint to run a view with email recipient and specifying CSV format, some view names generate an email attachment with .txt suffix rather than .csv, so the file does not open in Excel.
    • When emailing from Viewpoint, if the attachment file name was less than 12 characters the file was created in tmp and then cleaned up. Otherwise, file went to the home directory or to root and remained. Now all files will be created in tmp and cleaned up.
    • The Google Map Wizard has been removed.
    • Changes were made to enable Viewpoint to offer better support of Advanced Database Security when libraries and files reside on an independent auxiliary storage pool (iAsp).
    • In Repository mode, improved error message when trying to refresh embedded views in an Excel worksheet when the repository hasn’t been defined.
    • In Repository Mode, inability to open underlying View of .VPTREPORT (CRO Report) has been fixed.
    • In Repository Mode, non-Administrator profiles will be able to retrieve a list of Datasources.

    October 2017

    Version 11.17.292
    • Emailing from Viewpoint as PDF will now allow you to change to attachment name.
    • Email dialogue window in Viewpoint will now provide a box for the email Subject.
    • Unable to create Client Report over view with a variable using a Values List Integrity test with no default value.
    • ViewPoint won't include any select fields that don't have a field reference
    • (literals/numbers) in the GROUP BY.
    • With Auto Join turned on, after importing a query and adding additional files,no joins are established for the new files.
    • From Client Table results, highlight any of the values or the entire column on the Total column on the right, click on the Graph option, and nothing happens.
    • From the results of a prompted view, turn on subtotals. If you then choose to re-prompt the view, the values in the subtotal boxes were missing.
    • From view results of a SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) view, Regrouping and show details will now include the file.field qualification to accommodate ambiguous field names.
    • A view run in a script may use the default value rather than the value passed in the SETVAR when the view had a variable with a *ALL default value, an integrity test of a DBList or values list, and the presence of a *NOPROMPT variable.
    • In Dynamic Drill Down, O type fields (DBCS) are not recognized as character so the values are not quoted which caused a syntax error.
    • Dynamic Drill Down options will be not available for views with SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) that use WDATA function.
    • In the Administrator>Database Security, the Select by Object became inactive when switching from tab to tab.
    • From Viewpoint Explorer, when right clicking on a Host Report Display Results in PDF, no results are displayed.
    • From the View Designer, after making any kind of change on the Files & Fields tab, if you click on the SQL tab, the group by clause was removed.
    • View Builder will allow AltNames for derived fields that are longer than 10 characters, mixed case, and surrounded by quotes.
    • In the View Designer Files & Fields tab, when the view uses the same file twice an error ‘column or global variable not found’ when any field attribute is changed because the correlation name was dropped.
    • In the View Designer Files & Fields tab, when a view references greater than 10 files, and 1 is removed, the numeric file qualifiers were not adjusted properly.
    • The WHERE Expression Editor in View Designer and View Builder will not include CONTAINS for views with SERVER(*Localsys) SYNTAX(*Server.
    • In the Dashboard designers, moving a view results window changed the size of the data.
    • In the Dashboard designer, toolbar windows were sometimes left on window. All Viewpoint windows inside Dashboards will now force the menu to close when mouse moves off of the form.
    • On a dashboard, the total on a vertical gauge could overlay the chart.
    • In the Dashboard designer, use the Right Click/Insert to add either a text box or an action button. The initial box or button does not automatically snap to grid. You must move the item for it to then snap to grid size.
    • A Dashboard with a Script View gives error ‘Object NOKEYPATH in library QTEMP not found’ when refreshing the data.
    • Dashboard refresh skips views that return no records on first pass.
    • Using the Import/Query in Viewpoint, the view is created as *Sequel/*Sequel. It does not use the Users Sequel Default choices.
    • Custom formatting for values in digital and radial gauges is lost when any other changes are made.
    • Better message handling when view results or Excel Add-in results surpass the 2,000 character limit.
    • In the Excel Add-In, adding columns to a worksheet forces you to wait while the column information. Now a ‘wait’ cursor will be shown.
    • Using the Excel Add-in will now the characters & and > in the description of the view.
    • Excel Add-in: JDE User prompted twice for Environment/Role when adding a View to a new worksheet.
    • Excel Plugin for 64 bit Excel could not add in a Script View object,
    • On a new Viewpoint install, the default for field list found in tools>ViewPoint Options>Design Tab will be changed to 'position'.
    • Silent Install was not properly loading Client Reports.
    • View subtotals are lost when view is saved to the repository (both Host and Repository modes).
    • Using DATE function in *LOCALSYS View - ViewPoint automatically adds CAST function, causing runtime error.
    • Repository Mode:
      • Excel plugin 64 bit- Login windows for Repository mode using SWS had the login hidden behind the Excel workbook.
      • Excel Add-in Repository mode should not require Repository signon if SWS authentication is an Iseries user.
      • In Repository mode for a Host Report, if a title was specified during the wizard, the title will now be saved with the report.
      • Script Designer in Repository mode now checks that the script has a valid name without slashes.
      • In REPOSITORY mode, File >Save As on Existing object will now default to existing name/folder.
      • In Repository mode when using JDE credentials plugin not connecting to selected repository.
      • Attempt to save CRO to repository using Viewpoint Repository mode results in CPD0104 ‘Expression not allowed for parameter REPORT’.
      • A migrated View and Excel workbook, opened in Repository Mode when refreshed, gave error ‘Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection’ after logging into the Repository

    June 2017

    Version 11.17.163
    • The Excel Add-in in version 11.17.104 of Viewpoint did not work with spreadsheets created with earlier versions of Viewpoint.
    • View Designer could end in error when editing some GROUP BY views.
    • View Designer was not correctly omitting literals and constants from GROUP BY Clause.

