C&DS Migration Utility

June 2024

Version: 10.24.162

June 10, 2024

  • No updates for this release.

November 2023

Version: 10.23.318

November 15, 2023

  • No updates for this release.

August 2023

Version: 10.23.318

August 15, 2023

  • No updates for this release.

December 2022

Version: 10.22.314

December 5, 2022

  • No updates for this release.

September 20222

Version: 10.22.244

September 13, 2022

  • When using the ViewPoint migration utility to import a ShowCase 9 DBQ (query), the user space gets created with a null in the View Description. This is caused by a Column Heading that contains brackets in the dbq.

  • Add repository name to breadcrumbs when migrating a DBQ. This is used during migration of an XLSM that includes linked queries.

January 2022

Version: 10.21.362

January 6, 2022

  • When using the ViewPoint migration utility to import a ShowCase 9 DBQ (query), the user space gets created with a null in the View Description. This is caused by a Column Heading that contains brackets in the dbq.

  • Add repository name to breadcrumbs when migrating a DBQ. This is used during migration of an XLSM that includes linked queries.

November 2020

Version: 10.20.260

November 16, 2020

  • No updates for this release.

June 2020

Version: 10.20.174

June 29, 2020

  • The dbq that had a lot of subtotal information (more than 2000 characters) and migration utility created view with the Subtotal JSON that is corrupted so Viewpoint gave a General exception: ‘com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: com.google.gson.stream.MalformedJsonException’.

April 2020

Version: 10.20.093

April 7, 2020

  • No updates for this release.

March 2020

Version: 10.20.066

March 16, 2020

  • No updates for this release.

January 2020

Version: 10.19.356
  • DBQ migration using an ADS connection failed to migrate when custom column editing existed.
  • Importing SC9 DBQ's in ViewPoint shows all repository folders even if some are excluded Item 1.

July 2019

Version 10.19.202
  • For the Excel add-in, if the imported DBQ (SC9 view) is saved into repository folder, migrating spreadsheet (with SCPlugInMigration utility) will require the user to sign into SWS server (defined in there VP setting).

    If utility can't determine what repository to pick, the user will have an additional drop-down selection to make. If utility can determine repository, no additional selection is presented to the user.

November 2018

Version 10.18.312
  • The Migration Report now lists any subscription information even for a .PES file that does have subscriptions.
  • Import Showcase 9 Query option gives CPF3C34 Value *RPL for replace option is not valid.
  • The format of the date used in the DATE function will be forced to upper case.
  • Migration improved to better handle a variable used twice in the dbq with null capabilty.
  • CVTWHBLDR command will be changed so that the conversion puts them in upper case if they're in lower or mixed case.

June 2018

Version 10.18.159
  • CVTWHBLDR command parameters changed to help prevent Warehouse Builder scripts from being defined with the wrong server name.
  • C&DS Migration Utility should not require Automate server information in Repository Mode.
  • Using Migration Tool for Analysis Only does not prompt for the Data Source.

February 2018

Version 10.18.046
  • C&DS to SWS migration in Repository Mode default screen change to make path less ambiguous.
  • A DBQ using a JDE connection with custom column headings in the SQL did not correctly migrate the custom column headings.
  • A DBQ using an ADS connection and the USER function did not migrate the expression correctly.
  • A DBQ using an ADS connection and the DATE function did not migrate the expression correctly.
  • Excel Add-in Migration Utility:
    • Migrating SC9 Excel workbook fails with error, Index was outside the bounds of the array.
    • Spreadsheet won't migrate correctly when blank/extra column is included with results.

December 2017

Version 10.17.348
  • The migrated views did not include custom column headings defined in the dbq when using the Viewpoint Universal Driver for a JDE connection.
  • Excel Migration Utility:
    • View with Excel Plug-in failed to open with ‘Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC’ if the dbq that created the view had more fields than used in the Excel spreadsheet.

October 2017

Version 10.17.292
  • Migration Utility drops derived fields from report layout when creating CRO (both Client and host Mod 8 fixes required).
  • Sort order and subtotals appear different in ShowCase Query and ViewPoint. ShowCase 9 stores break groups separately from the ORDER BY clause and this was not converted correctly during migration.

  • Migration Utility now supports migration of C&DS security information.

April 2017

Version 10.17.104
  • When Showcase 9 DBQ's are migrated that use JD Edwards Date Fields, an Alt Name is assigned/imported. This caused Viewpoint to interpret it as a derived field, and the JDE column headings are not displayed.
  • If a variable name contains an accented character (i.e. É, é, È, è, Ê, ê, Ë ) the letter will be converted without the accent.
  • Reports migrated whose database connection uses the Viewpoint driver either for Advanced Database Security or JDE, did not migrate well. Formatting attributes from the original report were missed.
  • JD Edwards Decimal fields are migrated with extra formatting that's not needed. This makes ViewPoint think that they are a derived field and the JDE column heading is not displayed correctly.
  • Improved migration of .rpt reports when PES file contains mixed data sources which prevents reports from being created without detail fields.