    April 2017

    Version 11.17.104
    • Dashboards now have a setting for Default Font.
    • The Viewpoint log now includes the date and time in the filename like so: VPlog_02242017_113011.txt. Files older than 7 days will automatically be deleted.
    • New command line switch added to allow logging to be turned on without the warning message to the user /z:q
    • View Designer (with server connection of remote—not *LOCALSYS or *SEQUEL) displays error ‘SQ9999 Error occurred in SQL Call Level Interface’ when switching to the Files & Fields and there is an alias field used mixed as “SumLval70”.
    • View Designer (using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL)) removed the GROUP BY clause when switching to the Files & Field tab and view contained a WDATA on the SELECT clause.
    • In View Designer Files & Fields tab (for *LOCALSYS views only) derived fields that result in a DATE data type will now apply a type of DATE in the TYPE field.
    • In View Designer (using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL)) the Expression Editor to build the WHERE clause should use the AltName of an expression, not the expression itself.
    • In a *LOCALSYS view, when building conditions in the WHERE clause Expression Editor, file identifiers are included when you select fields from files and not variable names.
    • Opening a view in View Builder when files are not library qualified on FROM clause displays error 'A library is required for selection'.
    • Application open in design will now detect any changes made to the view.
    • Temporary files created by the Viewpoint OLE DB Provider will now be deleted.
    • Emailing IBM i joblog from Viewpoint when there is a single apostrophe in the message text, failed to deliver email.
    • When saving a client report over a view with either a numeric or an expression type variable (with no default value), will return an error that the value is not a valid numeric value for the numeric variable, or a syntax error for the expression type variable.
    • Running a dashboard from a Viewpoint shortcut (.vpt) multiple times could produce a ‘runtime automation’ error message. Problem introduced in VP 11.16.294.
    • Viewpoint is buffering data from a view when run in a dashboard, even though charts are designed beyond the initial records.
    • The ability to provide custom edit masks on 7 segment digital gauges has been restored and improved by extending the supported mask from 6 characters to 20 characters.
    • In Dashboard designer, resizing gauges very often causes the gauge to shrink or disappear.
    • Running a client report from a script using the REPORT command to email displays the error MCH1210 ‘Receiver value too small to hold result’.
    • Saving a client report when the view had an Expression (EXPR) variable, without a Default Value, would fail.
    • In the Script Designer on Windows 10, prompting a second command did not show the command prompter, but the log showed the error ‘there was a problem with DLL: cwbunapi.dll’.
    • From the Excel Add-in, Refresh All was not working with two views from two different hosts.
    • From the Excel Add-in, when refreshing data if a prompted view returns no records, the current data is not blanked out.
    • From the Excel Add-in, when refreshing all variables, even if from different views, will combine into one prompt.
    • Dynamic Drill Down and Show Details option display syntax errors when the view used WDATA.
    • Viewpoint Administrator will now all you to delete a remote server entry.
    • A .vpt shortcut to create PC file without /D switch should prompt for path information.
    • The Import > Query option will now use the SERVER and SYNTAX settings from the User’s defaults.

    October 2016

    Version 11.16.294
    • Text size on many objects (views, host table, client tables, Client Reports, Scripts, Script Views, and Applications) was increased from 50 to 128 characters.
    • View Builder and View Designer will support ‘Fetch First’ with a *LOCALSYS or *LOCAL connection and *SERVER syntax.
    • Allow library name to be specified when saving Viewpoint object to Repository.
    • In the Script Designer Variable tab, grid columns will match the view designer to make more readable.
    • Excel Add-in now supports 64 bit Excel.
    • In Dashboards:
      • The 2 dimensional chart options were added to menu dropdown.
      • Copy/Paste actions added for text boxes, action button and graphics.
      • New option for Web Preview to see an HTML preview.
      • Snap to grid for easy alignment of text, action button, and result windows.
    • In Administrator, the copy defaults option was using the default user—not the selected user.
    • From Administrator, Set Defaults option, copying a current user defaults to a new user profile causes a
    • View Builder and View Designer give error that file cannot be found when the datasource is another *ISERIES connection.
    • View Builder did not allow creation of multiple derived fields.
    • In Warehouse Builder from ViewPoint Explorer, caused error due to parameters not being passed.
    • Script View run in Viewpoint Explorer runs the body of the script twice.
    • Prompted Script that runs from a Viewpoint shortcut results in the following error MCH1202 unmonitored by VPTJMSG at Statement *N, instruction X'0011'.
    • Option to schedule an email as PDF failed when using the IBM Job Scheduler.
    • Email request from Viewpoint as PDF ends abnormally, error in print command, when host version is less than R11M04 (for Sequel) or R10M04 (for Showcase).
    • From View Designer, file in FROM clause specified with *LIBL does not send message when library is not on the library list of Viewpoint job.
    • From the View Designer Files & Fields tab, when designing a DATABASE(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) View, use of EDTCDE(L) on a numeric field will be dropped when moving to/from the Files and Fields tab.
    • View Designer should omit literals and constants from GROUP BY Clause.
    • View Designer not handling French à character in FILE names with SERVER(*SEQUEL)
    • From the View Designer, displaying view result after stepping in to a SELECT statement of a UNION view causes and unwanted ORDER BY to be added to the full SQL Statement.
    • Once a DISPLAY returns no records, the script ends without running the remaining steps.
    • When a user has assistance level set to 1 or 2 and View Builder is enabled, the setting renders the CRO (User based license) design window in a small frame and it cannot be resized.
    • When two DATE variables used a default value and the second variable was *NOPROMPT, the first variable used the wrong default value.
    • Unable to enter date of 12/31/9999 in date variable when run in ViewPoint.
    • Dynamic Drill Down (Regroup or Show Details) fails with a *LOCALSYS view with file qualified fields.
    • Creating a shortcut from a view display that also includes a chart produces a .vptchart file type instead of .vpt.
    • Expression Editor better handles field names with double quotes.
    • Subtotals in view results did not show if the ORDER BY fields used a field with an alias name.
    • In Dashboards:
      • A dashboard with an Action Button set to Autorun fails to run a prompted object successfully when the variable is passed using /SETVAR.
      • Chart title should be consistent at design time and run time.
      • When the Dynamic Drill Down List file (SEQUEL/VPTDYNFLTR) contains a list of fields, only those fields are available for dynamic drilldown. If the file contains fields, but no fields that exist in the files that a grouping view references, then the option to view the complete list should appear in SWI, as it does in ViewPoint and SWS.
      • Reprompting from a dashboard with a graph for new choice and receiving less records, produces an Overflow error.
      • Digital gauge custom mask entries, like a $ sign, don’t display correctly.
      • Inserting a view that returned no records cause the Designer to hang.
      • Variable prompt windows often show behind the dashboard and cannot be seen.
      • After adding chart, right click for Properties caused Properties window to come up behind designer window.