September 2016

Version 10.16.277
  • The report generated by the CVTWHBLDR command will now show all of the SETS that were converted and to show all of the DEFINITIONS that each SET contains and provided better delineation between sets.
  • DBQ is migrated without quotes around the value for a variable (field is character). This results in an error when the migrated View is run.
  • When this DBQ with grouping functions is migrated, the DATE function is omitted from the SELECT clause, but is retained in the GROUP BY clause, thus causing an error.
  • In non-English environment migration gives error ‘ASCII to EBCDIC Client Access API cwbNL_ConvertCodePages failed’ when right or left single quote is encountered.
  • ShowCase Report Writer Reports (file type RPT) with null-capable variables migrated successfully, but variables were not null capable.
  • When migrating from a C&DS Repository using a PES file, if the dbq or rpt was used in a job the Migration Utility will identify and migrate the latest version of the objects.
  • DBQ using ‘Fetch First’ will not migrate correctly.
  • When the datasource was a named *ISERIES connection, the the squiggly brackets, for instance, { fn CURDATE( ) }, where not properly migrated.
  • The report generated by the CVTWHBLDR command will now show all of the SETS that were converted and to show all of the DEFINITIONS that each SET contains.

April 2016

Version 10.16.098
  • The Convert Warehouse Builder (CVTWHBLDR) process has been improved:
    • Report of the conversion will list all data sources and data source types.
    • Two additional parameters have been added to the command:
      • USEIC (use isolation control), values *YES and *NO, with *YES as default.
      • LCLSYS (Convert Serers to *LOCALSYS), values of *YES or *NO, with *NO the default.
    • Warehouse Builder Definitions using the DATA function failed to migrate correctly.
  • Improved messages when running the import from ViewPoint and the migration fails.
  • Importing a DBQ over SQL Server data with date prompt drop down using the full timestamp caused errors.
  • Importing specific ShowCase DBQ in ViewPoint allows the user to over-write existing Views with no warning.
  • Migrated ShowCase RPT that includes a derived field using USER()failed to migrate correctly.
  • Migrated CADS job using a JOB variable does not honor some prompt values when run in SWS
  • Migrating a CADS job that is in a path containing parentheses fails to run in SWS.
  • Migrated ShowCase RPT over SQLServer data with CONCAT and SUBSTRING functions failed to migrate.
  • ShowCase 9 dbq failed to migrate when prompted variable with a database list used a default value of a percent sign (%).
  • Some ShowCase reports created prior to version 9 imported incorrectly and used slashes instead of commas in between field names.
  • Security setting for *PUBLIC will now be honored when migrating.

November 2015

Version 10.15.317

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Imported DBQ sort order is incorrect if there's a break group defined for a field that is sorted.
  • A C&DS job failed to migrate when a single job with multiple steps that were iterative producers and consumers that were out of sequence.
  • DBQ’s with library surrounded with quotes because the name contained special characters did not migrate correctly.
  • DBQ’s with optional CHAR function in DATE expression did not migrate correctly: DAYS(DATE(CHAR(caldte),yyyymmdd,CHAR))
  • DBQ with left outer join and derived field using SUBSTRING for the join did not migrate correctly.
  • CVTWHBLDR command fails with an error in *LIBL/QMHSNDPM because the input file /sequel/swi/VPTXXX.vptxxx cannot be found.
  • DBQ contains two files that use a left outer join. The join fields are dates, and the join expression uses the DATE function.
  • DBQ uses the USER() function to create a column did not migrate correctly.
  • Imported DBQ with Union is replacing one file.field entry in the SQL with a file/field entry.
  • Imported DBQ with system name specified and *LIBL for library name gets Unable to retrieve columns error.
  • Migrated ShowCase DBQ with prompted variable dblist returns no rows when variable contained *LIBL reference to file for the drop-down list.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • Migration will translate null variable into the new leading/trailing syntax.
  • Migrated DBQ will include customer column headings.

April 2015

Version 10.15.135

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • Migration support added for ShowCase 9 column alias attributes.
  • Migration support added for ShowCase 9 Warehouse Manager Security.
  • CADS folder and file authority are migrated to the IFS folders in the repository.

The following updates are included in this version:

  • When migrating a CADS job that saves dbq results to an NTFS file path( any remote PC) the job runs fine, but the results are not saved to the remote location.
  • In the Migration report, the percentage successful of PES file stats was not correct.
  • CADS migration utility report lists some jobs twice.
  • Added XLS extension for Sybot jobs that run Client Reports.
  • A migrated iterative CADS job with e-mail recipients fails to run in SEQUEL Web Server.
  • Import dbq option failed when dbq contained variable that should be QSTRING type with a values list with quotes.
  • Migrating DBQ’s with prompted date BETWEEN converts the two variables incorrectly.
  • Migrating DBQ's that use SQLServer data with either CURDATE, CONCAT, TIMESTAMPDIFF or SUBSTRING, migrated but did not run.
  • Migration failed on DBQ against IBMi data that uses the DATE function for several fields that are also used in the GROUP BY clause.
  • Imported DBQ’s showed Date BETWEEN prompts in a different order in ViewPoint.
  • Changed the default server connection to *LOCALSYS from *LOCAL to better handle DBQ’s that use *LIBL for the library of the files on the FROM clause.
  • The data sources were created using a lower-case "database name" in the connection string. Subsequent running of a View afterward failed to display results and generated an error in View Builder. Now data sources will automatically create names in upper case.
  • Migration error ‘Invalid group condition’ for DBQ with a DISTINCT and GROUP BY.
  • Migration over large PES file caused heap corruption when running in a multithreaded environment.
  • Migrating a job that contains an invalid e-mail in a notification causes the job migration to fail.
  • Migrating a CADS job with TXT results to an NTFS path sets PCFMT parameter incorrectly.
  • ShowCase DBQ's with the DATE function import successfully but give "Column or Global variable CYYMMDD not Found" when run. Date format will now have required quotes.
  • DBQ with DATE function in the WHERE clause gives error during migration that WHERESCSERVER10 is not valid – no space between WHERE and SCSERVER10.


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