    April 2016

    Version 11.16.098
    • The Auto-join process has been updated to support views with SYNTAX(*SERVER) when the join criteria appears on the WHERE clause.
    • The Edit User Library list option and be restricted by setting Allow Command Line to No in the user defaults.
    • Dynamic Drill Down (details and regroup) is now supported with a datasource of *EXCEL or *ACCESS.
    • General
      • From the ViewPoint Explorer, clicking on an object and cut, the paste action gives error CPD0043 ‘Keyword OBJTYPE not valid for this command’.
      • From Script Designer, unable to save a script if changes were made after saving it
      • If a Client Table is opened for design, but the only changes made are in the Group Footer Editor, the warning message "Do you want to save changes to this Client Table" was not issued.
      • Using *SERVER syntax with a Grouping view with expressions for columns, Drill-Down/Show Details creates invalid SQL syntax.
      • Runtime SQL conversion when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) will convert inner join to WHERE condition with an additional pair of parentheses.
      • Runtime SQL conversion when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) failed when a UDF name is schema qaulified (i.e. select sequel.valid_date(2150101,''*CYMD'')).
      • VALID_DATE function loops in rare circumstances.
      • ViewPoint option for Field Sorting will now default to position, not alphabetic, for new installs.
      • Import Query/400 option will now default to a view, not a report.
      • Creating a Host Table over a view using the ViewPoint Universal Driver (JDE or *ADS connection) caused an error.
      • From View Designer Files & Field tab, removing any files except the last file caused ViewPoint to hang.
      • Application Builder can now create drill to option for Client Reports.
      • Silent Install now supports the Excel Add-in install.
      • Dashboard Action Button to Email View Results was not sending view text for subject line for PDF attachments.
      • ViewPoint is unable to save view containing a WITH predicate.
      • From the Variables tab of View Builder or View Designer, in the Integrity Test for DBLIST, the ‘View List’ button di not return records when the view name was specified.
      • The Expression Editor of both View Builder and View Designer now has multiple entries for the DATE function.
    • Dashboards
      • Default background color changed to white.
      • Default font changed to Verdana size 11 for text and Verdana size 9 for Action Buttons.
      • Default chart colors changed to 128 Pastels.
      • After bringing a chart to the front or back, it will now be sizable.
      • Text in text boxes will now be centered.
      • Gauge using the COUNT function that returns a single record with now work correctly.
      • Gauges did not work correctly when PC region setting did not match IBM I setting.
      • Background image size changes on mouse click.
      • When closing a dashboard using the X, the save option will now give you option to save as pc object as well as IBM i object.
      • If a chart is built over a Client Table, the hide data option will work.
    • Excel Add-in
      • Able to add View columns to non-contiguous columns in Excel therefore allowing blank columns in the spreadsheet.
      • Spreadsheet containing a view with a name that contains a special character (such as @), did not have the add-in available.
      • Add-in would freeze if using a prompted view, choose Refresh, Click Cancel on prompt window, and close the spreadsheet.
      • Choosing View References and then columns causes error Cannot find column[viewname] Line 0 in some instances.
      • Using a view with hidden columns (WDATA) showed incorrect fields in Choosing Columns list.
      • View that returns one record will not refresh when the second requests has more than one record.
      • On the 22nd refresh, the add-in would hang.
      • Extendable area not automatically resizing when a prompted view is used.
      • When the view contained a grand total and a calculation was added to the extendable area that is a percent of total, when the refresh returned different amounts of data, the calculated field was wrong.
      • Improved control on Column Selection window.
      • The Add-in will now use brings data into the spreadsheet, columns should be formatted as specified in the view.
      • Add-in is now supported for Excel 2016 32-bit.
      • System Default will use Default Sever from ViewPoint Options.
    • View Builder
      • The Files tab will use the ViewPoint Options to include or exclude logical files in the list.
      • Creating a new view with SYNTAX(*SERVER) with a left outer join corrupts the SQL statements and causes ViewPoint to hang.
      • View Builder will now use the ViewPoint option for Field Sorting on the Field tab.
      • The File tab will now have *FAVORITES in the Group pull down to use the favorite list of files from ViewPoint Options.
      • View Builder hung on the Join tab when the same file was added more than once.
      • Sort tab will now show list of fields when SELECT * is used.
      • Sort tab now allows properties for Ascending or Descending and Absolute value sorting.
      • The Field tab will now use the ViewPoint option for Field Sorting.
      • On the File tab, resequencing the files did not actually change their order on the FROM clause.
      • On the Field tab * for all fields is now removed when fields are selected.
      • Expression Editor of Filter tab now has a third combo box for field comparisons.
      • File tab will provide Member list for multiple member files when using SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).
      • Filter tab will now support derived fields when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS).

    November 2015

    Version 11.15.317

    The following updates are included in this version:

    View Designer

    • View Designer grammar improved to allow double quoted identifiers in non *SEQUEL syntax sql. Also removed the quotes when checking against column names in a table.
    • View Designer should allow quotes around library names that contain special characters.
    • In Viewpoint Designer, if a DATABASE(*LOCALSYS) view is changed to DATABASE(*SEQUEL) when there was a left outer join with derived fields then, attempts to save the view results in Run-time error '0'
    • Script Views containing variables now retain the Description Text when they are saved instead of the default value of SEQUEL Script.
    • Script with commands like VPSHELL and SWIOPEN that can specify complicated strings containing multiple bits that begin with an ampersand (&) failed to do variable substitution.
    • A DBLIST variable that uses a description field to show in the dropdown list has a filter that is dependent on another non-dblist variable. If you run the view without actually clicking on a dblist value, the description value was used rather than the field value in the variable substitution.
    • When run from a shortcut, a prompted Script containing an EXECUTE to an existing file errors with ‘MCH1202 unmonitored by VPTJMSG’.
    • A script using a REPORT command to display a CRO report generates the error QRY2212 ‘PC Format of *TEXT requires Stream File or Recipient entry’.
    • During Save To Repository from Design Script, once the IFS location is chosen for the .vptscript, an erroneous additional dialog displays for the library location. This has changed so the script is always saved to the user's default repository location.

    View Builder

    • Starting from View Designer, clicking View Builder from tool bar, followed by Cancel, and before saving, would not present an opportunity to save.
    • Files tab now displays message if file is not found.
    • Alias field names supported by the Files and Filter tabs.
    • Files tab now allows selection of file Member name when using *SEQUEL syntax.
    • View Builder Assistance Level *BASIC (1) and *INTERMEDIATE (2) now supports complex views with subqueries, very long CASE expressions, and JDE data with multiple derived join fields
    • View Builder Variables tab should always use single quotes when the view connection is *LOCALSYS.
    • On the Fields tab of the View Builder, there is a Pencil icon that can be clicked to edit a field, and an Up arrow to move the field up in the list.
    • If a derived field was highlighted, the last derived field on the list is acted on - not necessarily the field that was highlighted.
    • In View Builder, if you highlight any derived field in the list of fields, the Down arrow is no longer grayed out, as if the field is the last on the list.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Silent Install now supports modular switches to control installation of Client Report, Administrator, and Excel Plug-in.
    • In the email to download the Client Table Viewer, the link was updated.
    • New Excel Plug-in with the following:
      • Extendable area to allow Excel calculations based on dynamic data
      • Field/Column selection
      • Limit and modify number of row returned
      • Add multiple views to the same sheet
      • Add multiple views to different sheets
      • Selectively re-prompt or re-prompt all
      • Jump function to move easily through the spreadsheet to any extendible area or view

    May 2015

    Version 11.15.167

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • On a French language PC, from the results of a view or host table, the option for Format Layout gave an unstable error.
    • On PC with language settings that use the comma instead of the decimal point, opening Viewpoint gave an unstable warning message.
    • View Builder was removing the WHERE clause if it contained a NULL comparison.
    • In View Builder, creating a CVTDATE expression erroneously assigned an edit code M.
    • In View Builder, the File drop down list did not render a list based on the file name filter if you keyed in a library name first.
    • Editing the User Defaults using a drop list to the set one of the library values cause the user defaults to become corrupt and would cause errors about invalid parameter values.
    • View Builder Fields Tab, creating expressions without assigning a name results in the builder creating invalid names, such as 1 & 12.
    • View Builder Fields Tab, editing a field creating an expression, if you choose Cancel the original field is deleted. If you choose Done to finish, the field/expression is moved to the bottom of the field list.
    • From view or host table results, selecting Format\Layout on a French language PC caused a runtime error.
    • Viewpoint not handling French accent character in library names.
    • Decimal conversion error on product version when opening Viewpoint when PC setting used decimal instead of period like on a French language PC.
    • From the embedded Client Report designer, Display Results failed if report is built over a prompted Script View.
    • In View Builder, selecting a field and choosing the Edit (Pencil) button, then clicking on the Editor button, if you click Cancel at this point, the field is no longer being deleted from the list.
    • In View Builder when creating an expression, if you click on Done before entering in an alternate name, you now get a message that requires you to enter in a name before completing.
    • Improved message handling in View Designer when the SQL statement is not valid before re-entry into View Builder allowed.
    • Improved message handling in View Designer assistance level 3, when entering View Builder with a blank SQL statement.

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • From the Script Designer, choosing Tool Bar option to view Internal Variable Values causes runtime error and shuts down script designer.
    • View Designer is not accepting change to Database and Syntax setting through File>Properties.
    • View Designer should not allow an SQLVIEWM (remote database view) to change date style from *ISO.
    • Cannot save a CRO using Crystal Reports (2011) over a script view.
    • CRO Designer using Crystal Reports 2011, written over a view with a numeric or expression variable, will not save. Receive error that 'Value " " is not a valid number' message.
    • In the Script Designer, prompting CHGVAR VAR(&ABC) gives error 'Command Syntax is Incomplete’.
    • Script Designer allows an SCRETURN on Host Tables and should not.
    • Viewpoint Administrator gives error opening when SEQUEL installed into library not named SEQUEL.
    • In the Script Designer, scripts with hundreds of lines when the variable did not appear before line 226, the script would not save.

    Back to Sequel Products

    Viewpoint 10

    June 2014

    Version 10.14.160

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • In Client Table results, where a column is filtered down to show just records, and that field value is " " (Blank) , clicking Show Detail displays the following error ‘There were no records returned from drilling into the cell you chose. If this is unexpected, please contact SEQUEL Software support.’
    • For a prompted view, where the first display attempt returns ‘no records’, subsequent re-prompts return the message, ‘An error occurred while retrieving records: Value cannot be null.’
    • Views using Group and Sum functionality on field names containing special characters will display results properly when initially added, but once saved and run in Viewpoint, the fields with special characters will lose that functionality.
    • View results window is resized when data is refreshed.
    • When displaying a view, close and reprompt seems to remove all selected columns from the totaling function.
    • Client Table/Report windows appear behind Dashboard when run from an Action button.
    • Drag & Drop from the Explorer window to create a shortcut does not work.
    • Date Edit Codes Y and W, and an Edit Word using '/' or ':' creates corrupted values under SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) using runtime SQL conversion.
    • Designing a gauge over any group of cells that contain zero suppressed boxes does not work.
    • From the view results display, the option to Export to Excel produces an error: 'Application-defined or object-defined error' when the view has subtotaling turned on.
    • Import option is grayed out in some instances.
    • Quick Sum/subtotal performed on a zoned field does not show total in bottom.
    • In a view with two multi-select variables, the number of values chosen in first variable is duplicated in the second variable list.

    The following enhancement is included in this version:

    • Windows 8.1 support for the Viewpoint Administrator has been added.

    April 2014

    Version 10.14.094

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Using the REPORT command to run a client report from a script causes Viewpoint to just hang.
    • Within the Application Designer, the option file maintenance dialog window has the wrong entry fields.
    • From a Client Table, Viewpoint ignores the series order saved in the shortcut when rendering line graphs and displays an error when runtime prompting results in fewer rows or columns.

    December 2013

    Version 10.13.340

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Opening a dashboard with an autorun button for either a view or script displays the error, “An error occurred while retrieving records: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
    • Issue in the view designer where some very long expressions of around 2500 characters cause a Client Access API error (‘Client Access API cwbDQ_Write Failed in expression’) has been resolved.
    • Libraries can now be removed using the Viewpoint Edit Library List screen without error.
    • Crystal Reports 2011 can now open and resave objects with an underscore (_) in the name.
    • Selecting all cells in a Client Table with the totals turned off will graph results without error.
    • Custom PC formats created with WRKPCFMT now work with RUNRMTCMD and from Windows\Start\RUN.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Easily add grand and group totals to view results. Also, create quick totals and counts simply by highlighting cells. Requires SEQUEL version R10M29.
    • SERVER and SYNTAX parameters added to the import query feature. Requires SEQUEL version R10M29.

    October 2013

    Version 10.13.304

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Client Reports and Host Report built over a Script View using Unique Key did not respect Unique Key.(R10M29 required)
    • Registry setting to use old CRO viewer doesn’t work from a command line switch.
    • Error when trying to save Crystal Reports 2011 report from the Viewpoint plugin when the system name contains a period, such as an ip address.
    • Gauges still retain a thin left border even when the Border option has been turned off.
    • The Restore Defaults button does not work in View Layout/Format Layout dialog

    September 2013

    Version 10.13.260

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Data markers in Client Tables were adversely affected by non-visible fields due to assignment by column number instead of column name.
    • Hiding a derived column (expression using a date type field) with a test for null values generates a message that the expression is in error.
    • Hiding and unhiding a column on the Files and Fields tabs removes all remaining from the SQL.
    • A view with edit codes assigned are ignored if Format\Layout settings are defined.
    • Reprompting a host table generates an 'Invalid Column Index' error.
    • Show Details on a grouping view with a subquery containing a WHERE clause incorrectly rebuilds the SQL and generates a syntax error.
    • Show Detail on a Viewpoint graph generates a syntax error if the view is altered before the initial graph is created.
    • Error generated when saving Client Report if host is defined with an IP address.
    • Within the view designer a derived join does not issue expected warnings.
    • Reprompting single record stacked display renders new results in a very small window.
    • It appeared that a limit was being reached when adding multiple objects to a Dashboard resulting in some objects being deleted.
    • DBLIST was not retaining selected values when the drop-down menu was closed and reopend.
    • View names beginning with a ‘Z’ generate a /Z logging response warning.
    • Viewpoint Explorer freezes when a Windows setting changes after running a Script

    The following enhancement is included in this version:

    • VPSHELL enhanced with a new switch that creates .rpt files from Client Reports. This allows for drill-down (summary) reports to be distributed and used directly in the Client Report viewer.

    August 2013

    Version 10.13.221

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Within the View Designer using a remote database, Expression Editor should not get type and length of field on derived field to improve performance.
    • Drilling down in an application from a graph, does not pass the value from the record that you clicked on. It passes the value from the field in the first record from the data display.
    • On a graph from a grouping view with hidden fields, if you right click on the graph and choose Show Details, that produces an odd Weighted Average graph.
    • From the Host Table Designer, Run-time error '2147418107 (80010005)', while editing a Step Category in a Table.
    • RUNRMTCMD running a Client Report to create a PC file from a script fails with error frmCrystal2_PCReportLoad after the 75th iterartion.
    • Script running another prompted script does not prompt for secondary variables when the variable had a Default Value.
    • Within the View Designer, expression editor did not allow the use of a date field with IS NULL.
    • Graph in Dashboard crashes intermittently when moving or resizing in certain conditions.
    • From the View Designer Run-Time error '0' received when typing field name in column on Files and Fields tab.
    • Hiding then unhiding a field, not an expression, in a view causes a Runtime error and you must close Viewpoint.
    • On Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit, when trying to open a Sequel Application, receive “Run-time error 339. Component ‘SYSINFO.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”.
    • Error generated when emailing delimited files via a shortcut.
    • Delimited results from shortcut inconsistent with Viewpoint Explorer results.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Improve message handling in the OLE DB excel example.
    • Running the Administrator from Viewpoint will now pass /Z switch if logging is turned on in Viewpoint.
    • In the Client Table designer, an error occurred when adding data marker range values for one column that are the same as an existing data marker for a different column.
    • Dashboard Properties dialog in the dashboard designer has been enhanced to allow for changes to system and library values for SEQUEL objects and Action Buttons that reference SEQUEL objects. Access a single object with a double click or select multiple objects and easily change them all-at-once.

    May 2013

    Version 10.13.155

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Dashboard locks when attempting to run a second script from an action button before prior script request completes.
    • In View Designer, a grouping view with an expression without a name erroneously placed the entire expression into the Group By clause.
    • XLSX output results in txt file extension when file name is longer than 8 positions.
    • Running a prompted view with a shortcut does not update the last used date on the view.
    • Within Viewpoint options, Edit Favorite List from Viewpoint options doesn't show values in correct column.
    • When the Sequel Defaults were set to use the *Favorite list of files in view design, the list was not being supplied properly, especially if there was just a single file in the list.
    • From the Expression Editor, when the same file is used in the view multiple times and the field is merely selected and not used in an expression, the field was always qualified with the first occurrence of the file.

    The folowing enhancements are included in this version:

    • A registry entry can be created to expose the Export to Excel option to the Client Report output using the Crystal 2011 Viewer.
    • Viewpoint now preserves format of the layout when the View is run if fields are added, removed or re-ordered in the Select clause.
    • In Dashboards, added “HideMenu/Toolbar” option to right click menu from SEQUEL Objects title bar.

    February 2013

    Version 10.13.087

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • On a PC with the Regional Language settings set to Turkey, Viewpoint will not start. You receive a whole series of Invalid Menu Item error messages.
    • Viewpoint ends in error when creating Client Report over prompted view using CR2011 version.
    • Not able to Regroup or Show Details when right clicking on a Graph section.
    • When a dashboard contains more than 10 Sequel views, each time the dashboard is saved, one of the views is deleted from the dashboard. This continues until there are less than 10 views, then nothing further gets deleted.
    • Unable to save CRO results as HTML with the embedded CRO designer.
    • From the Viewpoint Explorer Recent tab, nothing happened with a right click on a script and right-click on run.
    • Command line parameter to create PC file using IP address not IP name fails to pick up file type.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Script views combine the multi-step processing capabilities of standard scripts with the ability to direct results to multiple output options like a view. (requires SEQUEL R10M26)
    • The command line switch of /x was enhanced to reference the /f switch of file type to open a file based on the file type.
    • Performance of script processing from Viewpoint has been improved.
    • New ‘Log Script Commands’ option been added to the Viewpoint Explorer Tools\Logging menu that provides better command logging when scripts are run from Viewpoint.

    January 2013

    Version 10.13.007

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Charts lose properties when in a dashboard or data refreshed.
    • If changes were made to Label and Legend text for a graph in a dashboard, saving and re-opening the dashboard would corrupt the text.
    • Pie Charts set to display percentages, revert back to numeric values when refreshed or saved and re-run.
    • Active refreshing of dashboard( inserting records, deleting records, or updating records values) caused the chart labels to corrupt, get blanked out, or not appear at all.
    • Charts fail to load if the minimum numbers of elements are not met when first designed.
    • Changing a graph’s Label or Legend text is not getting saved, or when the data is refreshed, the values go back to default values.
    • Hovering over a bar graph does not reflect the correct value.
    • ‘Reprompt All’ on a dashboard failed to perform variable substitution value on the blue data grid title bar.
    • View designer didn’t allow file names greater than 10 characters when created over remote database connection.
    • Viewpoint unstable error returned after cancelling prompt window when designing CRO with Named license.
    • Viewpoint process in memory doesn't end correctly after running a Script.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Allow multiple dashboards to open simultaneously—result or design window.
    • Viewpoint report results can be opened directly in Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Pro) as PDF without first running the report or creating a file. This feature is available both from the report designer and from the Viewpoint Explorer. It requires SEQUEL version R10M25.

    October 2012

    Version 10.12.304

    The following update is included in this version:

    • During Dashboard design, CRO doesn’t save with dashboard.

    September 2012

    Version 10.12.289

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Viewpoint is not properly filling in the GROUP BY clause when using a WDATA (hidden) field in a derived field with another aggregate field.
    • In the View Designer with complex views, the SQL statement is corrupted when the word FROM is part of a column heading.
    • From an Application, a Drill to Option with RUNSCRIPT and unqualified script name does not work.
    • Closing Viewpoint with the results window of a report minimized caused subsequent requests to open with the report results out focus or minimized.
    • A dashboard (containing only action buttons) if first saved as a System I object and then as a PC object, causes the Viewpoint request bar not to close when run.
    • In a dashboard, the X axis values on a graph are being reset to incorrect values after saving.
    • When creating a pie chart, and choosing the option to display the pieces with percentages, the labels change back to values when the short cut or dashboard is saved.

    May 2012

    Version 10.12.163

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • OLESample.xls was updated to run with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.
    • Viewpoint looped with ‘field was not found’ error when FROM clause had a variable and there was a UNION view with an ORDER BY clause and different field names on each SELECT clause. It became impossible to go back to the Variables tab.
    • Viewpoint install changed to not replace the hostlist.ini file which is used by the Viewpoint Server PC.
    • Install improved to provide a continue installation option when older Graphic Server files are found.
    • When the script variable value contains a single quote like Toys R'Us the following error occurs: CPD0014’A matching apostrophe not found’ and CPD0013’A matching parenthesis not found’.
    • A connection timeout issue during the report design when connected wirelessly. Also, when in a view using the Expression Editor, there are no plus signs to show a list of functions.

    April 2012

    Version 10.12.135

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Viewpoint version 10.12.096 hangs while installing O2007PIA.msi file in rare instances.

    March 2012

    Version 10.12.096

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • The Header and Footer in format options was not displaying on Print preview or print-out.
    • Copying more than four objects to the same library in the Viewpoint Explorer caused an error when using the tab key on the Copy window.
    • From View Designer, clicking File/Properties resulted in a Viewpoint unstable message when the number of unique keys was greater than the number fields on the ORDER BY clause.
    • Removed the ‘Use this View as a Template’ menu option for remote database views (SQLVIEWM).
    • Dynamic drilldown returned too many records if there was an OR in the WHERE clause.
    • The View Designer, Files & Fields tab corrupted Field Descriptions that contain the | character.
    • Viewpoint F&F file window truncated/corrupted Field Descriptions that contain the | character.
    • View Point installed on a PC or server with no C drive mapped didn’t install merge modules.
    • The Google Map Wizard was added back as an available option.
    • Data Label Values on a graph in a dashboard, round to the tenth position

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • The Excel Add In to allow ‘Display Results in Excel’ option from the Viewpoint Explorer has been added for compatibility with Excel 2010.
    • Viewpoint now shows a message with the total number of records when saving to xlsx on a PC.
    • In Viewpoint Options, a new value of Keep Alive was added to prevent loss of connection to the host when using a wireless and VPN connections.
    • Improved space utilization of data queues, which are used when writing to PC files and Client Tables.
    • In the View Designer, added simple formatting when Disable Syntax Checking is enabled.

    January 2012

    Version 10.12.030

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • The Format Layout button was missing from the Viewpoint options window on Windows 7 with screen DPI set to 120.
    • The Save As dialog window did not appear on Windows 7 with screen DPI set to 120.
    • In a dashboard when the view returned no records, an empty grid was shown instead of the message “No Records”.
    • Received an Unstable error when doing dynamic drill down on a view with variables in the FROM clause.
    • Some host reports would word wrap.
    • Client tables showed a blank screen when the view had more than 32 columns and field names contained symbols (#, $, @, or _ ).
    • Column headings were lost when changed in a view that has formatting.
    • In Script Designer, the Save button was not enabled after a change was made to a line.
    • The Audit Data time was set to zero when the PC language setting was Icelandic.
    • Authority checking of *STRICT was erroneously sending MCH1210 error.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • The print preview was enhanced to more closely match the actual printed output for view results.
    • From the View Designer, added a setting for Disable Syntax Checking to allow complex SQL statements and syntax on the SQL tab to be edited.

    September 201

    Version 10.11.280

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Fields with a Numeric edit code with a floating dollar sign (for example, EDTCDE(1$) ) gave error QRY2301, Identifier '$' preceding ') FROM seq' is used incorrectly. Requires SEQUEL R10M16.
    • Scheduling an e-mail request with Robot Schedule when the view contained an apostrophe in the description failed.
    • Host Report designer did not recognize column numbers used in the ORDER BY clause in lieu of field names.
    • Host report now uses the job’s CCSID to display the Euro symbol.
    • Fixed the ability to create a shortcut with Re-Directed Desktop.
    • Dashboard Designer did not allow Insert>SEQUEL Object from multiple systems.
    • Close & Reprompt View button was missing when SQLVIEWP was run from the DISPLAY command in a script.
    • Removed the option to build a Client Table over a Host Table.
    • Designing a host report over view with a remote database connection with a 10-character field name on the ORDER BY clause caused error RP7011, Report summary levels are incompatible with query ordering. Requires SEQUEL R10M16.
    • Global variable values were not passing between scripts in Viewpoint
    • The Client Table Wizard is no longer allowed from Host Table Designer.
    • Making a change to an existing PC Dashboard lost the PC authorities on the object.
    • The add database window displayed as full screen but nothing displayed in the window and it could not be resized in Windows 7.
    • Received error CPF2498, Invalid Length when saving a Client Report, with older versions of SEQUEL.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Added the command line switch /X to ‘Display results in Excel’.
    • Clarified and updated the message that displays when trying to create a host report over a client table.
    • Added the option for *STRICT to SEQUEL Defaults for Object Authority Checking.

    August 2011

    Version 10.11.244

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • A dashboard with an embedded web page shows errors from the web page.
    • Viewpoint was not properly filling in the GROUP BY clause when using a WDATA (hidden) field in a derived field with another aggregate field.
    • Printing a Host Report from the Designer didn’t show the printer dialog.
    • Opening Properties of a report or table changed the view library from *LIBL to the library of the view.
    • Viewpoint Report Designer no longer adds ORDER ONLY fields as a level break when designing an existing report.
    • View Designer gave parser error over valid statement when using complex MySQL syntax.
    • On 64-bit Windows 7, when the Display Zoom was set to 125%, the Format Layout options from the Viewpoint Options was not visible.
    • Removed PDF Overlay button from the Email and IFS document dialogues.
    • PDF Overlay assigned to an unsaved report was lost once report definition is saved.
    • PDF Overlay settings were lost when doing a Save As on a Host Report that contains PDF Overlay settings.
    • Within the Script Designer, the MONMSG command erroneously qualified the command with the library SEQUEL when the Product Library in the SEQUEL Defaults is set to sequel in lowercase.
    • Unable to add gauge to a new (not saved) dashboard.
    • Dashboard with changes to the Legend, Labels and Title, corrupted the changes, and with refresh went back to default values.
    • Graph did not retain Series Order when set to Column.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Added *XLSX to the Email dialogue window.
    • The loading time for the Host Report Designer was improved to handle views with multiple fields faster.
    • The re-position button within view results will be grayed out when the Query Processor has had to create a temporary result.
    • The Viewpoint Email dialogue increased the length of attachment name from 12.

    July 2011

    Version 10.11.202

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Received Unhandled Exception Error when trying to run a dashboard immediately after closing another dashboard.
    • The Dashboard process would continue to load if you closed the dashboard while it was loading.
    • A dashboard, run from a script, with VPSHELL and variables passed to it (such as SETVAR) did not pass the values.
    • The Host report wizard gave Client Access error CWBNL0107 when the Euro currency symbol was used with a job CCSID of 37.
    • Viewpoint how allows a blank schema name when saving results as a remote database table.
    • A graph legend in a dashboard disappeared after a data refresh.
    • Graphs in a dashboard were not keeping the legend information.
    • Host reports displayed with too much white space and not centered correctly.
    • Exporting a Host report as RTF sometimes caused word wrapping or extra pages.
    • The View designer erroneously gave message QRY2020, File x is not referenced in the JOIN, when the view uses the same file more than once.

    The following enhancement was added to this version:

    • Viewpoint now always shows multi-record View results even if only one record is returned to allow grid control settings to display.

    June 2011

    Version 10.11.179

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • A dashboard with a runtime prompted view when no records were returned looped with message ‘no records selected’.
    • Command line switch with an object name beginning with U ended in error.
    • In a dashboard, clicking on overlapping data grids to bring to front didn’t work.
    • Viewpoint Administrator failed when running an Audit Query when a PC’s regional settings were set to Icelandic.
    • Running an application in a dashboard that drills to a report, gave an unstable error.
    • Graph showed large values in scientific notation when hovering over the value.

    The following enhancement was added to this version:

    • Added the ability to change objects defined inside a user space dashboard (SQLDASH) using the Properties windows.

    April 2011

    Version 10.11.144

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Modified the VALUES list on an INTEGRITY TEST of a NAME type variable so it’s not case sensitive.
    • Host Report in a dashboard didn’t open in the correct location.
    • Having two RUNCMDs in the same script gave a syntax error when run from Viewpoint.
    • A script running other prompted scripts (SQLSCRIPTP) didn’t prompt for secondary script variables. It was incorrectly using the Variable Default.
    • In a dashboard with a gauge, Close and the Re-prompt option were not working correctly.
    • A View in a dashboard stopped refreshing after midnight.
    • Dynamic drill from graph to graph to another graph didn’t work.
    • A prompted view (SQLVIEWP) with DBLIST and Filter shortened the drop down, cutting off data.
    • Improved time to run a calculation when a view, etc. is run from Viewpoint.

    March 2011

    Version 10.11.118

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Graphics, Text, and Buttons don't affect scrollbars when a dashboard is maximized.
    • The Save As window did not open when saving a CRO as a PC file from Viewpoint Explorer.
    • A variable with a default of SQL(current date) didn’t work for DMY PC regional settings.
    • From an application, Close and Reprompt on a runtime prompted view (SQLVIEWP) didn’t close and gave ‘Viewpoint error’.
    • Drilling from one view to another from a view .vpt shortcut that had a graph, changed the graph with the results of the new view.
    • The AutoPrompt window didn’t accurately show the variable length when a VALUES list was used.
    • A script running another script with variables looped in Viewpoint.
    • The View Template wizard was not handling DISTINCT or multiple files correctly.
    • From a Dashboard, when the same runtime prompted view was used multiple times with saved values, the same saved value was being used.
    • Running some Client Tables multiple times resulted in error ‘Invalid DataSource information.’

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Added a message to the installer when the wrong version of the graphics server is detected.
    • To optimize performance, view properties are now set to OPTIMIZE(*TOTAL) and ALWCPY(*YES) when saved.

    March 2011

    Version 10.11.070

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Improved message handling when no records are returned.
    • Dashboard window size did not adjust to current screen resolution and would cause scroll bars to disappear.
    • In a dashboard, when graphics, text, or buttons were located beyond the visible window, the scroll bars would disappear.
    • In a dashboard action button, couldn’t remove extra spaces in the text.
    • In a dashboard, the e-mail prompt window opened behind the main dashboard window.
    • When editing a dashboard, couldn’t resize buttons.
    • Pie charts with percentages for labels reverted to raw values when refreshed.

    February 2011

    Version 10.11.046

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • When a view used server *LOCALSYS and syntax *SEQUEL, a DBLIST Integrity Check using *LIBL for the file name returned no values.
    • Script designer showed error with every key press.
    • The save button was not always available from the Script Designer.
    • Creating a new script showed an hour glass when you moved the cursor over the menu.
    • Closing Viewpoint from the Script Designer left both in memory.
    • Help didn’t display from the Script Designer.
    • From Viewpoint Explorer, right-click on a script didn’t have correct options. “Display Results in Excel” has been removed.
    • Selecting Cancel from the Select SEQUEL Object Window of the Script Designer caused an unstable error.
    • View did not save when its size exceeds 9,800 positions.
    • In Script, variables declared in DCL and value set in CHGVAR did not substitute properly.
    • When a user defaulted “Allow Design” to N, menu choices were not valid.
    • The Dynamic Drill Down options are now tied to the existence of a grouping function on the SELECT clause, not fields on the GROUP BY clause.
    • In a view using server *LOCALSYS, syntax *SEQUEL, WDATA, and grouping functions, an unstable error occurred when using Dynamic Drill options.
    • From the Viewpoint Designer Files & Fields tab, double-byte characters in field description caused Viewpoint to hang.

    November 2010

    Version 10.10.343

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • An application to drill to a RUNSCRIPT command, either implied or explicit, did not work when the script contained a REPORT command with OUTQ(*NONE).
    • An implied link in an Application for drill down did not show an option when drilling to a script when a character variable with quotes was passed.
    • From an Application, implied links only appeared for views (SQLVIEW) and prompted views (SQLVIEWP).
    • Scripts with RUNCMD added an extra space to the variable value in the SETVAR parameter.

    November 2010

    Version 10.10.323

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • The PRINT command errored when using Robot Schedule from Viewpoint. The PCFMT and CPI parameters were not filled in correctly.
    • DISPLAY from a script called from another script did not show results.
    • The Font dialogue window from Report results was improved to reflect only available options.
    • The View Designer gave error “An error occurred while trying to load the view” when going to the Files & Fields tab on very fast PCs.
    • The View Designer truncated files longer than 10 positions with non-SEQUEL servers and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).
    • Scripts erroneously produced error “SEQUEL Design has stopped working” when a script completed normally with Windows 7.
    • Using Viewpoint as an ADO provider failed with a VB error when running a script.
    • Script with RUNCMD gave error CPD0018, "String _&REGON contains a character.”
    • ‘”Display Result in Excel” option disappeared after running multiple times.
    • Script with DATE variable and *ALL was not correctly passing *ALL or *OMIT.
    • Using RUNRMTCMD with the /Z switch was no longer creating a log on the Viewpoint Server PC.
    • The "Processing" window stayed visible if a second instance of Viewpoint was open.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Improved error handling for jobs scheduled through the IBM Job Scheduler when the command string surpasses 512 characters.
    • Added a new Viewpoint option to disable the Excel plug-in.

    August 2010

    Version 10.10.245

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • When a Viewpoint request was scheduled to run from a .bat file, the user-based license was not released when the scheduled job completed.
    • Saving results as PC file didn’t always work if an extension wasn’t specified in the format description or file name.
    • Scripts running from Viewpoint were not properly substituting variables in RUNCMD, DOWHILE, and COND statements.
    • If a script used an ampersand (&) in the value of a SETVAR, it caused the script to hang.
    • Using the backspace key to blank out the default value of a QSTRING variable from the AutoPrompt window caused an unstable error.
    • Selecting File>New> Host table using SQLVIEWM with specific database and SYNTAX(*SERVER) gave error CEE9901 in TBLC05.

    July 2010

    Version 10.10.230

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Opening Client Report (CRO), Host Report, Host Table, and Client Tables using Embedded SQL statements gave parser errors.
    • When a custom PC file format was created with WRKPCFMT and the text began with a pipe (|), the Viewpoint File>Save As>PC File option did not show any PC formats.

    July 2010

    Version 10.10.211

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Dashboards with black backgrounds now are saved correctly.
    • A script running a DISPLAY command using SETVAR now returns to the AutoPrompt when no records are selected.
    • If user uses the delete key for a Variable value in a Prompt window, Viewpoint now passes a space character instead of passing the default value.
    • Spooled file output saved as RTF is no longer centered; the margins were too big and caused lines to wrap.
    • Eliminated the duplicated *OMIT value on the drop-down prompt list.
    • With Client Access V6R1, the host signon window sometimes hid behind other windows or flickered madly.
    • Fixed the incorrectly sized text entry box for long script lines (double-click to enable).
    • Script step mode was not working due to issues with blank lines, tags, or comments.
    • A tab character within a script command could cause all or part of the command to turn into hex notation.
    • Selecting drill-down option regroup or details caused the Viewpoint unstable error, System.NullReferenceException.
    • Couldn’t turn on logging from the Explorer menu after Viewpoint was running.
    • The new Client Report wizard failed to release a CRO license when cancelled.

    June 2010

    Version 10.10.175

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • The Auto Prompt window on a runtime prompted view with DBLIST Integrity Test did not show drop down arrows when there were many prompts.
    • Viewpoint Administrator host jobs would hang with job log pending when closing the Administrator.
    • Selecting Tools>Logging>Display system i job summary>File>Email generated a Viewpoint unstable message.
    • The Files & Fields tab in Viewpoint 10 View Designer wasn’t resolving unqualified files when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).
    • Viewpoint was only creating SQL with lowercase names when using a remote database and *SEQUEL syntax, like server(ablecorp2005) syntax(*sequel). Added code to test for remote databases where case matters.
    • Viewpoint gave error -2147213281, Invalid column key for views/tables, when two columns have the same heading.
    • A runtime prompted view (SQLVIEWP) with an Integrity Test of NOT VALUES gave Unstable error.
    • In a Dashboard, an Action button to run script returned view results twice.
    • The option to minimize the status bar in Viewpoint 10 was missing.
    • RUNAPP in a script produced no results when qualified with a library name.
    • Font settings were not consistent in the Script designer.

    The following enhancements are included in this version:

    • Temporary files created in c:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp folder when exporting a Client Report (CRO) will be deleted.
    • Allow printing of a dashboard definition from Viewpoint properties window.

    April 2010

    Version 10.10. 123

    The following updates are included in this version:

    • Reconciled different ADO references related to a number of issues with the designer.
    • The shortcut to e-mail Client Report Option results with a bcc value resulted in the following message: “Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists.”
    • The shortcut now supports semicolon and comma delimiters for e-mail addresses.
    • The e-mail option from a shortcut (.vpt) to display Client Report Option results failed with error.
    • The screen font in the script editor changed depending on object opened.
    • DBLIST with filter using a variable gave error ‘Value x is invalid’ was fixed, and support was added for a variable in a COMP Integrity Test.
    • In the Script Designer, the Save option didn’t work after a change on the Variables tab.
    • Upgraded the installer to install Client Report Option XIR2SP6 support files (this fixes a problem with chart labels/legends).
    • Excel: received an error in Viewpoint when running a prompted view from Excel.
    • Removed the MIN function from the Host Table Expression Editor as it is not supported.
    • In dashboards, Client Reports were overlapping.
    • Non-English PCs sometimes failed to use the proper signon method. A previous workaround was creating a new registry key.
    • Restored functionality to the Client Report Option (CRO) to print to the default printer of the PC.
    • CRO reports now observe the /i switch to control the printer name when run from a shortcut, RUNRMTCMD, or VPSHELL.


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